Thursday, October 6, 2016

Landing on Thursday

 We are cruising through the week, and have finally landed on Thursday. The end of the week is in sight.  My thanks to all of you for your kind, supportive thoughts and helping to quiet "the lady in my head."  I am still hearing her, but because of you, I'm keeping her at bay and not pouring (as much) guilt on myself because of Max.
The Holistic Vet was here earlier this morning to reassess Max and do acupuncture and cold laser therapy.  We both feel good about the plan we have put together in moving ahead with him.  A physical therapist is coming next week to see Max for massage and cold laser treatments.  We're also adding "Adequan" to his list of medications.  (Adequan is an injectable medication used to control symptoms associated with degenerative or traumatic arthritis)  Next week Max will be taken for x-rays which will tell us how the healing is progressing.  
Despite a few itchy ears, Todd and the rest of the dogs are doing pretty well.  For that I'm really grateful.

Todd is enjoying the cooler evenings and sitting in the yard watching the world go by.  I have to wonder what Todd is thinking when he's sitting there?  Is he reflecting on the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe?  Or is he simply waiting patiently for the deer to stumble out of the woods again?
Whatever Todd is thinking, I'm thinking about the new addition that may be coming on Friday via Lab Rescue.  "Bo" is ten years old, and is coming to us with several medical issues. His bloodwork is showing elevated white blood cells and a low thyroid level.  On the outside, Bo has rotten teeth, and an aural hematoma. And just like our last foster boy, Diezel, he's also blind.
Lab Rescue didn't (and probably won't) tell me exactly where he came from. However the foster home coordinator said he "came from some hell hole with 40 other dogs."  The plan is for us to only keep him until he's well enough to be neutered.  But if he's a good fit, it could be longer.  We'll see.

Finally for all of you who are and will be affected by Hurricane Matthew, please stay safe!  


  1. Great news about Max. Cold laser treatment is something yet to arrive in deepest France profonde. Everyone at the vets was mightily impressed with the Help Em Up harness.

    Well done Bo. A journey from hell to a warm caring haven ... or should that be heaven ?

  2. Hello, I am glad Max and all your furbabies are doing well. Max is so cute, love the Todd photos too. Sending a welcome hug to Bo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. That poor least he's coming to paradise after his last home. Paws crossed for Max.

  4. That Lab will be coming to the BEST ever place . . .
    Max is looking chipper and
    Todd is waiting for the train to go by . . .
    Or something like that.
    He is the SMILE in your day!

  5. Hope the next treatment works for Max - he's one very lucky boy. So glad that Bo's fortunes have finally changed, and he's coming to a place where he will be safe and have the very best of care.
    Todd looks such a cheeky chap in that one photo - what mischief is he plotting !

  6. I've been having some issues with my computer and my comment didn't go through last time. I really wanted to give some encouragement about "that lady". Of all people she should stay away from you. for all of the kindness and care you have shown to your babies. We have all seen how you have agognized over the best care for all.
    My first thought when I was reading about Bo, is poor baby, so many issues. And you didn't give a thought about it being too taxing. I feel confident that we will be reading some good healing results very soon. At the very least, he will be loved.
    Max is so precious. Glad is all back on track. And Todd, I know he keeps the whole household fun, He is the cutest personality!
    Gus' Mom

  7. We always say this to you, but bless your heart for being there for Bo and so many others. stella rose

  8. Those poor, poor dogs, so many of them. Now I'm going to tell that lady in your head to please SHUT UP, OK.

    Todd is waiting for the deer. Of course, he is.

  9. Max has a face you want to kiss, such a sweetie!
    Bo, poor thing, I think he'll like it there. Um, we'll see ;-)
    Todd is waiting for something to bark at - deer, rabbit, leave blowing in the wind ...

  10. Evening Km, you are my hero, aleays doing so much for these beautiful dogs. Pray all goes well for Max, take care,Hugs Francine.

  11. There is always something new at Golden Pines. Do you and your husband ever have a chance to rest? Max is adorable...I hope all goes well for him. Todd is your character and Bo will be very happy in your home. He needs someone like you to give him some quality in his life. Thank you for being there.

  12. Positive and healing energy sent out to Max!
    Love that photo of Todd!
    and Bo, from a Hell hole to Heaven on Earth!

  13. Ohhhh I hope Max gets better

  14. Todd is wondering how he's going to train the newbie.

  15. I hope that Max keeps improving! Adequan seems to help R a lot. I hope that it helps him too.

    I'm so glad that Bo landed with an angel like you.

  16. good luck with bo... love the shot of todd musing.

  17. Glad all is going good and glad to hear Max is doing well after surgery Miggs did very well after her surgery of the same thing 3 years ago you would never know she had surgery with the speed she runs and how she jumps about even at 7 years old now lol ! Lovely photos. As for Todd well he is probably wondering about the new friend that's coming to join you all and what mischief he can get into lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  18. LOL! i love kismet's comment. and no doubt true. :)
    bless you.
    bless you real good.
    my heart to bo. and to max. and to YOU!
    sending great love and admiration. XOXO♥

  19. Adequan helped Morgan and I'm thinking of starting Fudge on the injections.

  20. Adequan helped Morgan and I'm thinking of starting Fudge on the injections.

  21. Todd is plotting to take over the world. He has already the Ruler of Golden Pines.

    Aroo to you,

  22. Max has such an adorable face. How wonderful that Bo will now have love and security in a happy home. He looks very sweet.

  23. We have had our bouts with ear problems this summer, hopefully with the cooler weather that will subside.

  24. Praying for you all, Kim. God bless and have a blessed weekend. ♥


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