Sunday, May 18, 2014

No Words, New Words and Butterflies?

Its been a busy few days and I’m fighting blog-writer’s block, just like some of you have at some point, I suspect.  My mind is spinning in circles, trying to come up with the words and articulate the things I'd like to say.  It’s enormously frustrating, because every time I've started to write a post the last couple of days, what I've written doesn't seem good enough, and I just give up entirely.
It's not that I don't have something to write about, because I certainly have a lot of material.  If I could find the words I could write a post about how in the early morning hours of Friday morning we were hit with torrential rains. I woke up when the power was coming back on, and it was raining in sheets. Carl left to go to work around 5 o'clock, and in the darkness didn't realize how flooded the road had become and found himself in water that was nearly to the car door.  He was able to drive out of it a little, but in front of him, the water was much deeper and the driver of a Mustang, (below) became even more stranded than he was. Both sat and waited for the water to recede, which it did around 9 o'clock.
~Cell phone photo of the flooding~
Of course if I didn't have writers-block, I could write an update about Cricket.  I could say how I thought that her vet visit on Thursday went pretty well, and how she was given the "royal treatment" by everyone in the office.  I'd let you know that Cricket's test results were all returned and unfortunately showed that she has "significant signs of kidney disease."  Our girl Annie has had the same thing for the past 2 years and while I'm disappointed that Cricket does also, what's needed for the both of them at home is something I feel pretty confident about providing.
Finally there is Shadow.  I think this is where my problem with finding the words comes in. His vet visit on Friday gave no definitive diagnosis.  After a barrage of tests, from x-rays to blood-work, the conclusion was that he has stenosis in his spine.  We've begun giving him an anti-inflammatory medication.  After two days, we should have seen a difference, but we've not. Of course I'm discouraged. This morning the heavy panting and his reluctance to move has already begun and is affecting his appetite.  All we can do is hope he gets better, but his seeing a specialist is probably on the agenda.  
So, yesterday in my muddied mind while Carl was tinkering with trying to get the tractor to start, I tried to focus on something else. You may recall how (unfortunately) the entire edge of our property was cleared when the utility wires and poles were put up for the new home in back of us.  I've decided to turn the open space into a butterfly way-station for the Monarch butterfly.  Our county is heavily investing in this, and I decided awhile back that I'd like to invest in it too. Yesterday I purchased the needed milkweed plants to set out.  I happened to see our neighbor and mentioned to them what I was planning. There was a noticeable grimace on their faces as the husband commented about what a nuisance milkweed can be.  But I'm not going to let that deter me.  Because who knows, maybe with the work that will go into this project, I'll find the new words I need for the blog-posts that are to come, just as I hope the Monarch butterflies do.  


  1. We had the torrential rain too, but I didn't hear of any flooding in our area.

    Hoping for the best for Shadow.... keep us posted on him!

  2. Oh I have had many days where I just can't put words to paper....or the computer :-) And so I just don't. You have many sweet lives to care for and that takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. So relax at the end of the day. We have drought, you have flooding. Crazy!

  3. I just wish all the best for Shadow and I hope he's gonna be better soon!♥ Here the weather has been awesome! Here the sun shines and it's quite hot. :)

  4. I am glad the rains have passed and the water has receded. I with Cricked and Shadow all the best with their health. Wishing you a peaceful week.

  5. i'm glad you are prepared for cricket's kidney issues. i am sorry about shadow. i do hope he will be okay...

  6. At least you know about Cricket and hopefully can work with it to help her. Sorry that Shadow is still uncomfortable, really hope this improves soon.
    I don't blame you for planting along the verge, it will help bring life back into that area, wildlife and plants is good.

  7. Your neighbor will get over it.
    Try not to stress over your posts. That is often what limits your writing. If you have time and the words come, great. If they don't, just thank the Good Lord and enjoy your dogs. ♥
    So glad that Carl got home safely. :-)
    My hubby had to work on the tractor yesterday, too. Fortunately ours was just a linkage that had come loose.
    Hope you all have a blessed Sunday, Kim. ♥

  8. For Cricket, , Shadow and Annie, they know they will get all the loving care that they need, positive tests are so hard to accept, hugs, and many caring wishes for you . Jean.

