Thursday, October 27, 2016

Three O'Clock in the Morning

~The full moon around October 15th~
I was suddenly awake just after 3 o'clock in the morning by an unmistakable smell, that dog owners know.  The one that says the bag of cat food that Sunny got off the counter and was enjoyed by the other dogs wasn't agreeing with someone.  That someone was Jake.  I let him outside, and got everything cleaned up. None of the other dogs had stirred, so it was back to bed and lights out.  
~Jake, still feeling the effects of an upset stomach~
Then Todd jumped off the bed.  That always means he needs to go out, or should be let out.  He quickly came back inside.  He stood there for a moment looking at me because he was expecting a treat.  But the rule is, I don't give treats in the middle of the night.  
Silence once again as I again turned the lamp off.  A few minutes later, a whiny bark was coming from Sunny which is his signal that he needs out.  Of course I got up to let him out. Several minutes later, I was putting my shoes on to bring him back inside.  He didn't get a treat either.
~A rare smile from Sunny for the camera~
When we came back in, Charlie was awake and getting a good drink of water.  I knew to make sure he was let out.  No treat for him either....
~Charlie, still not feeling 100%~
Back to bed again but not before I noticed that it was about 3:45. From the living room I could hear the sad forlorn meow from Lucille.  I drifted back to sleep feeling badly that she was out there alone.
I was suddenly awakened by Charlie who was vomiting all the water he'd just had. Another clean up, and I decided to wash all the towels I'd used.  As everything settled down I tried to clear my mind, but couldn't help but worry about Charlie whose cough has cleared up, but he still hasn't got much of an appetite.

Then it was Josh's turn.  He was whining - His signal that he needs help getting onto his feet.   I 'd noticed that a back leg was tucked under him, and so I knew he probably needed to stand up so could stretch and get comfortable again.
Up once more after that to turn off a light I'd left on, and finally there was silence once again. Then the radio came on, signaling that it was 4:30, and time for Carl to start his day.  I'm glad he got his sleep.  I'm glad I was off today.
~A sleepy Cissy~


  1. It's really hard to get mad at them although one can get cranky with no sleep.

  2. Most people have a busy day, you seem to have turned that on it's head Kim! Seriously, I hope everyone is feeling okay by now.

  3. I can relate to this so much...there are times I feel like I may as well just not sleep at all! Hope you finally got some shut-eye! And...hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. I am glad it was your day off too! That was a rough night!

  5. Hello, what a rough night. I hope Jake is better and Charlie too. So glad you a day of rest. Cute doggies and photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. What a bad night! Hope all the upset tummies are better now and you can get a good sleep tonight - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  7. It's good for the soul. Or, that's what I tell myself at 3.30 am.

  8. That sure was a rough night. So glad to hear you had the day off so you could recover. I hope there was a nap in your day.

  9. i know this routine, just with a smaller batch of four. almost like dominoes taking their turns of disturbance. but all tended to with love.

  10. the magic words for any night nurse or mom of sick children...
    "thank goodness i have the day off today!"
    and WOW! couldn't believe my eyes!
    a full on shot of sunny and a SMILE to boot! YAYYY!
    REST. you deserve it. i prescribe at least three naps.

  11. We sometimes have a similar night. Don't you wish they could at least want to go at the same time! and we have the same rule - no treats in the middle of the night
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Not such a good night for you, but oh what a good Mom you are!!! Mom feels so blessed to have a good puppy here who not only sleeps in her crate quietly all night but keeps it dry and clean too. After many sleepless nights with Ciara, we think she must have sent us Misty as a thank you:)

    Hope you can squeeze in a nap today and all the sickies go away.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. Oh Kim, I've always envied you all your gorgeous dogs, but there are times when I'm glad that we now just have two. Hope that you are all feeling in fine fettle, ready to enjoy the weekend.

  14. Hate nights like that. Luckily, it usually only affects one dog at a time. Good idea not to give a midnight treat. I've had Dui suddenly remember a bone at 2 a.m. and want out!

  15. Oh Kim, know those nights all to well with Angels touchy tummy. Happy everyone settled down and that you had a day off.Hugs Francine.

  16. Kim although you have a lot more bodies to care for than I do, I feel your pain and loss of sleep. At least you can hopefully catch a nap!!...:)JP

  17. Before we finally got a grip on Lucy's GI problems, we were always up two or three times to let her out at night. We even had a flood light added over the door so we could flip it on when she needed to go out. (Strictly illegal in our neighborhood) But if you live in the woods you want to make certain you can see anything that might be out there.

    I cannot imagine several of them at odd intervals all night. Hope they all are better soon. And glad the weekend is here so you can rest in the day. Forget any chores you might have planned. They can wait. They always do.

  18. I hope that routine doesn't go on each night or you would be way too weary and not be able to write a post and show us your delightful "family" pics.
    Nap today??

  19. This sounds very familiar! You just have a lot more dogs. I know when Phoebe asks to go out, I'd better let her. And if she wakes up so does Little Wonder.
    No treats here in the middle of the night either! You get the best mom award!

  20. That certainly merited a blog post! What a night! I do hope you got a few hours straight through the following night?

  21. Oh my gosh,,, what a night! And was it a full moon too?

  22. this post actually makes me feel better
    and makes me realize that others share my kind of life too.
    misery loves company?
    It was liking reading about my daily/nightly events around here
    and only the names were changed.
    I'm glad you had the day off!
    (but you really never have a day off!)

  23. Life at Golden Pines has deviation from the routine.....times 10. Get some sleep, will ya? :-)

  24. Oh my goodness... I'll never complain again about Shyla's seizure nights. At least I know that I'm up for the duration when it starts. Your attitude remained so loving - especially for sweet Josh who just needed some help rearranging himself.

    That photo of Sunny is stunning!

  25. You have the patience of a Saint! That's why those dogs came into your life!

  26. I've been enjoying a little bit of that - Ramble is still in the puppy training stage, and Monty is having a yet-to-be-identified issue with needing to pee a lot! Hope you get a nap in.

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  27. Rough night, whew! They do happen, I know. I hope you got some good sleep after.

  28. Such a hectic night! Hope this week is going great ♥

  29. Sorry but I had to laugh while reading this. I've been there so many times. I've finally learned that if one wakes up and needs t go out, I let them all out because it's contagious.

    Since counter surfing is an art form in this house, we've had those overindulging episodes, too. Samba could open the pantry door and often invited the others to join her in a late snack.

  30. This post perfectly describes the dog owner's life with sick dogs. Been there. Sending healthy rottie kisses.


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