Thursday, December 27, 2018

Onward to the New Year!

Wow, it has been way too many days since I posted! And I could ask that age old question, "where has the time gone?"  Usually I don't know the answer to that, but this time I do. Because, believe me, even without Christmas, there has been plenty going on at our house.
It didn't help that I was sick for about a week, missing work, and staying in bed one weekend helped to put me behind on almost everything. A cough is still hanging on, but I'm recovered from the bug that also knocked down half of my co-workers, and my husband and brother too.
Back on my feet, I got almost all that I needed done just before the holidays. And during that time Alf had his dental surgery. Six teeth were removed including a canine that exposed his sinus. Alf has fully recovered, and is back to eating normally and barking at me when I am not getting his dinner to him quick enough.
~Alf when he wasn't feeling so well~ 
Sunny has had a bout of what is either canine vestibular syndrome, or an inner ear infection. We don't know which. He's unable to fully keep his balance when he walks, and we've started him on an antibiotic. He's much better, but of course I'm worried about him.
~A not-feeling-so-great Sunny~
Then of course there's Bailey. She is having mostly good days right now. We had a visit to Holistic Vet and she's given Bailey a Chinese herb that we hope will help her digestion and keep the acid in her tummy to a minimum.
I'll now just fast forward past some of the other things that have happened, like the opossum inside our garage that got caught halfway inside a plastic bag the other night and couldn't free itself. And how a couple of the dogs are growling at the rocking chair that has been sitting in the same place since we moved here. Is it a ghost of Christmas past? 
~Outdoor kitty Gino, NOT keeping our garage critter free~
Whatever it is, we do know that the end of the year now in sight. And after a week off work, I'm filling in on Friday for my counterpart who wants to spend time with her family. So with that, it's onward to the New Year!

Thank-you, friends, for stopping by! I do hope all is well with you! 


  1. Good to hear that everyone is mostly well right now. Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  2. That virus is going around here too. I have not been able to shake the cold. I am glad you were well enough for the holidays. Your gang always makes me smile. May your year end with peace and rest.

  3. Did you have lots of canine nursing care while you were sick? We hope the new year is good to all of you.

  4. Always good to hear from you and about your “treasures.”
    Hope you are feeling better, sounds like a vicious bout of the flu.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year!

  5. And with a few barks, some WOOFS and an occasional" Meow" the New Year will be heralded in, in super style. So glad the dental surgery is over, you are recovering, and the others are looking AOK.

  6. Hello, to all at Golden Pines. I am glad you are feeling better and it seems like all the pups are doing somewhat good. I wish you all the best in 2019, a happy and healthy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year, Kim. I hope 2019 will be a healthy one for you and yours.

  8. You also need time off to spend with your furry family.

  9. oh my. what beautiful pictures! remind me not to mess with Gino! that's some serious but gorgeous kitty there.
    I can't imagine how you got the opossum out of the sack and the garage. No! don't tell me!
    bless you darling bean. our whole town shared that bug and the hacking cough lingers for weeks on end. at least my own did. but hopefully the new year will wipe the nose and the slate clean. I love you and all your wonderful crew members! and you are so very special. Happy New Year! XOXO

  10. You sure have had lots going on and it never helps to get sick in the middle of it all. Have a Happy New Year.

  11. That was a busy year! Glad most of you are feeling better now. Have a happy New Year!

  12. You are having a busy end of the year! Glad various dogs are sorted out at the moment. Take time to catch your breath. Hope 2019 will be calm for least start calmly!

  13. Possums are pretty tough animals. I know a blogger with a pack of dogs -- very good at deposing varmints -- and even they have trouble with possums. Mean, nasty animals. Did you manage to get rid of it? You could always get a Hav-a-Hart trap.
    Not sure what you have available out there.

    Glad you are on the mend. Will say a prayer. Have a blessed New Year.

  14. We will send you some Snow to cover up your mud, how does that sound? Also, we are glad to hear everyone is well at the moment. Also, I have met a possum. Also, we hope you had a restful Christmas.


  15. Been struggling here too with a cold that won't go away. Hope all is well with you all now
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. Glad all are on the mend. If it's not one thing - it's two or three!

  17. Happy new year to all at Golden Pines and wishing you all the very best! Thank you for all you've shared in 2018. I have a special soft spot for Gino.

  18. You sure have had a busy time. I am hoping that all of your canines are on the mend. And I hope that you are fully healed by now!!! I thought of you often in the process of adopting our rescue puppy. Thank you for fostering and adopting so many. And thank you for your kind words. Don't worry - Hachi is no Christmas puppy. We just found him near Christmas!!!

  19. We surely hope the new year brings you better things. There is nothing worse than being sick at Christmas, when it's hectic enough as it is. But having the pups not well is definitely worse! I was sorry to read about Bailey - I hope she has a lot of good days left. ♥
    Best wishes for the new year!!

  20. Healing wishes to all of you!
    Happy New Year


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