Monday, July 2, 2018

If Any Dog Needed a Friend

I cannot believe the month of June is behind us.  Wasn't I just saying that about May?  Time passes much, much too quickly. Am I the only one who can remember when time seemed to stretch on forever, especially in the summertime? 

Of course things have been steady and busy.  Eva continues to do pretty well.
Her appetite has been pretty consistent for the past week, but the last couple of days, I've noticed that she's eating a little slower, and not finishing her meals. I'm hoping it's just the heat and not the nausea associated with the kidney disease returning.  I've given her the medication to try and head it off, just in case.

Then there is our new TEMPORARY addition Chipper.  While the foster home coordinator has been out of town, we've been trying to decide what to to - Move him to a new foster home, or work with him through the transition to being part of a family. I'm on the fence.
Chipper is making slow progress and is still very nervous and unsure. The progress is his going outside on his own without a leash.  This is only if it's a clear path to the door.  Chipper is truly torn between what he knows and what he wants to do.  Outside he's more confident and I'm glad that he has found a companion in our other little foster girl, Kirsten. If any dog needed  a friend, there's no doubt that it's Chipper. 

Finally in my last post, some of you were surprised to read about the Amish puppy mills and their treatment of dogs; especially because their religion is all about peace. It's not my intention to put all Amish into the category of mistreating animals.  That would be totally unfair. My friend that has lived in Lancaster Pennsylvania for many years is not the only one that knows many of them to be truly kind, humorous, educated and reliable people. But the Amish that raise and breed dogs in deplorable conditions, (without electricity) and sell them do not consider them any different from the livestock that they raise on their farms and treat them that way. This is because to them, dogs are almost of no practical use for them except for hunting, especially since they don't produce anything edible, like milk, meat, etc.  I am not the only one who finds it heartbreaking and sad that this is how they perceive and consequently treat dogs like Chipper. But he is lucky, he has found his way to a better life.  


  1. We hope the best solution comes a long for Chipper. He needs to know love and develop trust. We know he is getting that where he is, but you know what will be best for him in the long run.

    Glad to hear that Eva is hanging in there. The heat has been brutal here too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Our cousin in VA has a badly-used horse from the Amish. He's in a good home now.

    Just waiting for the taxi to the airport for the 28-hour trip to VA. If you're in Leesburg for the 4th of July parade--you're welcome to view it from 410 S.King!

  3. Poor Chipper. It must be so confusing for him. Maybe he'll pick up signals from the others dogs on how to act. I've seen the conditions those dogs live in in Amish puppy mills and it's horrifying.

  4. You will know what to do....I bet you already know the answer. Your Eva is so beautiful. deb

  5. I can't believe how fast June went by either! I feel like summer is going by too quickly that I haven't been able to enjoy it. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer, enjoy the rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  6. No doubt it, there is always some education we can glean along the way.
    It would be a difficult decision about Chipper . . . I trust the best answer will come to you. Sad about Eva . . it will be sad to have her cross the rainbow bridge . . . You are such a GOLDEN helping many a golden along the way.

    Wishing you calm and peace in these next days, maybe some fireworks too?? I am not much of a fan of fireworks unless I am watching a “little” seeing them for the first time!

  7. Paws are crossed for Eva and Chipper. Chipper is lucky to have found his way to your home and it's nice that he found a friend to help him.

  8. So glad Chipper found one friend. I hope he gets more confident.

  9. I'm so glad Kirsten is there for Chipper. And fingers crossed for Eva.

  10. I agree, where did May and June go? I am glad your two new arrivals have found a safe place with you.

  11. I can't be the only one who thinks (well, we all know, really), that Chipper will get along just fine if he stays with you and the other dogs. Especially now he's found a friend in Kirsten - they will be good for one another.
    Hoping Eva's health won't deteriorate any further and she can keep going as she is.
    It's hot here too, in Spain, and we're spending most of the days indoors with the air-con on. Fortunately there is a pool to cool off in when it gets too hot. Unusually for a Labrador, Inca won't take the plunge ! Just as well perhaps, because the chemicals used to keep the pool sparkling clean might play havoc with her skin.

