Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Report Cards

A snow day for me today as a Nor'easter moved up the East Coast.  We continue to feel the effects here at our house in the form of high-gusty winds and wind chills in the teens. Never complaining about the weather is Todd.  I did put a coat on him this morning so he could stay outside a little longer than the rest of us.
Speaking of wind, it has been a bit of a whirlwind for the dogs since my last post. Our last week ended with Eva and what I'm sure was probably with the help of Todd, "making dead" a poor rabbit that somehow got into our yard.  In the nearly 10 years we've lived here, aside from the moles, only one other critter has found its way into the fenced part of our yard. In the early morning darkness, I thought that Eva had a towel when she was doing a very proud "look-at-me, look-what I've got, woo-hoo!!!" prance and dance around the yard with Todd in hot pursuit.  Poor bunny.  Poor me for having to get it away from her - Eva didn't give it up easily, not even with a bribe of treats could convince her - I had to pry it out of her mouth.  I buried it in our woods.
~Hunting partners - Todd and Eva~
Mobile Vet came to meet Bo and do an exam on Friday.  He received a good report.  Mobile Vet did confirm something that we already knew, and that's that Bo hears very little if at all.  This now has me doing a bit of research to try and find things to get him engaged in life, and to help stimulate his senses.  Any thoughts you have, I'd be interested in hearing.  
Josh also had an exam.  My concerns remain about his arthritis and being able to get up on his own, which he can't do very well.  He is on as high of dose of supplements and medications as he can be, so there's not much more we can do. But he's happy, and part of the activity of the day and that's what matters.
Also receiving a good report card was Cissy.
Finally - Receiving a good report card is our snow day.  A lazy day at home with no worries or pressure to be anywhere is my favorite way to spend a winter day!


  1. Oh my .... what beautiful photos and all the reports sound mostly good considering. Poor bunny!! But that's nature I guess. You did well to get it from her. Our Charlie once got a rat and there was no way I could catch him to get it from him. He ate it and I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't look at him for hours.

  2. Happy to hear you had a snow day! Sorry about the bunny, but that stuff happens, I know. Nice to see that the dogs had a good time out in that fluffy white stuff.

  3. Our bunnies are warned before the dogs are let loose.

  4. So much news. Glad everyone had a good, easy snow day. We don't hear much about Cissy, which can be a good thing, meaning of course, she is doing well. She has been with you for some time. Wonderful.
    I hate to hear about Josh's arthritis. He seemed to do so well for so long. Was it he and Sheba that liked to play with the green frisbee? Glad to know he has that helping hand so he can enjoy the gang.
    Hope you enjoyed some cold weather comfort food today!
    Gus' Mom

  5. A really good exam result for everyone. I am sorry I have no suggestions for helping Bo, other than maybe anything bright, with a smell, aniseed? peppermint? I am sure other doggie owners will have some good ideas. Stay warm and safe with all that snow.

  6. Poor rabbit, but Eva is a Golden Retriever, and it's not actually specified what she will retrieve ! Good to know that all is well with the "family". Todd looks so smart in his red coat, and Cissy's fur looks just right for the sort of weather you're having, but I think that the cat has the right idea ! It's such a pity that Bo has very poor hearing, but I wonder if he can hear his food bowl being filled, no matter where he is ! Our deaf Lab always could.

  7. a report card sigh of relief! so glad for the good news for the most part.
    except for the tragic little bunny. we forget that the basic instinct of the wolf is still there i guess. when you look at those beautiful innocent little faces ... it's hard to think of them doing that!
    i like the new springtime banner at the top.
    and little mo... "home and comfy" at last. again! LOL

  8. Hello, congrats on the good exams and report card. Sorry about the bunny. Todd looks cute in his coat. Snowy days are great.
    Hugs for all your furbabies.

  9. Beautiful photos and some great news on most of those report cards. Sad about the bunny :-( Maybe some fun scent trails for Bo when the snow has cleared a bit? Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  10. A good report makes for a good day.

    The storm was not wanted but was not as bad as it was predicted to be for us. Of course, we stayed off the roads which were terrible. Auto body shops are doing well today.

  11. Sorry about the bunny but overall a great report
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Rabbits don't stand much of a chance in our yard either. Glad to hear all the good reports from the vet.

  13. I loved seeing Todd out and about in his jacket! He makes me happy to be alive just seeing his enjoyment in life. Glad the others are doing well too.

  14. How about that snow! Looks like all of your critters are doing well.

  15. Isn't Cissy looking very pretty? And Todd in his red and blue coat cuts a very smart figure. Is that Mo looking very much AT HOME on the comforter? What a little character, They all look so happy.

  16. Good reports are always welcome:) Now about that rabbit, we would love to know how you keep the critters out. Those pesky rabbits and squirrels are always managing to invade our kingdom. One time a few years ago Lightning very proudly brought his bunny catch inside for Mom to freak out about:(

    We wish we had gotten even a fraction of that snow here.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  17. Lovely photos . Oh the things dogs get into lol ! poor bunny never had chance , Miggs has been right on top of the bunnies at full speed but thankfully never caught one but squirrels well that's a different story when she catches them all she does is roll them about and gives them a bath and they leave soaked to the bone and woozy lol ! I am glad to hear all the reports are good and all are doing ok I feel for poor Josh with his Arthur's thought as I myself suffer from it I cant imagine what it must be for him . I have heard and take it myself for my arthritis that Turmeric the natural spice is great for arthritis and inflammatory pain can be given to dogs for this purpose , maybe your naturalist/ herbal vet can give you advise , I myself have tryed every drug on the market and this spice mixed with my food has been the only thing that works and to help him up also try a physical therapy harness so you can help him up better , just a few suggestions hope these ideas can work for you and him . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  18. A snow day! What a wonderful treat. As for Bo, we had an almost completely deaf Lab, and we found a few tips. As we approached him while he lay sleeping on the floor, we stomped our feet so that he'd feel the vibrations and not be startled by our arrival. We also tried a "vibration collar" for his off-leash time (but it could even be used around the house). The collar would vibrate when we hit a button, and we trained him to look for us when he felt that vibration. Of course, he got a treat for looking for us!

    I'm glad for everyone else's good report cards and I'm glad that Josh is happy despite the arthritis.

  19. Be safe and enjoy that snow . . .
    Good report cards for the family . . .
    It's because of your great care!
    Happy St Patrick's Day . . .

  20. So glad to hear of all the good report cards! I feel bad for the bunny...I think I might have freaked out a little...although I did pry a chipmunk out of Chloe's mouth one time...but he was ok! Scared to death, but ok! We got a couple feet of snow and the wind was unbelievable! It took my husband almost four hours to snow blow the driveway today. He is not looking forward to more snow. Todd looks so cute in his coat!!


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