Friday, April 1, 2016

A Lady Arrives at Golden Pines!

Its been a busy week for me and the dogs!  I don't even know where to start.  I think for this post, I'll start at the end of the week, and just hit the highlights.

Today at Golden Pines, from Lab Rescue, we welcomed Lady!  A stray that has come to us from southern Virginia, about 200 miles from us (321. kilometers).  She's estimated to be about 10 years old.  She's thin, with several bald patches, and a story to tell.
~A Lady in my Rearview Mirror~
We're still getting to know Lady, and we haven't given her much of a chance to make friends with our group.  There's time for that this weekend, and to try and convince her that the cats are not toys.
~Lady at the shelter~

**And since we're welcoming another Yellow Lab, below is an update that Lab Rescue sent me about the other Yellow Lab we had that got away....

"Sherlock is now Reggie, that's what Kim was calling him and I decided to keep it. Everything is going so well. Scruffy and Reggie got along right from the start and I think they will be buddies. Reggie has been checked by my Vet with a good report and he has already had a laser treatment and a spin on the water treadmill. I think he's going to fit in just fine. So, the check's in the mail as they say. Thanks for everything!!"
~Reggie and his new pack-member Scruffy~ 
Todd who got his spring-haircut at the "fur-stealers" yesterday and I hope you have a good weekend! I look forward to catching up on your news!  Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. so glad reggie is doing well! i love sweet girl, lady!

  2. Hey, why no more Scotties to dig with Todd?

  3. Oh, another lab interested in the cats, hmm.
    Happy to hear Reggie is doing so well in his new home.
    Todd cleans up nicely - every time. :-)
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Oh, what good news about Reggie! And Lady looks like quite a little Lady! :)

    I look forward to hearing more about her!

  5. Reggie is happy, such good news, and Lady, we will get to hear her story in due time . Have a peaceful and happy weekend.

  6. What good news, Kim, for both Reggie and the lovely Lady ! As the owners of two retired, breeding, female yellow Labs, that photo of Lady went straight to our hearts! She's a beauty - but then we're biased !
    My, but Todd does look a handsome chap - how long did he stay so smart?

  7. So glad people will drive so far to ensure a pup has a chance! Yay, for Reggie, sounds like he's definitely home.

  8. I love how Lady sat up in the back of the car, like it was completely normal to be there. :-)

  9. Hello, Lady looks like a sweetie. I hope she blends in well with the rest of the furbabies. I am so happy Reggie is doing well in his new home. Cute shot of Todd and the new "do". Happy weekend to you and the gang!

  10. Lady looks like a happy go lucky fun girl . I knew you would keep Reggie , Tod you look marvelous . Miggs is going to the groomers today to get all that shaggy fur shaved off for her summer do she ie way to hot with that thick heavy coat now . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  11. Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed weekend, Kim!

  12. It was good to get an update on Reggie and know that he is in a good place. I am sure that you will have Lady feeling at home very quickly.

  13. why on earth do i ever doubt you!!!
    and part of me did with reggie. but then i forget that your main focus is foster. and i too easily seem to forget that. i want you to keep them ALL!!!
    LOLOL! as if you don't have enough to do. :)
    YOU ALWAYS know best what is going to be or IS best for your beloveds under your exquisite care.
    that picture of reggie just is perfect.
    and the laughing lady now. how wonderful is that happy face! and she'll get the hang of living with kitties in time! oh. i'm just so happy today with this post! how lovely of linda to send the picture.

  14. Reggie looks so happy and content, he's a sweet boy.
    Lady looks like she will fit in nicely, the other dogs will show her the ropes :)
    Enjoy your weekend, getting to know her.

  15. Oh what a sweetie Lady is!! Love her "smile" so happy Reggie is doing well too!

  16. Great news that Reggie is doing well!!! And it made room for Lady!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    Todd looks very handsome

  17. What a sweetheart she is. And she's so lucky to have you. :)

  18. So happy Lady arrived at the best place,Golden Pines. She is very sweet as is all your fur kids. Also happy Reggie is doing ok. Best news.Hugs Francine.

  19. I know it was hard for you to say goodbye to Reggie, but it sounds like he has found a wonderful place. Welcome to Lady!

  20. It's nice to see that Reggie is getting along so well in his new home. We hope Lady gets along well with your crew too. Todd sure does look handsome after his primping at the spa. We bet it wasn't long before he was rolling around to get the nice smells off.

  21. Nice to hear the good report on Reggie/Sherlock. Lots of luck with Lady - beautiful girl.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  22. Lucky Lady to be joining your pack. And doesn't it warm your heart to see Reggie so comfortable and obviously loved and well cared for? Definitely the right decision.

  23. Great news about Reggie...and WELCOME LADY!! Todd, handsome with or withour furs...

  24. This post makes me so Happy!
    First with that great photo of Lady in the rearview mirror.
    She looks like she knows she's going someplace wonderful!
    Then the one of Reggie, I could cry with glee at such great news.
    and finally Todd.
    Such a handsome adorable boy!

  25. Hi Y'all!

    Dear Lady is so lucky to have landed with y'all!

    Thanks for stoppin' by. Y'all hurry on back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  26. Just found your lovely blog. Im sorry your brother passed last year. I love that you help out the dogs! I volunteer in the OR at my shelter with spays and nueter assists.

  27. Great to hear positives about Reggie . . .
    I hope Lady does well with your care . . .
    And Todd looks quite handsome!

  28. I'm so happy about Reggie, even though I know that you miss him. And Lady is one lucky Lab to have landed with you. Big smiles to everyone!

  29. Todd, you are so handsome with your new hair cut. Doesn't it feel so good? And you have a new sister to play with! Lady is beautiful! I have a feeling everyone will love Lady!
    Such wonderful news about Reggie,,, and just from reading the little letter,, it looks like he is getting lots of love and attention, and is making everyones hearts very happy!
    Welcome Lady!

  30. All such happy news! Reggie looks quite content and has made room for Lady to get the care she love she needs. It all works just as it's meant to.

  31. Many years ago our golden lab got on really well with our cat and even helped her with her kittens. So gentle. Later our golden retriever was also gentle with our cats so I am sure Lady will be once she becomes used to them being around.


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