Saturday, October 22, 2016

Whatta Saturday!

Cold and windy is our forecast for the weekend. The bright sunshine is doing little to take that edge off.  All of our windows are closed, and I'm sitting here with a sweater on.
The only one who is unphased by the sudden change in weather is Todd.  His tough Scottish roots serve him well on  the chilliest of days.  
I heard from the orthopedic surgeon about Max.  He's happy with how Max is healing and wants to see him in a couple of weeks when we do the next set of x-rays.   At that time we'll decide where to go next.  It's not confirmed yet, but we're pretty positive that Max is headed towards another knee surgery.  
Feeling somewhat better this weekend is Charlie.  He is getting over a respiratory infection that brought with it a deep, dry hacking cough with some sneezing, snorting and gagging to go along with it.  When Bo came to us, he had something pretty similar but not as bad.  I called Mobile Vet who was unable to come.  But he thought as I did that given the symptoms, and because of Bo, that it's probably "kennel cough," and so he called in an antibiotic for Charlie to a pharmacy.  It seems to be working, and he's not coughing nearly as frequently as he was.
We will end the weekend with maybe saying good-bye to our foster cat, Mohawk. A phone call from the cat-director of the SPCA that a family saw Mo online and were very interested in meeting and adopting him.  I knew this was going to happen, but I just expected it later, rather than sooner. If all goes well, and he likes them, and the feeling is mutual, he'll leave and we will be welcoming a new little foster girl named Lucille on Sunday.
~Good-bye to Mohawk?~
 What a busy Saturday we're having!!

   Even though it's a little chilly, I hope you're enjoying yours, as much as Cissy (below) is!  


  1. Hello, so happy for the good news and update. Sounds like Max, Charlie and Bo are doing well. I love all the cute photos. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Your pictures cheered me as I've been down since my daughter called yesterday to say they had to say goodbye to her 16 year old mixed terrier, Bailey, that we adopted for her 14 years ago when she was fresh out of college and wanting to settle down. We went over to Albuquerque from Texas last weekend to say goodbye as we knew the time was near. We were able to sneak Bailey one last cheeseburger, which she loves so much and never was allowed to have any more for dietary reasons. She only was allowed one cheeseburger when Grammy came to town, but this time mom allowed several as her weight control was no longer an issue. Todd's face looks very much like Bailey's and I always am cheered to see him happy. Thanks for sharing your charges with us. It means the world to us sometimes.

  3. That first photo is so pretty - what a lovely setting. Seems like there is some pretty decent news coming from your way. Hope the coughing goes away and the knee keeps healing.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. You sure have a lot going on at your home this week. We are just getting through a couple days straight of rain. It's good because we have been in a drought all summer.

  5. There is always something going on at Golden Pines! It was very cold here today too, but we ended the day with a little sunshine. Over the past two days we had nearly 5 inches of rain.

  6. You sure have had a busy weekend so far! I sure hope that Charlie feels better soon. Our pups once caught kennel cough, and it was pretty awful. It really knocked them down for a little while. I hope that Charlie bounces right back like ours did.

  7. I am definitely enjoying 70s and 80s, instead of 90s.
    God bless, Kim. I hope all goes well for you and all your furry friends.

  8. Don't feel bad about being without Mohawk. He'll be fine. Instead be happy for Lucy otherwise you have some 'splainin' to do.

  9. Glad that things seem to be on the mend - we have had the kennel cough here and it is not fun
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  10. Oh Charlie ,, be sure to take your medicine!! We want you better! And Max,, we want you to heal!!

  11. How lovely all your dogs are and I hope those that are sick get well soon. You will miss your little foster cat and I hope he finds a wonderful forever home with the people who are interested in meeting him. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:)

  12. This side of the pond, there is a multi vaccine which includes kennel cough. It's usually obligatory if a dog is going to kennels.
    Good to know that things are looking good, and all the ailing dogs are on the mend.

  13. Ah yes...kennel cough hit our household over the summer and it was not fun at all. Poor Chloe was really down and out with it. Sounds like you had mostly good news with all your pups and that is GREAT!! I just read on Facebook about your foster not wanting to leave! He knows a good home when he finds one! Happy Sunday!

  14. i think this post is joyous!
    maybe an odd word to use... given the kennel cough and the new surgery possibility. but it just made me feel that all is well. golden pines is unfolding as it should. with heartbreak and joy in equal measure.
    all because of you. and silent carl! bless you darling bean! XOXO♥

  15. loved the shot of sweet charlie. good luck to mohawk!

  16. Kennel cough...yuck. We get the vaccine every year. Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

    We are mid-Spring, and it is 35°F this morning. We're--Roxy and I-- huddled next to the heaters. Crazy weather! But the scotties have been out looking for the remains of Friday's bones. They love the cold.

  17. Hi Miss Kim and critters thank you for visiting us today.
    We loved the comment about the best seat in the house is where the cat is. Mom chuckled, but I bet come supper time she will be trying to get me out of her dinner chair
    Hugs madi and Mom

  18. Your loving care to each & everyone of your charges surpasses me. take care my friend and make sure you keep that sweater on while you're having a chilly spell.

  19. Oh my, lots of stuff happening in your neck of the woods. I hope Mo finds a fantastic home that will love him like Golden Pines. Good to hear the coughing has subsided for Charlie. I love his photo of him lying down and looking with his one eye showing. And of course, Todd is my favorite. He is my Scottie hero. Good luck to Max on his next surgery.

    Aroo to you,

  20. A busy "in they come" and
    "out they go". . .
    I think kennel cough is like the human flu . . .
    Snickers had it last year, not sure where she picked it up.
    Possibly the groomers . . .

  21. Wonderful pictures. I can see why you would miss Mohawk; he's a real charmer.

  22. Love the photos. Hope Charlie is feeling better soon. Sending hugs and nose licks to all your family - love from Moth xx

  23. What a great set of photographs, each one defining each dog's personality so well. Poor Charlie looks just like a kid who doesn't feel well. Our Lucy got kennel cough once just before we planned to go on vacation. She got it at the veterinarian office on a routine physical visit! From our vet's own dog! He was most apologetic and did not know at the time his dog was infected. But we had to cancel our trip since Lucy could not be around other dogs. Fortunately she had a very mild cough since she got the immunization every year. And Ellie did not catch it.

  24. So glad Max is on the mend. A dog with two bad knees is certainly not 'low maintenance '!

  25. I don't know how you do it
    but I'm glad you do.
    I get attached too easily and my heart couldn't take letting some of them go on to new homes but I admire how you are able to help so many.
    Love that Todd and glad to read he's enjoying the weather.
    Positive thoughts for Max.
    I must admit, that Charlie really gets to me. Something about his face. I'm in love.
    Mohawk IS adorable and not surprised that someone wants to adopt him.
    Cissy cracks me up. Too cute!
    (and thank you for your comment, that meant the world to me! xo)


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