Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Arrivals Settle In

I've been mentioning that we are in the midst of changes at our house, and the last of our changes (for now at least) arrived this past Sunday.

~On our road one day~
It all began last week when I was more than a little surprised by a visit from my oldest brother that lives nearly 900 miles (about 1450 kilometers) from me.  I had no idea that he was coming until he was nearly here. Oldest Brother is great fun, and he spent a couple of days with us, and then we were off on a road-trip to Kentucky.

Our trip to Kentucky was to help our youngest brother pack up all of his things to move here to Virginia.  Youngest Brother had been living alone (with Tubby the cat) in a small apartment since the passing of another brother and the sale of our parents home two years ago. With no one to rely on if needed in Kentucky, and with encouragement from myself, Oldest Brother, and Retired Brother, (who also lives here in Virginia), he decided to listen to his siblings, take a chance and come here.
~Packing up for the next chapter~ 
We have more than enough room, and with his new job not that far from us, he'll live with us for now.  Even though Youngest Brother is almost 15 years younger than me, we have always been close,  He and Carl get along really well too, which is why he's spent many vacations, etc., with us over the years.  My brothers and I, and of course Youngest Brother all agree that for him, living near family has more benefits than living alone more than 500 miles away.
~A stop on our way back to Virginia~
On the flip-side, there's our new arrival, Molly.  She's getting along very well with her new pack-mates, and is settling into her new routine.  I've taken to calling her "Molly Mouse" because of her smaller size, and because she's so quiet. I often find myself looking for her.  Outside, there are tail wags and she happily follows me around the yard. Her shyness is still evident, especially around Youngest Brother and Carl.  I have to wonder what her relationship has been with men that has made her hesitant and reluctant to be around them. Whatever has happened to make her feel that way, I'm hopeful we can figure it all out as we get to know this sweet little girl.


  1. I'm sure the extra pair of hands will be welcome for all the anipals. Who doesn't want more pets and loving?

  2. Given time, Molly Mouse transforms into Molly Moose.

  3. This sounds like a good move for your brother and your family.

  4. a larger sized home, with a room to spare ( so to speak ) and the love, care and support from the family are all going to make this the right move for all.And with Tubby already established, that high perch to observe all goings on, youngest brother will be assured of love and more.Your heart is filled with love, and generosity.

  5. Big changes at your house. We're sure all the newcomers...we're including Youngest Brother's cat will settle down.

    Oh, and love those east coast mountains!

  6. Sometimes it's just that the dog has never been around men, especially in those crucial first 16 weeks of puppyhood.

    Is she a permanent resident? :) I kind of hope so, she's so sweet!

  7. Glad to hear that everyone is starting to settle in. I hope the arrangement works well and you all become one big happy family. Molly is such a doll. I hope Todd is accepting of another man in the house. Tubby could probably care less as he sits upon his high perch surveying his hew kingdom.

  8. How nice to have more family around. Hope Molly settles in soon.

  9. It is good to be near family and Molly looks like a doll!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Molly Mouse looks so happy now.
    We had to do that with our 2 youngest. They had stayed behind when we moved, and through our oldest - who also lives in NC - found out that both had lost their jobs.
    One now has a part time job that he loves, and is on VA disability.
    The youngest is on disability also, and may never have a job again.
    I am glad to hear youngest brother already has a job lined up. That, and family, will make the difference.
    You all have a blessed weekend, Kim.

  11. Happy "settling in" . . . for youngest brother, sounds like a good plan . . .
    On another note, It does make one wonder about Molly's previous life . . .
    Happy she can be with you.

  12. I'm glad your brother will be close to you now and that Molly is settling in. What a lovely smile she has.

  13. You sure have had a lot of change recently. You are opening a new chapter, and I hope that it will be fun. Molly looks like such a sweetie. I'm so glad that she's with you and getting to know the whole pack.

    With my shy Shyla, the biggest key with men was to ask them to never look at her - and their seeming indifference to her gave her the courage to approach. You have tons and tons of experience with introducing new dogs to people and other dogs so I'm tossing this idea out thinking that you probably know how to handle waaaaay better than I do :)

  14. oh darling bean. i'm so happy for you.
    you know what my brother ... the marine ... means to me!
    this is a wonderful post in every way.
    and molly mouse it is! I LOVE THAT! XOXO♥

  15. Molly does look a happy girl - she has the sweetest face.
    Hope that your brother settles in as well, and as happily, as all your four legged family !

  16. Enjoyed your post about your family, but human and almost human. Wondering how Todd is taking to your brother and wondering if he is still trying to prove to Molly that he's The Man.

  17. So glad that Molly is settling in. I hadn't thought of her as on the small side. She has such a pretty face. How great that your brother will be so close. Sounds like a wonderful plan.

  18. Glad to hear all your siblings are now in the same state and not as far especially the younger living with you and your clan , being closer to family makes it all so much better for family gatherings and what not . Also glad to hear Molly is doing well and all are getting along . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  19. That is so nice for you all, to have your family closer. Molly Mouse looks very sweet :)

  20. Great picture of Molly smiling! She will get used to Carl and younger brother, because they will show her love and goldens always respond to tlc.
    I think it is wonderful that younger brother is staying with you for awhile. I know you are enjoying it and KNOW the dogs love it.
    Have a wonderful week and take good care of yourself,
    Gus' Mom

  21. Big changes there, big changes. I'm glad Molly is settling in. If anyone can win her over, it will be Carl. :-)


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