Friday, November 20, 2015

He's a Good Boy

~Cissy on Thursday afternoon~
We're at the end of our week with what I hope is our phone and internet problems all sorted out.  We've also gotten our hot water heater fixed, and Sherlock is pretty much all settled in.
This week he remembered his house-manners and he's had no accidents (knock on wood) in about the last 3 days.  He still has to learn that the lovely Ms. Yellow is to be looked at and not touched or chased -- And I do think that if Sherlock wanted to make a meal out of her, he would have done that by now.  However, I still don't totally trust him around her, so we're still watching him very closely and treating/or rewarding him when he turns and walks away from her. I'm still trying to decide about his hearing.  I'm pretty convinced that he can't hear much if anything.  I also think that he's afraid of getting left outside because he'll go out, "do his business" and come back to the door to be let back in pretty quickly.
This shows that Sherlock has at some point, lived inside.  He knows all about sleeping by a bed, and that the refrigerator is where the food is. Sherlock also knows about begging and how to endear himself; he'll rest his head on my leg and just look up at me with his big, hopeful eyes.  I'll pet him and tell him "he's a good boy"  Then he'll go and lay down.  
Enjoy your weekend...  
~Another "good boy" at our house"  
I'm off this morning for an overnight road trip!
See you tomorrow! 


  1. Godd boy Sherlock. He wants to please you! All your dogs are adorable. Have a safe trip and a happy weekend!

  2. I finks Sherlock does seem to haf the basics well sorted out. Its impawtant to nose the refrigerator is where the food is!!!! Hehe!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. He's such a happy boy, so he knows he's in good hands. Lovely photos Kim. Have a good trip.

  4. Sherlock's a happy boy! Safe travels to you Kim!

  5. Sherlock is certainly a lucky boy to have found a wonderful home to spend his senior years.

  6. Not sure if dogs understand words or not. Sometimes I believe it's the way you say the words. Maybe it's just the dog?
    Have a safe trip.

  7. They are all good dogs,travel safe.

  8. If only they could talk in words, he has the most lovable face and eyes, that say how happy he is.

  9. That's so sad, not wanting to be *left* outside. Thank goodness he has you now...

  10. Sounds like Sherlock is settling in. Hopefully, he'll understand he can enjoy the outdoors and still come in. As you know, we love chasing and barking at kitties. We've never really been close enough to see if there's another alternative!

  11. We are glad he is learning the rules at your house, he is so handsome!
    stella rose

  12. glad he's settling in. hope he can pack on a few pounds in your good care.

  13. Sherlock knows he has found the key of love to your heart! Yes,, he is a good boy. I wonder if Todd is teaching him things.

  14. Awwwww, Sherlock is very blessed to be at Golden Pines. Always lifts my spirits with your pictures of the fur babies.Blessings Francine.

  15. What a sweetheart! Have a safe trip.

  16. Have a great trip. So glad Sherlock is fitting in.

  17. Oh those puppy dog eyes!

    Wishing you a safe journey, Kim.


  18. Oh the stories they would tell if they talked . . .
    Still do tell stories in their quirks, eyes, movements.
    I so enjoy following you!

  19. oh i know i always tend to over imagine.
    but he was alone outside and almost starving... so i'm thinking he doesn't want to go through that again... and he just still doesn't feel safe yet.
    that little face alone... and the fact that just your words can reassure him...
    such a darling boy. he'll come around! look at the fast progress already!
    have a good and safe trip.
    and a wonderful thanksgiving dearest bean! XOXOXO♥
    i'm so thankful for angels on this earth like you.

  20. Glad to hear Sherlock is adjusting well to your home. He looks like a sweet guy!
    We got some decent snow and now it is warm, windy and hoo

  21. We think Sherlock is very happy to have a safe warm home to enjoy the holidays. We also think he'll try hard to fit in and be a good boy. All the other dogs will help him learn how to be a good housedog.


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