Friday, February 26, 2016

Is it Todd, Jake, Cissy or Sunny?

Friday again!  Its been a quiet week, so to wrap it up, I thought I'd post a five-question trivia quiz about a few things that happened this past week. See if you can guess who did what.  The answers are at the end of the post.

1.  Do you think it was Todd, Jake, Cissy or Sunny that when kissed on the nose this week, quickly ran to a blanket and wiped their face?    

2.  Who would you pick as the pup that thinks chasing the new foster kitten is a great sport?  Todd, Jake, Cissy or Sunny?

3.  Who has decided that they don't want to come inside, even after dark -- Todd, Jake or Cissy or Sunny?

4.  Who was the alarm clock this week when we overslept?  Actually, this dog IS our household alarm clock, always barking at 5:30 every morning.  Do you think this task is taken on by Todd, Jake, Cissy or Sunny?

5.  I always give the dogs fresh fruit and vegetables.  Who do you think passed on the apples and oranges I had for treats this week?  Todd, Jake, Cissy or Sunny?

Do you think you've answered correctly? Well, lets see.

Question 1.  If you answered Todd, you would be right, he's done this before, but the answer for this week was actually Cissy.  I gave her a kiss on the nose, and she turned around, plopped down onto a dog bed and started rubbing her face.
~Cissy, a kissable nose!~ 
Question 2.  If you think it's Todd, you would be almost right again.  Even though he knows better, sometimes he just can't resist.  But for this week, the culprit is newcomer Jake.  He's still unsteady on his feet, but he tries to chase the kitten, so we're working on teaching him that the cats are to be watched and not chased.
~Jake had no idea chasing cats could be such great fun!~
Question 3.  If you answered Todd, you would be right, yet again.  He likes being outside any time day or night!  But this week, it's Sunny.  For whatever reason, he's decided that he likes to just sit outside.  I don't know if I should worry about his doing this or not.  Thoughts?
~A blurry Sunny after dark~ 
Question 4.  If you answered Todd, you would be wrong about this!  When the clock-radio comes on, Todd is a slow-riser.  He stretches, yawns and rolls on the bed and likes to be scratched and talked to first -- But when his feet hit the floor, he's all business, fully charged and more than ready to go!
~Todd, a little slow first thing in the morning, but once he gets going....~
HOWEVER, Cissy is our dog-alarm-clock.  She knows when it's 5:30, and I think that we could set our clock by her internal one.  She's like Todd, always ready to go and get the day going!

Question 5.  If you answered Todd, add that to your "got it right" column!  Todd will eat just about anything, but he doesn't like "that raw stuff" but he will eat raw carrots.  I did introduce Jake to fruits this week.  It's easy to see that he's a little confused about what he's supposed to do with an apple or orange slice. He'll figure it out, I've no doubt!
And there's no doubt its been a quiet week for us.  Thanks for playing along, and especially for stopping by!  I hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Hope you are all safe and well, and have a blessed weekend, Kim!

  2. We are such newcomers to your blog that we are sure we would have failed this test miserably, but it is fun learning new things about all:)

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Well, we thought Todd for all of them. Sounds just like scottie behaviour to us. (Although Roxy is our morning alarm girl, Dui loves rolling over and having his tummy scratched in the morning. Good for Jake, he must be feeling better!

  4. I thought it was Todd for everything too,, just because,,, No special reason.
    Maybe it usually would be Todd,, but not in these cases.
    Do all the dogs get to sleep on the bed? Maybe they dont want to,,, I think you would need a huge bed.

  5. I wouldn't have answered Sunny to any of them because of the clouds in the first pic. If you get Todd started on frozen organic green bean treats, the others will follow and they're vet approved and encouraged. It's good for all of them We get them at Costco and the dogs beg for them after their first meal in the morning. Did I mention that it's good for them?

  6. Yes, we thought Todd for them all too - he's such a livewire - how can anything happen when he's not there?
    Good for Jake, getting up on those shaky legs, even if he's not supposed to chase the kitten. He really just wants to play - honest !

  7. Good morning, cute post! I had a few right. Even though I wrongly blamed Todd for a few things. I am not surprised at Cissy! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I was wrong for most of the questions, but I certainly was happy to look at their beautiful faces.

  9. Morning Kim, 1 out of 5 ain't bad, picked that Todd every answer. Hufs Francine.

  10. Even as a dog lover only I know chasing cats is a bad thing, but my heart was warmed knowing Jake is improving so much that he could do such a thing.

