Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jake and Selma Mansion: Part 2

Back in February, I wrote about "Selma," a 100+ year old historic property and former plantation not far from where I live.  It was so sad to see this magnificent home abandoned and falling victim to time and neglect, standing in the background of new homes.  
~Selma in February 2016~
I was really taken by Selma Mansion.  And, in my February post, because Jake had just come to us, I'd compared the two, because I really felt that like Jake, Selma should be "rescued" too.  I really hoped that somehow it would be.
~Jake and Selma Mansion, February 2016~
Well, I read this week, that in March, Selma was  purchased by a local couple, and restoration work has already begun.  Over the next two years, they plan on restoring Selma to use as their private residence.  So of course, when Jake had a vet appointment on Friday, I had to go and see for myself.   How wonderful it was to see the windows open as this grand home is being brought back to life!
~Selma coming back to life, April 2016~
You'll recall that the staff at the shelter where Jake was taken felt that he had "spark and life" and should be given a chance.  I'm glad that someone who could make a difference, saw that in Selma Mansion!
~Jake and Selma~

**If you're as taken by Selma Mansion as I've become, you can see more photos and follow the progress of the restoration on Facebook by clicking here for the link


  1. Oh, I love it! I'm so happy to hear that restorations are commencing. Jake is looking like something wonderful has gone on with him as well.

  2. A lovely photo of Jake, so glad you rescued him.
    It will be interesting to follow the restoration work on Selma. Amazing to see that there are so many original features, and in such good condition.

  3. Hello, I am glad to see Selma Mansion is being restored. Like Your Jake, it is great news. I love the pretty shot of Jake! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. Good for Jake and good for the people who see promise in a building that has been forgotten and neglected.

  5. Love, love this . . .
    What a beautiful MANSION . . .
    Happy "she" was rescued . . . and Jake too!

  6. oh kim.
    i LOVE this post!
    full of hope and freshness and love of all kinds.
    new beginnings for old loves.
    hug jake for me.
    and thank you for the link!
    i think selma is smiling.

  7. That is good news. Old houses take so much money to keep them livable, let alone restore them. Old mansions even more so!
    Hope you all have a blessed week!

  8. I'm glad that the buyers have the bucks to spruce up the old gal.

  9. Oh wow, so glad both Jake and Selma are fighting back! Buildings like that should be looked after and I am glad it will be a family home too. x

  10. Afternoon, such a grand home, happy to hear it will be once more.... Sweet Jake, big hugs, Francine.

  11. It's beautiful and I'm glad someone has rescued Selma. If you get a chance Google, Woodman's Circle, Sherman, Texas, it use to be a children's home among other things. It's has been so sad to watch the old place slowly die.

    Aroo to you,

  12. That is wonderful news about the mansion We hope Selma is a fortunate as Jake in being rescued:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. I love this post. And I love seeing so many young people working on the mansion. Jake looks so great.

  14. Great post!
    I love how you tied Jake and Selma together.
    Both needing to be rescued
    and both with a happy ending!
    I went to that FB link, oh my word!
    So much work to be done but it's going to be so worth it!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  15. That's great news about the mansion. Jake and the mansion are both having a rebirth.

  16. Awesome news about Selma and of course for Jake too!! One of my friends had similar thoughts about an old farm near her home in Connecticut. She had been going by that old place for YEARS. luck would have came up for sale and she and her husband bought the property and restored it! SO beautiful. You can find her blog here...

    I think you will like reading Karen's story...what a gorgeous home they have made...from her dreams!

  17. How wonderful that the old house will once again hear voices and perhaps the laughter of children. Will be so interested to follow the progress of the restoration. Jake and the old home both enjoying a renewal.

  18. I n=may just be a house, but it still touched my house to see a truck in the drive way and signs of life around the place. I love how you tied Jake into the story. And I have to tell you how much it means to me that you are reading my posts about this past year. It means a lot, you are one of my oldest blogger friends (I often think about Hamlet, how I fell for him, how sad I was when he passed) and I care about your feedback.

  19. I had to laugh. Good thing I caught my first sentence above! I meant to say it thouched my heart.

  20. Its such a beautiful mansion, and were so glad that someone loves the mansion as much as you! You right, its needs a chance,, just like Jake!

  21. That is so cool!!!! Is Jake wearing the "help me up" harness? We are looking for harnesses for post-surgery for R, and we picked up a brochure for that one. It looks awesome for older dogs who have weaker hind ends. He sure does have a spark of life, just like Selma!

  22. How wonderful to see the mansion being loved again. Jake, you are an inspiration to all of us.


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