Sunday, January 21, 2018

Thursday - Friday - Hello Lucky!

It was non-stop last week. By Thursday, things typically start to slow down for us, but it didn't. I was at the vet on Thursday with Jameson for a pre-adoption check up.  He got a good report from the vet, and this coming week, he'll be available for adoption through the rescue. We are enjoying having him here, and I look forward to helping him find his way to his new forever home.
Sad news came on Friday afternoon as I was leaving work when I heard from the family that adopted Kingston from us, via Lab Rescue in August.  He has made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge after 5 short months with them.  I am truly heartbroken that they didn't have more time with him. But they felt, as do I, immense gratitude for the time they had him as part of their family. We have lit our candle to help him find his way and wish him god-speed until we see him again.
~Kingston on the day we met in June 2017~
The day didn't end there and it was Eva's turn at the vet. Kingston was lost because of total renal failure. We've been struggling to keep Eva's kidney's disease from progressing, so his loss reminds me to remain determined to do all we can for her. When these test results are returned, Eva will be seeing the holistic vet who will come up with a treatment plan for her.
~Eva on her way home from the Vet~
As we rounded the corner to Saturday there was no time to slow down.  It brought another unexpected and unplanned arrival from Lab Rescue. We have welcomed a 13 year old boy named Lucky.
In November his owner had to enter a care facility and passed away in December. It's unknown where Lucky was during that time, but he ended up at a local shelter.  A kind shelter worker opened her home to Lucky during the holidays, and Lab Rescue was contacted. He's been moved several times since then, and this coming Saturday Lucky is supposed to meet what **might be** his new family. 

He panted and paced much of yesterday and last night as well and wouldn't eat or drink as he tried to find his place. So, we set up a crate for him this morning, and he settled down and slept much of the day.  The rest really helped and Lucky ate a small meal and drank water this evening and seems brighter and content. So now I am waiting to see a tail wag, just to be sure.


  1. So hard to see them lost after finally finding a home. You are a blessed person for the care you give these special souls.

  2. I can imagine how confused Lucky is, to lose his people at that age and try to adjust to new places.
    Sorry to hear about Kingston. :(
    Here's hoping Eva can be sorted out.

  3. It is a revolving door there.

  4. So sad about Kingston. Paws crossed Lucky finds his forever family soon. He must be so confused.

  5. Such sad news about Kingston, but his last few months with you, and in his forever home, were happy. Condolences to you, and his forever family.
    Lucky is a lucky boy - he's landed in the best possible place !

  6. So sorry at your news. Lucky is now very lucky to be at golden pines :)

  7. Life changes so quickly, for us and all our so loved dogs or cats or horses, and for those with you, or their next family, the love and care they receive is beyond measure. Kingston, safe journey, Eva, let that love keep you each day, Jameson, maybe a new home,and Lucky, you will be so confused, let there be love and peace all round. Sending a whole sackful of love to you Kim too.As I guess the doggie biscuits come in huge sacks, that was the best container I could find.

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  9. Well done Jameson on your good report card, i'm looking forward to seeing you here soon.
    So sad Kingston didn't have longer with his new peeps, they must be heartbroken, big hugs to them.
    Paws crossed for Eva and a great treatment plan
    And Lucky, can't wait to hear you've got the tail working on wagging again!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Did I furget to send a big HUG to you Mom Kim fur being such a wonderful Mom to these furbabies?

  10. such wonderful faces.
    sending love to you and all your crew. ♥

  11. You sure have a lot going on at your home. I hope sweet Lucky can finally find some luck and land in a new home soon. He seems a bit upset by all the moving around recently. It can't be easy to loose your human after so long together.

  12. No slow down for sure. You are always there when a pup needs you. Thank you for the 1000th time!

  13. Hello and welcome to Lucky! I am happy to hear Jameson had a good report, keeping good wishes and prayers for all the sweet furbabies. It is a happy feeling to see a tail wagging. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  14. Poor Lucky, he has probably had a very upsetting few months but hopefully his name will become a reality.

  15. So sorry to hear about Kingston, but we are glad he had a few months with a loving family. All the best to Eva and Jameson. And sweet Lucky - that must have been a lot of unsettling changes for him. Maybe he is better now that he is with you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. Lucky's sure been through the wringer but has landed in a lovely place with you. I'm sure once he's had a chance to chill a bit that he'll relax and start wagging.

  17. Tender mixture of emotions . . .
    As I have said before, not sure how you do it . . .
    I hope Lucky will be ok, I can’t imagine how lost he must have been . . .
    How sweet he can be with you for a bit . . .

  18. Were so sorry Kim,, that more sadness has come to some of those furrys who used to be at Golden Pines
    Kingston did feel love and have a home. but not long enough.
    Your trying so hard to help all of them.. and I know its breaking your heart.
    Were sending good thoughts for Eva,, and for Lucky,, and for all the furries,, and you and Carl.

  19. I am so sorry to hear about Kingston..but glad that his last days were happy and loving. It is very sad for Lucky to be uprooted at this stage of his confused he must be. Poor guy. I sure hope this works out well for him. Blessings to you for all you do for these beautiful pups.

  20. Oh, my heart broke for Kingston and his family. He reminded me so much of our Lab, S. I wish that he'd had more time with his own loving family.

    Eva is lucky to have you. And, Lucky is extremely lucky to have you. You are tireless in helping these forgotten dogs, who are no longer forgotten when they get to your home. They are "home" for as long as they need you. Once again, Kim, I thank you for your endless love and energy to help so many dogs.


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