Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Dog Free Weekend

Back in the coldest days of February, my thoughts always seem to turn to warmer weather and getting away.  So, that's what I did.  I thought of warmer weather and planned a trip to see my good and longtime friend that lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania.
Crossing the Susquehanna River  
Usually I stay with my friend, but because of a few changes in her life, I cruised the listings on "Airbnb" and found a place near her home.  An old candy-shop located in nearby Lititz that had been turned into a guesthouse was perfect. The time alone gave me some needed down-time, and of course the time with my friend allowed me to recharge as well.  I really needed it.
My friend has lived in Lancaster for more than 30 years, and so she knows all the best places to eat. And eat we did - A lot of the wrong things, and too much.
Tomato pie with a rosemary scone. 
My friend also knows all the best nurseries.  A favorite of hers, and mine as well, is a Mennonite nursery that has a really good selection and the healthiest of plants. I also like them because they do not use neonic pesticides on bee-attractive plants like many (most?) of the big-box stores do. Now I just need to find the time to plant everything.

All too soon, my dog-free weekend ended.  Of course I missed the dogs. But for the first time in a long time, I feel recharged and ready for what's ahead. At the top of that list will be Charlie's surgery which is scheduled for May 17th.

But before I go back to work on Wednesday, tomorrow there is one last road trip. It's to return the lovely Molly who has been with us for a few days while her family has been out of town for a memorial service.  It's always nice to have her stay with us, and today happens to mark exactly one year since we met her for the first time.
It doesn't seem possible and I have to wonder where does the time go?  I'll bet Todd doesn't even know. Or does he?


  1. Those few days away will feel like a week or more.So good to be near your friend and do outings together. Charlie, you will be the trooper, and breeze through next week. XX from an Autumn day in NZ.

  2. Time away is a very restorative thing.

  3. the inscrutable Todd. is he dreaming of varmints infiltrating the territory that he guards? he is Todd Bond.
    and brava darling bean! you deserve more of those wonderful days... and what a gorgeous place to unwind!
    and lastly my beloved Charlie. holding only good thoughts for this wonderful little guy. give him a hug for me. xo

  4. I was flower shopping in Lancaster three times last week. It is a beautiful place to visit this time of year. There are so many nurseries, and so many decisions. I went to Black Creek Greenhouses and one other. What was the name of the one you visited? I have been to that candy store in Lititz with my granddaughters. I am sorry to hear that it is gone but glad that you had a nice stay.

    1. Arleen, it's a small world!! It was Black Creek Nursery, and a couple of others that I don't know the names of. But the plants there, and the prices are really good, which gives me a reason to love them! And the Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz for a late lunch, was a must too! I don't know what the name was of "the candy store" but it is still in business somewhere in a nearby town... But it was on Maple & Lemon. It's sad to see the closing of the "big" Wilbur's, even thought a smaller store is across the street. But I read that the Hilton is going to make shops and a hotel from the building, so I'm glad it's not going to remain empty. Maybe next time I'm in your corner we could meet for coffee, it would be great fun to meet you! Enjoy your day!!

  5. A “recharge” weekend time away is an excellent idea.
    My motto . . . “We can never, ever do enough for ourselves!”
    Think about it . . . why do we often put ourselves last . . .
    My “no go days” have been a wonderful gift to myself.
    Helps me feel good each week . . . “recharged!”

    Airbnb candy shop looked great . . . (Did they leave some chocolate!)
    Time with a good friend is great too!

  6. That sounds like a great way to spend your weekend. How nice to have Molly come for a visit.

  7. How nice you got to have some much deserved time to recharge. We would love to have a getaway. Helping care for elderly parents ( my inlaws ) can be overwhelming at times. But alas we have no pug sitter right now. But we are hoping to get out camping soon.
    Hazel, Mabel & Mom

  8. A little time away in such a beautiful place as that can do wonders for the recharge. Hope the refreshed feeling lasts for a long time.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Todd knows everything including how naughty you were on the trip.

  10. It's been years since I've had a dogless night. I don't think I've been away since my pups were born eleven years ago. Sometimes I think about spending a night at a hotel to get a full night's sleep but I'd probably lay awake worrying about them. Good luck to Charlie. He's special.

  11. Todd knows all!!!! Sending incredibly strong POTP for Charlie. You know that you and he are on our minds.

    I grew up near Lancaster, and I worked for a Mennonite family as a teenager. You brought back lots of good memories. That air bnb looks gorgeous. I'm so glad that you're recharged!

  12. I'm glad you had a well-needed break, and it was wonderful to see Mollie again. What a heartwarmer!

  13. I'm happy for you that you were able to put yourself first for a change and get some much needed time alone. I cannot even imagine the time you give to so many dear hearts.

  14. Small world! My SIL is from Lititz, and his parents still live there :) Glad you feel re-charged - I could use a little vacation from the animals myself!

  15. A trip to see an old friend, sounds lovely...
    Hope the surgery goes well with Charlie, bless him :)
    Just wanted to let you know, I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have a hard time writing and publishing comments to you, I think my browser may be blocking a gadget on your page ?!
    Thank you for stopping by Kim, lovely to hear from you.

  16. What a blessing to get away by yourself and be with a good friend. I can not imagine being gone for more than a few hours away as we have no one to watch the dogs and cats, but believe me I understand the need. Being a caregiver to dogs is rewarding, but exhausting all the same. I don't know how you do it. But, thank you.

  17. Todd knows.

    Angus used to be sent to summer camp in Pennsylvania - a reason he never ever returns ! Memories of Allegheny Airlines, poison ivy, eating bad burgers in a barn and being the only 'furner at the start of day flag raising ceremony. Is it better to pretend to pledging allegiance or simply not open your mouth and mark yourself out as being 'not from round here' ? An early introduction to ethical and moral dilemmas.

  18. Hello, your trip sounds like fun and the food looks yummy. I wish all the best for Charlie and his surgery. Prayers and hugs for all. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. It's always a treat to see Molly. I'll be wishing Charlie all the very best this week with his surgery and recovery.

  20. Thinking of you Kim,, and sending good healing thougnts and love

  21. So glad you had a wonderful weekend. It sounds as though it was just what you needed. Your lunch looked so yummy. Tomato pie is one of my favorites that i have not had in years.
    I will keep you and Charlie in my prayers and be thinking of both of you on the 17th. Sweet boy.
    Gus' Mom

  22. I do agree, Molly is such a beauty (but then what Golden's aren't?). Hoping for Charlie's surgery to be successful.
    Of course Todd knows - he's such wise chap !


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