Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Part

~Over the hedge~
I had today off work, and I was up early to get everything done before I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch, and to meet her family's new Golden Retriever puppy.  But at the last minute, my friend had to cancel our plans. So, I did the only thing I could do, pretty much nothing.
~Sheba, she's turning so gray~
The dogs and I did go for a nice walk.  I'm still trying to get that elusive photo of Sunny.
After lunch, I needed to try and get a few good photos of Gus.
I got distracted, and took more than a few of Todd.

~I am Scottie hear me roar!~
But the rescue had asked me to do a write-up with photos of Gus so he could be put onto their website.  This is because his acupuncture and vet bills are paid for by them (the rescue), and they would like to ask for sponsors for him.  I support this, and last weekend I worked on a write-up that tells Gus's story.  Even though I've written many of these types of stories over the years, I'm obsessive compulsive, and I worked on it for what I know was at least two hours.
When I sent it onto "the team" that helps me with Gus, I was feeling pretty good about what I'd written. However, I asked for an opinion and suggestions on a couple of sentences. It was returned to me by my "point of contact" edited with a lot of changes.  I felt like I was back in school and in English class all over again and had received a failing grade on my essay.  I know he meant well.  But I'm not sure how much of what I wrote they will use.  So next time, if there is one, I'll let someone else do the write up, and I'll just stick to taking the photos and caring for the dogs.  
It is the best part after all.  


  1. It sounds like a great day! And you got some GREAT pictures as always!! As for the rewrite-well, I feel badly as we KNOW how well you write and with passion and care I can't even begin to imagine anyone could do better.
    The weekend is coming! ENJOY!

  2. Sometimes you need those 'nothin' days to recharge. We know the dogs appreciated it!

  3. I know your write up about Gus was way better than anything they wrote. Now about Todd, he is such a ham and photogenic. He's my hero!

    Aroo to you,

  4. I hope you enjoyed taking pup-arazzi photos today!
    The pups look wonderful and I hope you enjoyed the day off.

  5. That is so rude, ask for a write-up, then change it all. Love your photos, did you see the Golden Girl on my blog? I met a man up town, total stranger, he was walking Eva, I asked if I could take photos, they came last Tuesday, she is gorgeous, and I can see why you love them so very much. Enjoy a rare day off to be at home with the crew. Hugs. Jean.

  6. How silly to say the least of them to do that after all the work you put into the essay. Like you said, next time they can write it. Hope you had a nice day off with the gang. Ana

  7. I would hate for someone to rewrite what I wrote.
    How insulting. People really annoy me sometimes. (Most of the time.)
    and like they others in the above comments stated, we know it was better and more heartfelt.
    I love your photos! they really capture their personalities.
    Glad you had a day to yourself and the dogs!

  8. well, sorry about that. the dogs appreciate your words and your gentle hands and love. :)

  9. Your photos always tell a good story Kim,,,the true story. And your own words would have also, We would rather hear it from you- because you put heart into everything you write.
    Who wants to read a heartless story? Not us. What does a team leader know about the Golden living in your home? Nothing.
    When people write books- the same thing happens,,, the team lead president or whoever changes the story to suit them,,, the company.
    We want to hear it from you,,, so you go ahead and tell us!
    Were here and we will listen!

  10. Great picture of Sheba and I think that sweet ole face is gorgeous. I love Gus' face, too. He really looks like an old man with the little tuffs of hair on top of his head, so cute!
    My first golden taught me to appreciate her sugar face and all of the sweet, nature of an older golden.
    There will always be people that are all business and lack the true compassion and heart we all strive to have. Consider the source and know you always take the high road where it matters. That is what is desirable. Just look at all the happy faces that you make possible! You are appreciated!
    Gus' Mom

  11. So funny - I've had that same thing happen to me when I did a writeup on a foster dog!! Hey, just laugh it off, meanwhile remembering all the wonderful, successful writers who've been told they have no talent and been rejected by publishers dozens of times - JK Rowling and Kathryn Stockett who wrote The Help come to mind :) You are a fabulous writer...

  12. Sounds like mom's favorite kind of day! Your photos came out beautiful as always! Can't believe they edited YOUR write up, just not right! Keep your efforts with the dogs, I'm sure they appreciate much more than some team leader!

