Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Days

Long time readers of my blog know that in the past I have loved snow-days, and I have looked forward to being home while the snow is piling up outside.  But I think that my getting stuck in West Virginia a few weeks ago when coming home from Kentucky changed that. Thursday we had a snow day, and usually I'm outside with the dogs, taking photos of their fun in the snow.  But that wasn't the case yesterday.
~An "inside" photo of Josh~
I was also feeling a bit of dread in having to be out in it when I had to get to the post office to mail something to someone who wouldn't wait until I could bring it to them.
But there was something so peaceful about our little town and being out when so many were at home.
~Main Street~
Back at home we settled into the day.
Today is another snow-day off from work, and the sun is out. And it has changed how I'm feeling about our latest snow fall. I really enjoyed being outside in the crisp air when the dogs and I were out this morning walking in the freshly fallen snow.
 But maybe I'm feeling this way because of the chocolate cake I made yesterday  ....
that I had for breakfast this morning  ...
Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Mmmm, chocolate cake!!! Mum's drooling now...stop that Mum!
    I'm not surprise your roadtrip put you off snow, that was some adventure you had there!
    It is great to see dog playing in the snow, you just can't help but smile
    Have a great snow day
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I love your dogs and always look forward to seeing their photos and your post.. And Yummy, that cake looks delicious.. Have a happy weekend, enjoy the snow..

  3. yay! cake for breakfast! :)

    we had sun yesterday (and today) for the first time in weeks, so i was pleased as punch, too.

  4. Wakey, wakey, time for cakey! :) Sounds great to me. xo

  5. UMMM my mom loves cake, she ate the cake for breakfast, lunch and supper her daughter brought to her the other day....we are tired of snow, we hear it is going to be 40's this weekend, then our moms new complaint will be mud, we loves mud, mom hates mud, then it will be in the 60's next week and the new complaint from mom will be she wishes she could stay home from work and work in the yard, we love the 60's and before long it will be in the 80's and the new complaint will be mom is sick of mowing the yard, we love running around in the 80's but usually cannot cos we can't breath cos we have no get the whole picture at our house now, we are a bunch of winter whiney complainers.
    stella rose and gang

  6. Yummy cake, so moist, and all that snow, do they drag it inside, or shake it off on the porch first?so glad you had a safe drive, it is really hard to do that after a really bad experience. Enjoy those days at home.

  7. Da snow is beautiful.
    C-A-K-E for breakfast?!?!?! Dat's my favorite breakfast food.

  8. Chocolate cake for breakfast....what could be nicer :)
    I probably would have waited if I had been the one to make a trip to the post office, I'm becoming so reluctant to drive in any kind of snow or ice unless an absolute emergency, but I admit, your little town looks so serene and peaceful.
    Enjoy your nesting time !

  9. Hang in there. Wednesday it snowed all day. Yesterday it was just cold and yucky. Today it's sunny and 50 and this weekend we may hit 70. Spring is right around the corner.

  10. Hi Kim, I'm with you girl about not rejoicing in the snow this year-however for me recovering, it has been easy to stay inside. I'm longing for spring, warm weather and walks with Hunter.
    Have a cozy weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. OMD that cake looks delicious! We enjoyed our long winter but can't wait for Spring to arrive!

  12. Your town looks so lovely. Hope you don't get too much more snow though, it seems to have really hit this Winter for you. As for that chocolate cake....

  13. Hi Kim, looks rather lovely with the snow but that is a lot of the white stuff. Love the snow dogs, always so cute seeing them. Happy Friday, Francine.

  14. Snow and baking go hand in hand. Winter has to end quickly because my intake of sugar is at an all-time high.

  15. Um yeah cake for breakfast YUMMY ! Lovely photos ! No snow for us thank goodness just cold yet sunny we will be warming up by mid week and lots more sun shine hoping for a good melt down ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. everyone should have chocolate cake for breakfast. I think that everyone is totally fed up of this winter as it feels as though it is never going away.

  17. Yes. Chocolate cake is just fine for breakfast on snow days. All rules are suspended.

  18. Hi Kim - we were off yesterday & today too - shoveling while the dogs played in the snow. Chocolate cake for breakfast - sounds yummy - how about your recipe?

    Waiting for spring,
    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  19. Todd, you have to terrier-up and ditch the clothing.

  20. Chocolate cake is good all day long,,, and especially for breakfast!
    That cake looks soo good!
    We hope you find some peace in the snow you have this weekend Kim.
    And I hope you can see the moon glisten down on its shinny white surface!

  21. You do know...Cake and Happy Puppers will do that every time!

    The Mad Scots

  22. You made my mouth water with that cake. We are quite sick and tired of all the snow we have. I think it might take until June for it all to melt.

  23. It's amazing what a difference sunshine can make in your outlook. It must have been a big snow for you to get 2 snow days from it!

    That cake does look incredible. Can you beam me a piece?? I guess I'll have to make my very own :)

  24. Great photos and please send me an order to go (cake of course).

  25. We think Todd wants you outside....playing with him!

  26. Chocolate cake for breakfast sounds like the perfect start to a cold day. Looks like Josh agrees.

  27. Chocolate cake for breakfast sounds like the perfect start to a cold day. Looks like Josh agrees.

  28. i love happy endings!!!
    and i love your beautiful blissful pictures.
    your town is magical in the snow.
    and the puppies... well. no more need be said. XOXO♥

  29. a snow covered dog....ahhh

  30. I'm glad you're safely home and didn't have to go out too far!

  31. The town does look eerie like that. Glad you & the dogs got out to enjoy it xx

  32. I think chocolate cake sounds very good for Sunday afternoon, about 4:30, don't you? Years ago, when my Otis Scottie was a young guy, I would take him out in a big snowstorm and walk him "without a string". He loved it and he would tear through deep piles of snow, what fun that was.(20 some years ago!).

    Be careful until its mostly gone, though.
    Cheers and hugs from Jo, Stella and Zs=khatd


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