  12. This heat has been so terrible that I would imagine that it is taking the toll on the dogs, especially Eva. We are going to have relief this weekend and it will be very welcome.

    Fireworks are going off around here for the past few weeks. There has been an uptick in runaway dogs and cats. It is a terrible time for pets.

    We know that you will make the right decision about Chipper.

    It is true what you say about the puppy mills in Lancaster. The Amish are wonderful people but have different views about their animals than we do.

  13. I've read every wonderful comment.
    my love to you. always. and thoughts of support and strength in your daily love and care for these precious dogs at Golden Pines.
    how long do animals have to be mistreated and used and misunderstood by the HUMAN race? there is NEVER an excuse for puppy mills. nor mistreatment of ANY kind for ANY animal. NEVER. not by the Amish. not by ANYBODY.

  14. Dearest ((((((Kim)))))), Yes... the Amish/Mennonite culture treat dogs the same as they do livestock and consider them no different. **However**... that does not excuse the way either one are treated. Yes, there are some Amish/Mennonite that treat their livestock & dogs & cats very humanely... but that is the exception & not the rule. The Budget newspaper is written by various "scribes" that write-in to the newspaper and report the goings-on in their district. You would be appalled at the cavalier attitude of the scribes regarding animal treatment. It is nothing unusual for a scribe to write in, saying that some boys caught a skunk by the tail while waiting for church services to start... and bashed it against a tree until it was dead. The report might end with "Boys will be boys". Anything that doesn't have a soul, the Amish/Mennonite culture preach is valueless. **But**... there are exceptions with some Amish/Mennonite folks who have compassion. But they are the exception and definitely not the rule. It is what it is and nobody is going to change that... unfortunately. My love to you always and forever, Andrea xoxo

    1. PS~ Anything THEY perceive as not having a soul. Wanted to add that. :-)

  15. You and your husband are so wonderful for giving so many dogs some home for a better life, however brief that might be. So glad Chipper has a friend. I saw a documentary on the Amish and animals. Definitely a different view.

  16. Hello, I am so glad Eva and is doing well and Chipper has found a friend. June did fly by, too quickly. I have heard horror stories about the puppy mills, very sad stories. Hugs to all the dogs. Happy 4th of July. Have a great week!

  17. Amen. You all be safe and God bless.

  18. How wonderful that Chipper has found a friend in sweet Kirsten. I wonder if that indicates Chipper should stay longer at Golden Pines rather than face a new and unknown situation. I know it's not as simple as that. Eva holds a firm place in my prayers as do all the residents of Golden Pines. Stephanie in Northern California although today I seem to be anonymous

  19. Thanks for the information about puppy mills in Pa. People who think they know a country can find out the most intriguing things about in the wonderful world of dog blogs. Until now I'D always thought the only negative thing about some Amish folk was their use of toggles rather than buttons. Now it seems some OF THEM take 'governance of this world ' to extremes.

  20. How sad....livestock. Why is this allowed to go on and on and on?

  21. Glad that you have come out and said how Amish (not all Amish) treat animals. That is so unfair. But Chipper has definitely been lucky enough to escape the abuse.
    Thank you for sharing. Ana

  22. I have learned so much through the years... and especially since I got Gracie. I now look back and think that she was probably a puppy mill dog... even though the place was very nice and seemed to be kept up well, I did not see the housing for the dogs. .. Awe, Chipper is a cutie. Glad he found a friend.

  23. I think about you and your dogs often, even when I don't come by. I hope things will work out for the new arrivals and that the oldtimers are doing well.

  24. We send all the luck in the world for Chipper.

    I have been missing and action Kim.. and trying to get caught up..

  25. Dear Chipper,

    We are very glad you found a friend, and we are very glad you found such an amazing place to stay for a while! The world is mostly safe, give it a try!



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