  13. That first photo would make a perfect "background page" for a blog. All your photos are beautiful - of course you have excellent subject models too!

    I don't know about you, but when I write it's personal . . . so when my writing is insulted on any level, I take it personally. That's more a character flaw on my behalf because I'm probably too sensitive. Your writing is excellent and there's no doubt your write-up on Gus was very well written. Sometimes people ask for things with a very specific outcome in mind that they fail to share ~ making it impossible to provide them with what they want. I wouldn't take it personally (well, I would, but I'm trying to make you feel better). :-)

  14. puppy pictures but you sure had a relaxing day taking pictures of your pups.

  15. Turning gray? I know about that one.

  16. You're not alone. People never want write ups with verbs and nouns in them.

  17. AND . . . . . .
    once again. i have lost total respect for that rescue 'service?'.
    it has yet once again shown itself to be mostly about its own EGO.
    your pictures are wonderful. as always. LOLOL. even sunny's back! LOL.
    and you are so right. only i wouldn't have said it so nicely.
    love and total respect for you dear heart. xoxo♥

  18. THAT would upset me too!! Glad you got some much needed down time and a lovely day with the crew.

  19. Oh Kim, very upsetting. You needed time off with those wonderful furry faces.Blessings Francine.

  20. You do have the best job...remember is called LOVE!...:)JP

  21. Well....we believe that pictures are the best, and bring back memories of them better than the writings..however a good story with pictures is even better. Don't quit, even if you keep the stories just for you!

    The Mad Scots

  22. Kim, I just love all your dogs and the photos.. The photos are the best part to me.. Gus's face reminds me of my first golden "Daisy" ..She was the best dog ever. One time I found her trying to feed our Lab's puppies but she did not have the milk.. Another time I found her laying under my son's crib before I even delivered my son. I guess she wanting to take care of my son when he came home from the hospital. Golden's are the best dogs.. Sorry, I just love seeing all these cute doggies..Happy weekend!

  23. Happy Friday Kim, Love all your photos as always. Todd is just so photogenic!!!
    Sorry that they didn't use your piece and I totally agree with the plan to let them do it in the future. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  24. Look at that sun! Please send it our way, Kim!
    Can't please everyone all the please yourself first. And it looks like you did Kim with all these photos of your beautiful dogs.

  25. It sounds like the team leader has "team leader syndrome". They all look very happy - except Sunny (lol) - glad you had a nice day off.

    Rubies mum xxx

  26. It is the best part!!!! And your day with the dogs looks like it was fun. What super photos of them. Todd really has grown up, hasn't he? And Gus looks very content.

    Perhaps when the rescue has their link up to sponsor Gus, you could share it here. Some of us (at least me) would love to help sponsor him. You do such amazing good deeds for dogs in need, like Gus and so many others.

  27. I agree, it was rude to completely rewrite your piece. However, I'm glad you had a bit of free time. Thanks for all the pictures. :)

  28. LOL - I have a boss that does that with everything. I try not to let that bug me, especially since I'm proud of the work I put together.

    I agree with KB - share the link?

    Monty and Harlow

  29. I wouldn't like that either, two hours work being picked apart.
    Gus is a gorgeous sweetie, what more did they want?
    LOL! I get the "back" a lot too!

  30. Wow, that was pretty lousy of whoever picked your writing apart like that. Geez!

    I love your photos of your dogs. Todd has some quite excellent choppers there! Lol.

  31. The best part of all for me is that a long time ago now I found your blog. You are always an inspiration for me to do better with my dogs, Samson needs to be brushed, Faith needs to be taught to walk on a leash and to come when called.

  32. Yea, its a no win situation with submitting copy to, what could end up being, a committee. I think your conclusion is spot on. Taking pictures and petting the dogs is much more fun. And besides, dogs can't read.

  33. I'm sure your write up was just fine Kim. Some people just like to meddle for the sake of it. Stick to the photos for your own sanity but not because you're not good at it. Love the roar!

  34. I know from your blog that the piece you wrote had to have been good. Poo on your "editor". I much rather take photographs any day! I need to get some of the older kitties in the house, they get ignored because of the handsome Ryker and young Pickles!


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