Sunday, February 12, 2017


It's Sunday, and we are ending what was a good but very busy last week at our house.
For a co-worker, I baked her favorite, a coca-cola cake for her birthday. It's one of my favorite cakes as well.  It has a boiled frosting that sets up like fudge on top of a warm cake. Talk about heaven.  And if you need a reason to make a cake, it can be made using just one bowl, one small saucepan and a measuring cup. An easy clean-up is always a big selling point for me when baking!  Click here for the recipe....
This past week we said good-bye to not one, but both of our foster cats for the SPCA.  Both Mo and Lucille found their forever homes.  They will be missed!  For the first time in over a year, we are foster-catless.  But the "cat-coordinator" assured me that with kitten season approaching, soon enough there will be other felines that need a place to go, and a Scottie to chase them.
~Mo, at Christmas~
On the canine side, Max continues to recover.  We're now at the point in his recovery where we are able to extend the distance of his short walks.  He couldn't be happier about it.  Under that silly-fluffy-dog-exterior (that really needs to be groomed!) is a stubborn boy that has become quite the escape artist and he lets us know pretty clearly that he's tired of being confined.
~Max, plotting his next escape?~
After three weeks, Bella went back to her home.  Her owners, Dick and Judy thoroughly enjoyed their cruise of the Panama Canal. But both were happy to be reunited with their girl!
When foster dogs that have been adopted come to stay with us, I never take money from the family for their stay.  But both Dick and Judy were insistent that there be some sort of payment. So, on Bella's return-road-trip home, Eva came along.  I wanted them to meet her and ask that they make a donation to the rescue for her vet care.  Of course they enjoyed meeting Eva and I was really pleased when they told me they'd sent in a check for $750. to be earmarked for her continued care.  
Eva, my co-pilot
With twelve-less-legs at our house, the week ended with a string of warm days that have given us plenty of outside time to stretch...
shake out some of the cobwebs...
 let the sun get in our eyes...
and just sit for a few minutes...
before moving onto whatever comes next.  
Dare I ask what comes next?


  1. Hello, I am so happy for the kitties. I hope they love their new homes. Sounds like Max is doing well, he is a sweetie. I love all your cute dogs. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!

  2. What a wonderful gesture from Bella's owners, so good that Eva will be the recipient of their generosity.
    Glad that the cats have found forever homes - Charlie will be quite lonely for a while - until the next little bundles of fur come calling !
    At least you know where Max is whilst he's been confined to quarters !

  3. Going (to forever) home. What wonderful words those are!

  4. So happy your kitty friends found forever homes. Wishing you all another great week.

  5. I love your site . . .
    and look forward to your stories . . .
    "Twelve legs less" had me wondering at first!
    Happy the "12 less" had some happy in it.
    Happy also that your friends "gifted" toward Eva . . .
    Love the picture of your "side kick co-pilot!"
    Lotsa LOVE and CARING happening in your world . . .
    You are the best!

  6. There is never a shortage of kitties looking for permanent places, unfortunately.

  7. What a very generous donation made for Eva's care. Sounds like this was a very good week for Golden Pines.

  8. Your cake looks yummy! I think you have lot of time to spend with all of them. All looks smart and healthy.

  9. It must seem a bit quieter in your house today but even 12 legs down leaves quite a few legs left. I hope you have a peaceful week to come.


  10. bella's smile! always a given.
    and a portrait of sunny! when does THAT ever happen? trust thy name is kim!
    and what wonderful people are dick and judy to give for eva. that gentlest of side kicks.
    and the thought crossed my mind that it's a good thing maybe that sophie and max can't email each other. she would have some ideas of how to avoid confinement! LOL!
    and todd's little behind and charlie in the sun. to miss his lucky kitties until the next ones.
    ohmygosh. this post. what is not to love. XOXOXO♥

  11. I imagine the house seems a tad empty now with Bella and the kittens gone. Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy!

  12. I thought every day was kitten season. Glad your kittens found their fur every home. Todd has a cite tushie. I didn't say that mom did.

    Aroo to you,

  13. Lovely photos . Oh I am pleased all is well there and kitties found forever homes . Great idea to donate the money to help towards care I would do the same thing . Nice to see all are enjoying a stretch of nice weather . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  14. Very nice post and so happy things are going good on your end of the country.

  15. Dick and Judy, so generous, and I'm sure so thankful for a happy stay for Bella, Kitties to their new homes, a gap , but happy days when with you. And all the others, they look like some sunshine is what they are lapping up right now.

  16. Poor Max has been so patient. I'm sure he's dying to test out those leg repairs.

  17. Sometimes it's better to just enjoy the moment and not think of what comes next. Weather looks beautiful. So happy the kitties have homes.

  18. Well done Max. We're at the 'I want to leap and run' stage. After another couple of weeks it should be plain, but careful, sailing.

  19. A wonderful, happy post. So glad for you all. ^_^
    Hope you all have a blessed week. ♥

  20. So many wonderful things happening in this post! Have a wonderful next week!

  21. Those are some good reasons to be 12 -less-legs:) Good for the kitties. And oh, you found some wonderful folks in Bella's new parents. We are so happy for Eva. And Max, hang in there, can't be too much longer.

    Have a good week.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  22. Dick and Judy remind me that the WHOLE world is not 'going to hell in a hand basket!'

  23. Wow! What an amazingly generous donation. Hugs to everyone!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  24. I'll miss Lucille and Mo but wish them all the best in their new homes. All dogs are beautiful but Eva is especially pretty.

  25. It brought tears to my eyes that Bella's parents wanted to so generously help care for Eva. I'm so glad that they appreciate all that you do for dogs, including their Bella and sweet Eva who needs you so much.

    I'm happy for your cats - finding forever homes must be like hitting the jackpot.

  26. Its all such good news Kim! And so busy at Golden Pines

  27. Such a generous gesture from Bella's parents! I am so glad that Eva will be able to get her care. I just love all of your happy photos! Good to see the sunshine! I always wave as we drive through Virginia on our way South...and I just cannot wait to see some sunshine...these grey skies are driving me absolutely nuts this year!

  28. Oh...wanted to tell you that I think this is the same recipe of Coca Cola cake that Cracker Barrel serves! It is one of my most favorite desserts so thank you for the recipe!!

  29. Hello. How sweet of Bella's parents, love the gesture Kim...the cake sounds so yummy, a must try I thinkHugs Francine.


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