Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Cold Threshold

Happy New Year Blogging Friends!
We start our new year in a deep freeze.  While most of the East Coast is getting clobbered with snow, we are on the very fringe of the latest storm, getting the high winds and very cold temps. As you know, we all have a different cold threshold or a temperature where it's just too cold for us.  I’ve decided that my "comfort threshold" for my Virginia bones needs to be somewhere (anywhere?) south of 20 degrees. I am cold!!
~Rhett again!~
There's not really a threshold for the dogs.  Most of them don't mind being outside.  They all enjoy sniffing the cold air. capturing those magical scents evaluating and distinguishing information.
~Rhett a THIRD time!~ 
Or maybe just having a little bit of fun too.
~Rhett & Max~
Todd for once is not spending much time outside either. Not that I'm letting him. But he is coming right in when he's called.
Making me think even he's happy to be inside where it's warm!
Local schools are closed again tomorrow because of the cold temps that are supposed to go even lower this weekend, making Virginia feel more like Alaska. So if you're in the path of  the 'Bomb Cyclone' winter storm, I hope you are safe and warm!


  1. Just plain old cold here. Jill isn't usually chased inside by the cold, but lately with it this cold, she goes outside and comes right back in. That wind sure is bent on whistling up our backsides!
    Stay warm, Kim!

  2. Max,you blend right in with the colour of snow. and Rhett, what a guy to be out there playing.Kim, hope you have power, heat, and are snug and safe at home.

  3. It must be cold if Todd doesn't linger outside, but who's going to see off all those pesky deer?
    Rhett has a very nice line in happy hats !
    It was a very balmy 24ºC here yesterday and more of the same today, so for a few days Spain is delivering good weather, but it's not forecast to last.

  4. Hello, all the furbabies are so cute. It is too cold to stay outside for too long. Does Max have a new "do"? Stay warm and safe. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Adorable picture! Not the case here in Atlanta - none of my dogs want to go out AT ALL, LOL. Even the cat, who loves to roam, goes to the door, sticks the tip of her nose out, then runs back in. SO cold! Today I have to get out to run errands, though :(

  6. Brrrrrrrrr . . . all over the place . . .
    We have SNOW to go with it.
    Non stop for days.
    Rhett seems to love it.
    Our Snickers is like Todd . . .
    Out . . , In . . .
    Happy NEW YEAR Kim . . .

  7. We are shivering here too. It's so cold the pups have to wear booties when they go outside and they aren't too happy about it.

  8. It actually dips below 50 here at night. The "seasonal residents" from Canada still wear short pants.

  9. It was -40 this morning. Hailey lasted 30 seconds, Phod a few minutes. It is too cold!

  10. Wow that sounds very cold. I would not want to go outside! Love the photos :-) Stay snug and warm indoors. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  11. Mom was born and raised in New England and spent 37 years there. You would think her threshold for the cold would be pretty low, but NOPE, she says anything below 50 is too cold for her old bones:) Guess we might need to move out of Kansas where we have been well below 20 for days now!!! We, on the other hand, are loving every bit of this cold:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. SHE doesn't like those VA temps when they get down to 32° stay warm. 6:15 a.m. this morning and already 80°F. going to be a stinker of a weekend.

  13. Minus 25 degrees with the windchill this morning! Not my favorite! Stay warm....

  14. We have not been as cold as last winter but we are not liking the cold anyway. Hope you all stay warm!
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. I liked it better when it was just a Nor'easter. I know what that is.
    Either way, be safe, stay warm, and God bless you all, Kim.
    A blessed New Year to you all. :-)

  16. wonderful pictures as always of your crew.
    stay safe and warm. surely people's teeth can wait!! ♥

  17. I'm glad that your dogs are enjoying it. Rhett looks happy even out in the cold. Has Todd suddenly developed some common sense? Say it ain't so!!!

    I hope that you all stay warm and cozy.

  18. We like playing in snow and we don't really mind the cold, but today we're getting freezing rain and nobody likes that.

  19. We were under a Extreme cold warning here it had been so cold for a week but now the temps are slowly rising for the week ahead , Our Miggs is down and out as she has ripped her ligaments in her left leg and needs to have surgery so our in and out is brief just to do her business we really are missing our walks, it will take 6 to 8 weeks of recovery for her at least this time it isn't the knee and ligaments like she did 6 years ago to the right leg . Lovely photos , hope it warms up a bit for you all , I am looking forward to spring now I am done with winter . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week.

  20. Hope you're all able to stay warm and get through this recent bout with cold. Todd is such a rascal, I love when you post photos of him.

  21. Oh my gosh,, its so cold in your world! I hope soon the weather will change some for the better for all of you! Everyone does look happy! I hope your home is warm inside!
    Happy New Year

  22. Happy new year, friends. Stay warm!


  23. We have been FREEZING here in Upstate NY! The dogs have to wear boots! Their little feet freeze to the was almost 30 below one night! Stay Warm!


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