Friday, April 11, 2014

Closing the Barn Door

Despite rain that is falling this afternoon, our week and the weather could not have been better!  Not even a little bit of drama with our barn roof could dampen how good it felt to have sun and warm temperatures.
It began at six o'clock in the morning on Wednesday when I missed a phone call from the company that we had contracted with to put the new roof onto our barn.  The gentlemen on the phone was apologizing for not calling the previous day and told me that they would be there about 7 o'clock to begin the work on replacing our barn roof.  WHAT??!! It was 6:30 when I listened to the message, so I felt a little bit of panic because we had specifically asked for a days notice so that one of us could arrange to stay home that day to keep the dogs from barking the entire time. Carl was already gone and my schedule at work on Wednesday could not have been more full of patients.  So, I did the only thing I could, and that was to leave the dogs.  I was leaving for work just as the roofers arrived and the dogs started barking at the windows.
Of course I worried about their barking the whole time while at work. Our dog-walker wouldn't be able to let the dogs out, so when I was able to have someone else take my patient before lunch, and I decided to race home to check on everything.  My mind was filled with all the scenarios of how the dogs may be reacting to the noise and having people around. What if a fight began because of all the tension and excitement...what if one or more of the dogs got injured in this fight, and what if their barking at the window caused one of the windows to break....wait, did I remember to close the window?  What about Todd in his crate, what if he got so excited in his crate that he injured himself...what if, what if, what if...  When I finally got home I decided to enter the house through the backdoor.  As I quietly opened the door, all the dogs were fast asleep on the kitchen floor.  Todd slept peacefully in his crate.  I think my coming home got them more over excited.  Now why did I worry?  
But the shingles match the ones on our house, and we couldn't be happier with how the barn now looks. With Carl's injuries from its first replacement last year that brought with it regrets, taught lessons and gave us a lot of hindsight, we gratefully and finally close the proverbial barn-door on this chapter.  
I hope you have a good weekend!  
Early tomorrow morning I'm off with a friend to see the cherry-blossoms in Washington D.C.  I cannot wait!


  1. The barn roof looks beautiful! I'll bet your glad that's behind you. And you thought those sweet pups of yours would misbehave... I guess they showed you! I hope they all got a special treat ;-) Wait... just having you home for lunch was a treat.

  2. Your barn does indeed look great. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a safe trip. ♥

  3. hooray for calm dogs and a new barn roof (sans any new injuries for anyone!)

  4. Looks lovely!! It's always when I worry most about Edgar being left home that he suprises me most!

    Edgar's mum

  5. Your barn looks beautiful and what good dogs you have!

    Have fun in DC. . .they showed the cherry blossoms on the news tonight!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. Kim,, were so glad everything turned out okay,,, and your barn looks so nice! We love the roof!

  7. Hello Kim, great the dogs were calm, great dogs I would the barn, love the colour. Happy Weekend, Hugs Francine.

  8. Wow! The barn and roof look fantastic. Enjoy the cherry blossoms.

  9. It's when you don't worry that everything hits the fan. Barn looks snazzy!

  10. Barn looks great and you'll feel so much better every time you look at it and think that's another job done.

    Glad the dogs decided to just worry about protecting the house and going to sleep.

    XXXOOO bella & Roxy

  11. I am so glad everything was good at home. The new barn roof looks great.. And your puppydogs are beautiful as always! Have a happy weekend!

  12. The barn looks awesome. So glad it all worked out. Enjoy the cherry blossoms.

  13. oh...
    that sweet sheba looking calmly out the window...
    oh. be still my heart.
    it's beautiful there at golden pines. just beautiful.
    and i'm so glad you share it.
    the barn is exceptionally handsome!

  14. Have a great time in DC. I've been there only once when the cherry trees were in bloom and it poured the whole week. But they were still gorgeous.

  15. The cherry blossoms will be glorious!

    I worry the same way when workers are going to be on our land or around our house. I'm so glad your pack handled it so well!

  16. I love how all the pups exceeded your expectations. Your barn is spectacular! What a lovely home you all have!! I can't wait to see the cherry blossom pictures!

  17. This reminds me of when I lived in a high rise apartment building and had a dog, Libby. I always wondered if she barked while I was at work. One day I left and she was at the door whining as I closed the door. I got downstairs and realized I'd forgotten something. I went back upstairs and approached the door. So far so good, no barking. I opened the door and no Libby. I walked into the bedroom and she was in my bed, under the covers, head on my pillow, sound asleep. I left again and she never knew I was there.

  18. The barn looks wonderful! Bet your glad to have that behind you. And what good dogs you have! What started out questionable ended up heaven sent!

  19. yes, the barn does look great with the new roof. My, you DO have an active imagination!!


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