Thursday, April 12, 2018

Staying for Now

~A sure sign of spring at the local Southern States~ 
Clouds and cold may be finally giving way to warm, bright sun. It'll hopefully come just in time as Charlie is at the groomers today, getting his much needed spring 'do.
I have chatted a few more times with the Retired Man who adopted Jameson.  It was so good to hear that he's decided to stick with Jameson and work through the issues he's having when he's on lead. A friend from the rescue suggested that the more time they spent together, the more Retired Man would become committed to Jameson. It appears that she was right and I continue to hope that'll be the case.
This brings me to the newest arrival, Kirsten.  She's settled in really nicely, and has not been a moment of trouble. She's a little timid, but a very gentle and quiet little thing (she's 30 pounds). She's like a little ghost as she follows us all over the house, always watching what we're doing, never imposing herself into anything, but keeping her distance until we acknowledge her.  You cannot help but like her.  This is why I told the foster home coordinator from the rescue that we would love to foster her.  The uncertainty about her left eye means that she'll need to see an opthamologist.  And since there is a specialty vet-care center nearby where she could be taken, it just seems to make sense to have her stay with us for now.
~Kirsten, all settled in~
Continuing to stay with us is for now is Misty.  Still no one in particular is interested in her. I've been asked twice from a couple of people at Lab Rescue about our adopting her. While I think Misty is the total senior dog package, right now, I think they need to keep promoting her, and trying to find a new home for her. 

After all, I can't keep them all - Can I?


  1. That's what I thought when the rescue suggested you keep Misty. You have a LOT of happy dogs! If they wanted to throw a small stipend your way...

    Glad to hear that Kirsten is fitting in well and that Jameson and Retired Man are doing well, too.

    God bless.

  2. Yup, we all would love to have them all.

  3. It's a tough decision. I know I would have trouble with wanting to keep them all.

  4. I am glad to hear all are doing well . If we could afford the vet bills for more doggies we would have more that's for sure , I don't think I could foster dogs I would get to attached to each and every one of them . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  5. Always love coming and reading about what's going on with your pack of pets. Hoping everyone stays well and the retired man works out for Jameson.

  6. Misty says you don't have to keep them all, just her! Kirsten is a sweetheart too. I'm with LindaG, it would be nice if the rescue group helped with the costs.

  7. Kirsten and Misty are so lucky to have you! They are adorable. Good news on the Jameson front as well. And, well, you COULD keep just one or two more, right?

  8. If you could keep them all . . . I think you just might!
    Loved the pictures!

  9. Looking into the senior face of Misty I could not say no to keeping her. But then again Kirsten would be a must have also, so many dogs, so much love, so little time.
    Bless you for all you do and there will come a time when I am sure our good Lord will bless you in a very special way.

  10. Such sweet faces! Glad to hear things are improving for Jameson and retired man
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Kirsten sounds like an absolutely perfect dog. She's tiny! Shyla is a tiny lab, and she's 43 lbs. That's my yardstick... so Kirsten is the perfect petite dog!

    Misty melts my heart every time I look at her. I actually brought her up with the Runner, just in case he said "oh yes, let's go get her!". But, he has more common sense than I do. Shyla can't handle even having a dog visit for the afternoon, and with a recent seizure having happened, we have to be careful. I so hope that Misty finds the perfect humans!

  12. just to hug them all each day. what a privilege!
    I love that new little girl already! I hope her eye is okay.
    each and every one is such a treasure at Golden Pines.
    how you do what you do is a book in itself. xo

  13. Hello, the first photo of the chicks is cute. I saw a similar scene at Tractor- Supply. Cute shot of Charlie. I am glad Jameson is working out, Kirsten and Misty are sweet. I think they would all be happy to stay with you. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  14. I am so sorry to hear you lost Bo. What a beautiful soul and gone too soon. Prayers and wags to your family.

  15. Glad Jamieson and his person are working out their relationship. The girls are lovely and I hope they find homes soon.

  16. What a happy girl Kirsten looks, and no wonder - she's found her way to Golden Pines. She sounds like a keeper.

  17. Kirsten and Misty are very lucky pups to have a foster parent like you! It's definitely hard to not want to keep them all in your home, I hope they find as lovely as a home as yours soon.
    World of Animals

  18. Oh you do such a great job for these special dogs xx

  19. What a nice post. I'm sure Charlie feels great with his cool cut. Retired man sounds like a nice man as he is willing to nurture Jameson.
    Kirsten is absolutely adorabe. What a sweet personality she has. Here is to hoping her eye problem is not significant.
    And, Misty tugs at my heart! We found a great dane mix trying to cross a freeway. She was pregnant with 16 pups and heart worm positive. Her name was Molly and we called her our angel. Sweetest grandest lady. She looked a lot like Misty. Molly has been gone over 20 years and I still hold her as close to my hart as ever.
    Have a great week and hug all of those precious babies for me!
    Gus' Mom


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