Monday, May 26, 2014

The Equilibrium Returns

  The Memorial Day weekends rolls to a close here in my corner of the world.  The official beginning of summer. Right on cue the breeze died down and it got sticky.  But we've had perfect weather and I had a perfect chance to get caught up and get my equilibrium back from last weeks events.
 For the third year, my town had an all-American Mayfest.  It was a well planned and well attended event that reminds me of  why I love the small town that I live in. Every local business, club and even the person who makes best barbecue in the county were there.    
Everyone of all ages were part of the fun!  
But back at home, Gus has settled in very nicely!  I think the lowering of his medication (gabapentin) has made a difference.  You'll recall that he couldn't walk at all on Friday. But each day this past weekend we've seen improvement.
Today he's up and around and trying to follow us from room to room. He looses his balance very easily, and that isn't going to change.  But it looks like that at least for now, he has some equilibrium too. I don't know how quickly degenerative myelopathy progresses, there is no treatment for it.  The vets have said that they think that Gus may have six months to a year.  We'll see.  Vets have been proven wrong more times than we can all count, and for Gus it will be taking each day as it comes.  
Our dogs like Gus well enough.  On Saturday I watched Cricket several times steal little sniffs of him when she thought he may not be looking.
She has also settled in really nicely, and she wins the award from us as being the 'cutest' dog we've ever fostered.  However like Annie, because of the kidney disease, she has her days that she feels better than others and doesn't want to eat.  And just as we do with Annie, I use cheap dog food, cat food, anything that I think will entice them to want to eat.  So far, she's falling for most of those tricks, and I'm glad about that.
I hope you've had a good weekend too!  I'm sorry I've not visited your blogs, and hope you understand why I haven't.  I've really missed catching up with you and I am really looking forward to seeing what I've missed in your world!


  1. so glad to hear there's noticeable improvement for gus! yay! your love is boundless. :)

  2. It's good to hear Gus and Cricket have settled in so well.


  3. Glad Gus is improving.

    Aroo to you,

  4. So happy that your weather is improving and everybody can get out to enjoy the sunshine. Good news about all the new dogs settling in.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  5. Glad everyone is getting some equilibrium back. Love the small town celebrations.

  6. Sweet Kim
    Were glad that life is balancing out a bit at Golden Pines. Your family and pack have been through so much,, but you keep opening your heart to share more love with other dogs that need it,
    We can see that love making Gus feel better,,
    Its so good to see all the photos you share,, and more than that we are so glad you had words for us- especiallly when its hard to find words somethings.

  7. Glad that everyone is doing ok at your place, Its hard sometimes.


  8. Ditto everything Tweedles said! Exactly what I was thinking.
    Gus is such a handsome boy! I am glad he is able to walk some. I had no idea that even with the tweaking of his medicine, it was even a possibility.
    Great post, love hearing about everyone... 2nd photo is priceless... love them all.
    Gus' Mom

  9. The best for Gus. My stitches come out on Thursday, I hope.

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  11. Good news about Gus and Cricket. Wishing you fine summer weather and lots of Golden loves from your pack of characters. You guys are always in our thoughts.

  12. I am so happy for Gus and Cricket, they have both found a loving home with you! They are all so darn cute! Have a happy week!

  13. Kim, the long weekend was well spent with Gus, Annie and your other "kids" along with that adorable Cricket, who resembles an Ewok from Star Wars, I think!!!...:)JP

  14. Good that Gus has been doing better than he did when he came at the Golden Pines:) Lovely photos♥!

  15. Morning Kim, glad Gus is doing better, happy he is at Golden Pines with you and knowing he is loved like all you sweet animals. Love the picture of the deer, so beautiful... How fun the town party, Blessings Francine.

  16. I appreciate the time that you spend here, introducing us to new members of your crew, updating us on the others, and just letting all of us be part of your pack at Golden Pines. (Cricket certainly IS a cute little critter.)

  17. Here's hoping the vets are wrong and that Gus has many years ahead of him. Whatever the outcome he's happy , looked after and loved. Dog heaven.

  18. Bart has degenerative something in his spine. Prednisone has been a miracle drug. Glad everyone is setteling in!

  19. How interesting, I am on gabapentin too, for my diabetes related leg problems. Just the lowest dose and it works wonders for me. Has for years. Cricket is indeed adorable and I know Todd keeps you smiling. No problem about reading my blog. I don't visit all that I should either and feel guilty about it.

  20. I am happy Gus is moving around a bit better and hope the medicine continues to give him the possibility of some mobility.

  21. never feel guilty! about blogs? !!!
    just find the strength to keep your own going! we love it so.
    i knew gus would thrive in your care. i just didn't realize how soon! LOLOL.
    do you know what a wonderful human you are? no?
    let me tell you...

  22. How great that Gus is trying to get around. I'm glad his final times will be happy and safe.

  23. Hey, real life is more important than any blog. :-)
    Enjoy your family! ♥

  24. Hi Kim,
    We have been remiss about visiting blogs as well. Summer is here, school ended last week. I'm trying to get a bunch of work done before my foot surgery on the 9th. Then it will be forced rest...which I hate!
    Love Cricket, she is quite the character! And Gus is so distinguished.
    I also love the smaller towns. I hope we can retire somewhere nice someday like you have.

  25. I was forced to take a break from blogs for a while due to health. And a lot has happened at Golden Pines during that break! Cricket looks like a cutie too!!!! I'm glad your newly configured pack is finding some equilibrium and that Gus is finding some mobility!

  26. We've missed a lot, too. We're easing back in to Blogville as mama's infirmities permit. As usual, much has been going on at Golden Pines. We're so sorry that Shadow has crossed the Bridge, but glad he spent his final months so surrounded by love. And welcome to your new family members. May they bask in your love for as long as possible.

  27. Oh the looks on their faces - pure joy! We can just tell they are loving the days they are spending surrounded by love.


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