  9. You did quite well for someone who couldn't find the right words. Sorry to hear about Shadow. We hope he feels better soon. As for the milk weed there isn't much your neighbor can do about it as long as the plants are on your property. We have quite a lot of natural milkweed and often see Monarchs.


  10. Hoping your sweet seniors all feel better soon! And I also wish you success (and many butterflies) with your new project!

  11. You got some serious rain! When I have no words or am too tired, I only post pictures and my regular readers get the picture. Don't feel guilty about it.

  12. Let the neighbours grimace. Sounds like you got over your Blogger Block for this post. Lots happening. we hope the old boy feels like moving around soon.....and that rain stops! Aren't you supposed to be out of that April showers phase?

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy

  13. I know how you feel about the blog writing block, but you did really well here. Too bad about your neighbors, there's always something, isn't there? I hope you and the vet can get to the bottom of Shadow's problem and get it resolved. Maybe he needs more time on the medicine. I hope so.

  14. Even though I don't think Easton has stenosis, he does have a spine issue as I've seen on his recent xrays. Wondering if K9 chiropractic treatment may help Easton or even Shadow. I'll be looking into it very soon.

  15. I don't put the pressure on myself to post every day and you shouldn't either.

  16. Hello Kim, I agree, no pressure with blogging, just enjoy it. Love to see the Golden's, love the pictures...hope all goes well with Shadow, Hugs Francine.

  17. Bah to your neighbor who isn't interested in helping the Monarchs! Fingers and paws crossed for Shadow and the other pups.

  18. Sweet Kim
    W e understand about the "no words" thing. Sometimes situations in life,
    rob us of our words.
    You have so much going on in your life,,,, and your feeling so much. Your heart is burdened because you wish there was some magic you could do to make all your furrys better. We understand,.
    We are sorry to hear that Shadow is hurting. It' s breaking your heart.
    All the love and rest that you give to all the furrys--- they feel it Kim.
    You are providing the best care ever possible to all of them.
    The butterflys-- we want them to go to your Golden Pines,, they need a refuge,, and your home can be it.. so plant the food the butterflys like,,, and watch them come,,,, and just let the neighbors be grumpy pants if they want to be.

  19. That picture of Shadow just breaks my heart. Bless you all.

  20. The butterfly project sounds great! I am so sorry to hear of the health issues and wish all of them the best! I know they will get all the love that they need! Bless you indeed!

  21. Our Emma had weakness and pain from a cause that we never did quite nail down. At the suggestion of our vet, we began taking her to Dr. Tran at the vet referral clinic in Manassas for acupuncture. After two treatments, and an adjustment to her diet, we began to see improvement in her mobility and a reduction in her pain. I hope that whatever you can do for Shadow brings him similar results.

  22. Kim,
    Wow that was a real rain storm. I can't believe how much came down.
    Your butterfly project is a fantastic idea and who knows maybe the new neighbours will get on board. One can always hope.
    The crew looks happy and I was sorry to hear about the health problems that they face ahead of them. So glad they have you. Bless you for being their guardian angel.

  23. So so glad Carl is OK!!! That is so scary what he went through!!! You are an angel!!!

  24. Oh Kim
    Thank goodness Carl was okay. We're sorry to read about Shadow & Cricket. Paws and fingers crossed and good thoughts coming their way.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  25. Milkweed can be invasive, bit it will payoff when the butterflies show up. I hope Shadow starts to feel better.

  26. do you not know dear heart....
    that you could post one sentence and a few pictures of your beloveds ...
    and that would always be MORE than enough? yes! it would be.
    we are amazed you have time to post anything! taking care of what you do.
    holding shadow in healing white light. his nose seems to be wet and still shines. i hate that he's in pain.
    and as to your neighbors. who live in the country. but are clearly not country people.... bleh.
    go monarchs!!! XOXO

  27. Torrential rain and grimacing neighbours, Thank heavens for Monarchs and Goldens !

  28. Your words are always beautiful and your butterfly garden will be as well :-).

  29. Twice a week if I can do it but it's been a week since I last posted. Don't worry about it Kim. xx

  30. Well, that was quite a post for someone with writers block...well done!
    I was so sad to see Shadow looking poorly. I don't know how you do it Kim, so much loss. But I am thankful for the love you give to all these deserving seniors. You are a true angel here on earth.


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