Sunday, August 16, 2015

Closer to Home

An uneventful weekend for us.  While Carl did things like mow the lawn, I tried to get photos of the five kittens.  This is proving nearly impossible to do given that they are almost always in constant motion.
So I turned my attention to something that stands still for a little longer, George. You'd never know it, but I've a feeling that he loves his picture being taken.    
Cissy is feeling photogenic these days.
With her allergies being managed with a limited ingredient kibble, Cissy is definitely happier and feeling much better.  She doesn't seem to be bothered too much by the torn meniscus in her left knee. She is getting around pretty well, but she does walk with a pretty good limp.  
~Rolling in the grass always makes a pup feel happier!~
I took her to an orthopedic surgeon to see about doing surgery to repair it.  He said that because of the damaged tissue around her knee from years of untreated thyroid disease it has made a repair impossible to do.  He did suggest cold laser therapy for Cissy which is what our vet recommended doing twice a week to start. But because of the distance to my vet's office, (an hours drive each way) it's impossible to do with traffic and work.  So, I've been asking around for someone that can do it that is closer to where we live.

Because I'm for anything that will keep me off the road and closer to home.
~Sheba and Todd~


  1. Todd looks like he needs to go in and check on the kitties.

    Aroo to you,

  2. Todd, we expect you to help out.

  3. Cute kitten shots! George looks contented. Cissy looks pretty happy rolling around. Todd wants inside, Mom. (Does he bark or knock?) Sheba is getting to be an old dear.

  4. You've got a very contented crew there, Kim, even George looks happy ! We hope you find someone closer to home to do Cissy's treatment.

  5. They all look so happy and here's high hopes that someone close to home will help out.,

  6. Hello Kim, your kitties are adorable. And I just love all your puppy dogs. They do all look happy! I love the shot of George! Have a happy new week!

  7. Wonderful world it must be with all your doggies and kittens too . . .
    I think George is very contented posing for pics!

  8. You're right about George. You'd never guess from that insouciant look that he likes his photo being taken !

  9. Our youngest cats are always tearing around.
    Glad to her everyone is doing well! God bless. ♥

  10. Kittens are always a handful to photograph. It usually takes two people. One to wrangle and the other to snap the pictures.

  11. Knowing the traffic around there....we understand.

  12. that profile picture of cissy grabbed my heart for just a moment...
    she looks a lot like carrie ann to me there.
    i hope all those adorable little ones can fine a forever home soon!
    otherwise you're gong to have five very beautiful cats!!!
    and george.
    bless him.
    he just makes me calm looking at him! LOL.
    hugs to all of you dearest bean. xoxo♥

  13. Who is that laying in the grass with the feet in the air? Cissy?
    Oh look at the smiles of every face!

  14. Hi Y'all!

    Love that last photo of Sheba and Todd.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  15. such a lovely post, we have three kittens at home and I can't ever get a good photo of them all together these


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