Friday, October 19, 2018

Recentering and Balance

So you may have been able to tell that despite my last post from Kentucky, I took a break from blogging.  I cut back on other social media too. I had been feeling a need for a break even before we lost Eva. And when she left us, that break just sort of happened.  I realized while I was in Kentucky just how emotionally and physically tired I was. And even though I have been saying "I am okay" I have not been myself for the last several months.  So, I decided to just step away, to recenter and try to put life back into balance.
~Max enjoying the bright sun on Thursday~
So, for the last two-plus weeks, I've been working at doing just that. There is still work to do, it does (of course) take time. But it has begun. I'd told the doctor I work for a few months ago that I wanted to cut back my hours. So my 4-day weekends began last week. I am not feeling the benefit of the extra time as of yet. But it'll come.
~Kirsten - The time for a New Forever Home for her is near!~ 
Adding to how I've been feeling is the news. I'm a news and politics junkie, but I've cut down on reading and listening to all the rhetoric. However, I have been volunteering with my local political party by canvassing and knocking on doors. I'll admit, it takes me way out of my comfort zone. But its been great therapy to be able to vent and be among like minded political people.  **Don't forget to vote November 6th!!**

I'd been feeling guilty that the dogs were behind on their yearly exams and so Mobile Vet came and caught our crew up on their care and vaccines. I am very quietly cheering and celebrating because **knock on wood please** we are five months post surgery and so far, Charlie's tumor has not returned.  Yyyaaaayyyy!!!!  Did I say to please knock on wood?   
On Wednesday our foster boy Alf had surgery to remove the mass in his chest and be neutered. Despite being a little sore and reluctant to get up, he's doing really well.  There's still more vet care that's needed for him, but that will wait for him to heal from this round.
~A shaggy Alf~
And yesterday Charlie and Todd were off to the groomers. Todd and I are off tomorrow for a Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion on Saturday.  It's going to be a chilly picnic, but Todd is ready to look his best!

Thank-you Friends for stopping by. Your thoughtful kindness, friendship and support has become a constant that I treasure. And I look forward to catching up with your blogs and your news. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you took some you time - you need that once in a while! Todd looks dashing and ready for his outing. Enjoy!

  2. Sending you a hug. No words needed. Just know I ubderstand how you're feeling...

  3. It sounds like your break helped you out. That's great news about Charlie. Have fun at the reunion.

  4. Voting doesn't matter. The people on the ballot don't and won't ever run things.

  5. Yes, I understand about both the break and the politics. I absolutely do NOT watch or read the news anymore. It's all swayed to one side or the other and totally unbalanced. I simply vote my conscience and let it go at that. I don't understand people being so upset with how elections turn out! I'm 62 years old and I'd say that roughly half the time my presidential candidate did not win.... and the sky did not fall the following day. :-) Lovingly, Andrea xoxo

  6. All good news, and a break when so tired is much needed, Tiredness other than physical is so understandable, and the extra day will soon benefit you all. Everyone looking good, and happy. XXX from down here, we have a new home to move into on December 7th. So thankful, the looking and wondering was exhausting.

  7. Sometimes life gets so overwhelming for so many reasons in so many different areas, some happy, some less so. We hope that you can find that happy balance in your new approach. Turning off the news is a great idea. It is a constant barrage of so much that is wrong at this time in our country. Mom and Dad will be voting as they always do, and hoping that many others do the same.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Pee Ess, all our best to the recovering pups. And YAY for the good news on Charlie - and yes, we are knocking on wood too.

  9. Glad you've realised you needed the break. Much better than just going until you drop! Todd looks suave, I'm sure he'll wow them at the reunion. Say to Lynn for us.

  10. I laughed out loud at the picture of Todd. Thank you! And I'm so glad you cut back your hours so you can take care of yourself. You do so much.

  11. Taking a break is essential to your mental and physical health. I used to be a news junkie as well, but I just get more agitated when I watch. So I read the newspapers and check reputable resources Online. Take care of yourself and have a great time at the reunion with Todd.

  12. Happy for you took a bit of a break.
    Self care is very important . . .
    I for one have wondered how your heart can deal
    with the many ups and downs in your animal care.
    Please take good care . . . My Golden Friend!

  13. Happy you took a bit of a break . . .
    Self care is very important.
    I for one wonder how you can deal
    with all the ups, downs in your animal care.
    Take good care of yourself, My Golden Friend!

  14. Oh Kim, I do hope that your break will kick in, and you will feel all new. So glad that you have your 4 day weekends now,,, I am sure it will help.. I was worried about you,,, and now I see the reason why,.. Alf is getting his strength back,,, thats good news,,, and good news that Charlie is doing good too.. Todd looks so cute all "dandied up". Rhett looks so relaxed with the sun on him! You and Todd have fun tomorrow,,, We love you.... tweedles

  15. sometimes we forget that we have to take care of ourselves if we are to care for others. Hope your break will help you refresh and heal. Glad the pups all seem to be doing well
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. I am so glad that you have slowed down to take care of what you need. I was a news junkie too... until about 2 years ago, when I briefly went wild reading everything and then realized that it just might kill me if I kept reading so much stuff. So now, I take a more measured approach. And, good for you volunteering to canvas! You are pulling out all the stops for what you believe in.

    I am thrilled to hear all of the good news from the dogs. And YAY for Charlie (I knocked on wood for you!).

  17. oh finally you're really taking care of YOU too! YOU are the one treasured dear heart. I'm so glad your 'work outside' (the way I've always thought of the doctor's office) has agreed with your new time! and I'm like Monk. Todd brought a laugh. the news is so good all around. it makes me happy. have a safe trip! and yes... the news is too much with us. AAAGGGH. I have to escape it too for my own sanity and health.
    sending a snoopy hug your way. XO

  18. Hello, some times taking a break is necessary. I can only imagine all you go through taking care of the dogs and working. Sending hugs and good vibes for Charlie and all the dogs. They are all so cute. Have fun at the re-union. Have a great weekend.

  19. We love all our dogs and are impacted by their passing. We talk often of their funny quirks and smile now when we remember the ones who have gone although we're saddened now each morning when we have to help our old guy golden retriever to his feet. Still, some losses hit you particularly hard, perhaps because of that companion's particular traits or because of your vulnerability at the moment. Take as much time as you need to balance your life again. As to the political climate, I have decided to engage myself in working for something, rather than impotently engaging my emotions in something I'm against. I'm recovering from a brain surgery that's temporarily (I hope) taken some of my hearing, so phone banks and block walking are out for me. Instead, I volunteer for postcard campaigns. I live in a state in which the political climate opposes my beliefs, so I have little confidence that those with my political beliefs will prevail, but I feel good about making these efforts anyway.

  20. Hi Kim, I have missed you so! I’m trying out blogging once again, hope will be ok.... loved visiting you once again, your fur baby’s are so sweet, Todd still as handsome as ever... take care, Hugs Francine

  21. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Our person says she understands "tired". She is sending you glowing energy and wishes you well. I am sending you licks and wags!

  22. Good luck with the reunion, and I hope the reduction in work time equates to more restorative down time.

  23. You do so much for your fosters, you have to take care of you as well. Social media is such a great way to share your ups and downs with others, but it is a huge timesuck. I've had to take blogging breaks from time to time. Just post when you have time, I always love hearing about your dogs.

    I didn't know you worked for a doctor, what do you do? I'm a medical audito/senior Coder for a multi-specialty group.

    Have you ever thought about becoming a Chewyinfluencer? You could get two different dog foods or treats (or cat) for free for your sweet fosters. I can give you the email of the person to contact if you are interested.


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