  11. LOLOL!
    what delightful fun.
    and i missed every single one.
    and there i thought i KNEW THEM! LOL!
    maybe chasing kitties is the incentive jake needs to keep trying to get up! bless his smiling heart.
    that smile. oh my.
    and kim... delete this part after you read it.
    it will be too long.
    i don't know about this in regard to sunny...
    but since it's out of the norm for him and he's old... i'll share what happened to usie.
    i had a little very old papillon once. the treasure of my life. we lived on two acres and no fence. she was my SHADOW. she never left my side. and she could be depended upon to stay in the yard.
    one afternoon i was working in the garden and when i got up to go in to get some water to drink for us both she was no where to be found. she had been with me all morning. i had even stopped to pet her several times. we lived near some woods and a stream.
    bob said she had wandered off to die. that they will do that sometimes. i was devastated. i looked for her for weeks on end and never found her. i don't mean to make this a sad omen or ending to a wonderful post. and this comment is WAY too long.
    so please delete this last part! i just couldn't help but think... it's not in sunny's character to do this. and he's old. and it was out of character for usie too. she never left me. ever.
    sorry to mention her doing that though on here.
    and you DO have fencing which is always important.
    so it would be hard for him to get out of the yard.
    maybe sunny just wants to watch the moon!

    1. THANKS for your thoughts on our boy Sunny. As I write this, he's sitting the himself. I went out to see him, and he's just sitting there. I do think it could be something having to do with it being quiet outside. The storms lately may have triggered his anxiety towards them, and our vaulted ceilings sometimes echo the noise.

      As far as his age, Sunny is a "young" dog by our household standards and is only about 8-9, so I'm hoping he's not ill, and has more years with us.

  12. Oh what a fun post! I wrongly guessed "Todd" for every single thing! Poor Todd, sorry to have suspected the good fellow.

    As to staying out, I don't know if it's worrisome or not. My gut instincts says it is, but I hope I'm wrong. When my animals have done it (my older pets), it's been that they are uncomfortable. But, since it brought them comfort, we let them stay out, and the vet said it wasn't hurting their condition.

  13. My first thoughts about Sunny were the same as tammy j, and Old Dame Penniwig, too - he's looking for somewhere quiet, and wants to be alone.

  14. Jake just melts my heart. Thank you! :)

  15. Yeah know I answered Todd to all of it lol as having a big part of terrier our selves in Miggs she and Todd are so much a like in character ! Cute post and photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  16. Todd is teaching the rest I bet lol

  17. Todd seems to be keeping everyone on their toes:)

  18. I guessed Todd for all five! I'm glad that the others were getting in on the action this week. That does sound like odd behavior for Sunny. Are there any predators around there? I'd worry more about Sunny out there in the dark than Todd - but I live in a world with predators all around.

    Thanks for the glimpse into the finer points about your pack!

  19. Loved finding out more about the pack and guessing consistently wrong. Interesting.

  20. Where mischief is concerned Todd seems to be a common denominator !

  21. I too felt all questions could be answered with Todd but I guess that's just because of who he is.

  22. I guessed Jake on a couple of them, but always enjoy learning about your pack! That is very strange that Sunny wants to be outside all alone. It might be the you said. My LadyBug has a terrible anxiety problem with noises in general. Since she is a rescue, I have no idea what went on in her former life. Sure hope Sunny is back to normal again soon!

  23. Poor Todd.
    I thought it was him on everyone of the questions too.
    Please give him a hug and kiss from me.

  24. I guessed Cissy and Todd on the questions. I sure hope Cissy goes back to sleep after she lets everyone know it is 5:30!!
    Jake is such a cutie, glad to hear he is feeling better.
    I thought the same as Tammy about Sunny. But, since he is a relatively young boy, I think, with what I know of his personality, that he may just enjoy the quiet stillness of the dark. It may be very calming for him. I am assuming he doesn't mind coming in at night to sleep without a problem. I know it's hard not to worry. Keep us posted.
    Gus' Mom

  25. Our relatively young-at-the-time golden retriever had a stroke when he was eight. Since then, he hasn't been able to tolerate any upheaval in the household, such as when grandchildren visit. He loves them at their arrival but within minutes wants outside. It's nearly impossible to coax him back inside--rain or shine, night or day--until an hour or two after they've left. Although I did not keep the article reference, I read that dogs whose vision, hearing, strength or agility may be waning may have increased discomfort with any new situations and even with familiar but noisy or too busy of situations. Their perceptions are altered. Even when fireworks go off nearby, he wants outside and refuses to come back inside. He's now ten and beginning to get more antsy all the time, beginning to have some symptoms that would be called sundowning in humans. We've discussed our concerns with his vet at his regular senior-dog checkups. He's doing fine physically and is currently wagging his tail as he anticipates his morning walk, but this is how he's aging, we think.

  26. I answered Todd for each of the five . . . so I guess I had one right!
    Love your stories . . .
    And your "kids!"

  27. Hmmm... I guessed Todd for all of them. I wasn't far off. If Jake is interested in chasing the cat, he must be feeling better.


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