Thursday, October 5, 2017

On Our Ear!

We are officially a house hold that has been turned onto its ear!  All week long, I've gotten up about a half hour early to walk and try to wear out Simba before going to work and played with him when I've gotten home.  Its all gone pretty well as we get to know Simba as he settles into his new routine.  He likes the other dogs, and while some of the tempers are a little short with the kid, Simba takes the hint to leave them alone. 
~Simba taking a hint from Charlie!~
My friend that I'd hoped would take Simba has decided not to.  We've been friends for more than 10 years, and I respect and understand that she would like a dog that's a bit more grown up, instead of a boy like Simba who has just barely turned a year old.
Last evening Simba got to meet "Couple #2".  They live on a farm with more than 20 acres and the husband telecommutes from home.  He loves to hike the Appalachian Trail and he would like Simba to go with him. I know Simba would enjoy doing that. The only problem with Couple #2 is that they have free-range chickens.  Simba would have to learn to co-exist with them.  This could be a problem for the dog that has been chasing our cat.  So, Couple #2 is going out of town this coming week and when they return, we'll figure out a time to get together to see how Simba and the chickens get along.

The other newcomer to our household,  Rhett, is doing pretty well.
Unfortunately he did have a seizure on Sunday evening.  I have to admit, that I feel I may be partly to blame for it. I knew that rosemary extract found in dog (and cat) foods, can cause seizures. And I kept forgetting to check the ingredient list of the food I was giving him.  Sure enough, there is rosemary extract.  It's also in the treats that he's been getting.  On both lists, it is the next to the last ingredient, so there may not be much in the food or the treats.  However, I'm not taking any chances, and I've found another good quality food and treats without it.

It goes without saying that Todd and the other dogs don't care about rosemary in their food. But they all like Rhett and so I've no doubt that they are all more than willing to take any of those treats that he can't have.


  1. I wonder, is Simba the youngest to come to your home? He looks so loving, and maybe he will adjust to the chickens. Meantime, he is so loved and cared for.

  2. Oh Simba has so much energy, I hope he works out with couple 2.

  3. Thank you for making me aware of Rosemary Extract and the impact it can have. I had no idea.

  4. I think he would do well with a young family, children have the energy to wear him down, and him them :)
    Here's hoping you find his forever home.

  5. Hopefully the chickens and Simba can survive together. That possible home sounds like it would be a good fit otherwise. Always something!

  6. With 20+ acres, hopefully Couple Number Two concrete a separate space for Simba and the Chickens. Paws crossed!

  7. Kaci and Kali are very interested in rosemary. Our plant has a rabbit's nest in it and that may have something to do with it.

  8. We hope Simba does well with the chickens. It sounds like you've had your hands full this week.

  9. Sorry Rhett had a seizure. Why do the mfg put rosemary in anyway? I know I can't handle rosemary myself, it makes my BP go up. I can only hope that Simba leaves the chickens alone ... He does sound a bit like Jill though ...
    Todd will sure like the treats, haha.
    Take care now.

  10. Simba sounds like a handful! I have no doubt that you'll find a great home for him.

    We have faced the rosemary thing too. So many foods and treats have rosemary in them. And, watch out - without any fanfare, we had one kind of kibble suddenly add rosemary to their ingredients. So now I check whenever we get new food. Don't beat yourself up. You're doing the best that you can! And, Rhett has had a lot of changes in the past couple of weeks so who knows what really caused his seizure.

    Hang in there - I'm sure that Simba is a handful but he is so grateful to you for helping him!

  11. Hello, Sounds like Simba is full of energy. He is still a pup. Sorry about Rhett's seizure. I had no idea that rosemary would be in dog food. I wish everyone there a happy day and weekend.

  12. Having an adolescent in the house can tire everyone. It can also add some spring to some of the older dogs.

    I hadn't thought about rosemary in the food. I'm going to check Mackey's food today.

  13. It must be a constant busy, education, learning at Life At Golden Pines.
    Hope there are no more seizures . . .
    Suffering for Rhett is sad, I imagine the other dogs think so too.
    Thank goodness Todd is around for some spice and fun!

  14. Sorry that home #1 did not work out but we can understand. There is a older lady in one of our classes that has a young border collie. Her older one had passed away and she forgot or did not expect that a young one would have a lot of energy. She is having a hard time
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. We know the right home will come along for Simba, and you will be sure that is the one he goes to.

    We had to deal with the whole rosemary thing with our Angel Ciara too. It amazed Mom how many treats had rosemary extract in them. And of course, it may not have been the rosemary at all. It isn't a trigger for all dogs with seizures.

    Hope the weekend goes well for you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. I can't imagine what it must be like to add a dog with so much puppy personality to a house full of seniors.

  17. We're sure Simba's family is out there. We can see the problems with homing an adolescent dog. They are at their most trying then....and chickens are meant for chasing aren't they...

  18. That's a great picture of Simba with Charlie. He's one energetic pup! I'm hoping that just the right home will happen soon for Simba and that dear Rhett won't experience more seizures.

  19. Gosh what a great job you do with all your fur family!
    It's a shame about Simba but I'm sure he'll find the perfect place!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

  20. Never knew about Rosemary extract. We have huge bushes of the stuff along the drive. The rosemary grows four feet high and flowers long, long after the lavender is finished. It goes without saying it is eaten with no side effects. Good luck with the chickens. If you have a young dog you have to be prepared for wild enthusiasm and excitement !

  21. A pup full of life, like Simba, must be something of a challenge. I do hope he finds his forever home, and learns to live with the free range chickens. Difficult to know how to teach him not to chase them.
    Good to hear that you've found the right food for Rhett and he's recovering well.

  22. Simba is an adorable dog I hope he finds a good home with lots of room to roam. I hope the chickens work out, it sounds like a good place for him.

  23. The perfect home will come.. for Simba!


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