Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not Worse for Wear

Like most people, I enjoy the occasional rainy days. The cloudiness and gloom is really showing off the fall colors that are starting to appear.
~Sunny trying not to look at the camera~
However, we didn't have clouds on Wednesday morning which allowed us to get an amazing view of the lunar eclipse.  From our front porch, I had a front row seat.  Unfortunately because I had to get ready for work, I didn't have a lot of time to take photos. But I did get to see the moon drop behind the mountains as the sun rose in back of me.  Mother Nature can certainly put on an amazing show.  

Our weekend begins on a good note for Gus.  He's lost his balance and footing a few times on the two steps into the yard and has fallen head first. Thankfully it's not that far of a fall, but it's a fall nonetheless and a reminder to be more watchful of him going out.  He really doesn't understand that his body can no longer do all that his mind thinks it can. But the acupuncturist came one evening this week, and I think its helped him. He's up and around more and seems to be feeling pretty good and doesn't seem to be any worse for wear.  
Todd of course is never worse for wear. He is a Scottie after all.    

**But blogger must be worse for wear because I've been having problems the last couple of days getting to my 'dashboard' and when I do, it says I'm not following any blogs; refreshing the page doesn't seem to work. Is anyone else having this issue?**  


  1. Good Morning Kim.. Love your moon shots.. I was already at work when the eclipse was happening.. I am glad to hear Gus is feeling good..All your dogs are cuties.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Yes, sometime when I open it, the same message appears. I just wait for it to internet has been doing odd things lately. Good to see and hear Gus is doing well...such a good old boy!...:)JP

  3. Great shot of the moon!! Gus is to sweet.. poor guy, glad he's doing good. Little Todd cracks me up.
    Yeah, sometimes my dashboard does the same thing.. I usually just have to reload it.
    have a great weekend

  4. Kim,
    What a beautiful picture of the lunar eclipse, oh that red moon is stunning!
    It was overcast here so no shows for us:(
    Happy Columbus Day to you and Carl and of course the beautiful crew.

  5. It's great to see Gus up and about ... isn't acupuncture amazing! It gave our Emma so much relief in her later years.

    The Blogger dashboard thing isn't a priority for anyone who has the power to fix it. I get that a lot, along with HUGE delays in my published posts showing up in either that feed or on my blog roll. I have wondered it the feed lag has something to do with an update and whether my settings need to be changed ... the dashboard thing is just a bug that we may have to live with for a LONG time.

  6. Your moon pictures are wonderful.

    I often get the same message from Blogger and have seen that others are also having this problem. It is frustrating.

  7. Glad everyone had a good week. Enjoy your lovely fall colours.

  8. Morning Kim, those are beautiful shots of the moon, love them. Was cloudy here so missed it. Glad you are all o.k. Enjoy these wonderful Fall days,Hugs Francine.

  9. sweet old gus and camera shy sunny! love that todd, always.

    yes, blogger's been a pain this week. several days in a row it wouldn't recognize my post was there in blog rolls or sidebars. and the reading list would often not show. that's why i read blogs from a feed reader program (feedly or bloglovin). :)

  10. Unfortunately, it was raining here. Yes, it rains in the desert. I get my blog feed from bloglovin and it has been pretty reliable.

  11. The colour of those trees is wonderful x

  12. I often have that issue with Blogger. It seems to have been worse this week. I'm going to gave to try one of the other reader programs - I just hate change!! Why do I love Fall so much then?? Happy weekend, Kim to you, Carl and the dogs!

  13. Nothing like an overcast sky to make those colours POP, Kim! Great shots!
    Lucky you to have seen the moon that was cloudy here.
    Blogger has been a pain the past few days......maybe they are updating or something? Who knows!?
    Have a great weekend and so good to see you!

  14. SHE totally understands Gus not understanding that the body won't do what the mind wants it too!

    Great pictures of the moon. It only looked a bit grey brown for us. AND the photos with the mobile phone weren't any good.

  15. Thank goodness the acupuncture helps Gus! Its really is a hard thing to deal with when our minds don't know- the body has slowed a little. But look at Gus- he does not care... What a beautiful boy he is,, and he knows your close by in case he falls. That is what trust is about.
    You captured your amazing lunar show-- I just knew you would be out there trying,,, and Mother Nature gave you that chance of a life time show.
    So spectacular to know it was happening even though we were too lazy to go look. But we could feel it as we layed in bed. Thank you for capturing the moment and sharing your spectacular photo with us,

  16. It's just amazing, the pups are work and blogger don't, blogger comes back and us pups have problems......hummmmm. Yep we have that sometimes but the third or fourth refresh seems to clear it up!

    The Mad Scots

  17. Great pictures! I'm glad Gus wasn't seriously hurt.

  18. Too much cloud at our place for the moon photos. And the dashboard, I just tried, and instead of the usual layout, it had all the blogs I follow, I clicked on the small triangle, "more options" and there was the usual one, with posts, comments, edit etc. Maybe this is a Northern Hemisphere problem!!! Gus, hope he stays on all feet, and the wee fellow, nothing seems to worry him at all. Warm wishes from way down south, Jean.

  19. I've had that problem before, but it always came back. Did you try restarting your computer? Those moon shots are spectacular!!!! Hope Gus continues to improve.

  20. Oh, poor Gus, acupuncture? Isn't it funny that some dogs are so camera shy while others will pose? Todd is a real ham. Love your moon shots!

  21. What a beautiful picture of the moon. Gorgeous. I missed it completely.
    Hope Gus gets better and does not have any more falls. Ana

  22. Argh, more great moon shots...that I completely didn't know was fixin' to happen.

  23. I don't use the blogger dashboard, but I probably ought to try it.

    I love the rainy weather here, and clouds - any change in our weather is wonderful to me. I didn't get any moon shots this year. Yours are pretty.

    We hope Gus is feeling better!

    Monty and Harlow

  24. I do believe that is the best picture of the moon I've seen! It is beautiful! Gus looks so sweet.

  25. poor gus.
    i know EXACTLY how he feels! it's how i tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. doing what i always USED TO be able to do!!!
    rude awakenings over and over.
    i'm glad he has the acupuncturist to ease any pain.
    the moon over golden pines... breathtaking! i didn't get to see it. so enjoyed it here for sure. xo

  26. We have that problem every once and awhile - it freaks us out a little and we wonder where the blogs went! The pictures of the moon are spectacular! My mom goes to an acupuncturist and saws he works miracles!


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