Sunday, June 23, 2019

Black Dogs

A mostly quiet week for us has left me feeling caught up on a few things I've been neglecting and maybe even a little more focused. With the exception of Baloo, which I'll tell you about in a moment, the rest of the crew are doing pretty well.
~Todd in focus!!~
Wednesday for Baloo started out as it has for the past two months. He struggles to get around, but he's been able to get up on his own, and go outside by himself even though he always needs help to get up the two steps. That changed on Wednesday night when I got home and he couldn't stand on his own.  Baloo didn't want his evening meal, and wouldn't even put his head  up to look at us.
~At the vet~
On Thursday morning he wasn't any better, so I called Lab Rescue. The vets office that has seen Baloo had no available appointments, but within the hour we were off to be worked in at another office. Of course I was really worried that I was going to have let Baloo go - But aside from a slightly elevated white blood cell count, Baloo's bloodwork was all okay. And New-vet was unable to find anything obvious on the x-rays to explain why he wasn't able to walk or hold his head up. So, New-vet recommended starting him on an antibiotic and adding a pain medication along with cold laser therapy -- Two things which I have thought since I met Baloo that he would benefit from. However, I couldn't get the first vet he was seeing to recommend it, so Lab Rescue wouldn't approve it.
~Baloo getting cold laser therapy~
With the new medications on board, Baloo is brighter and more alert. He's still unable to stand up on his own, but now he's walking without much help from us and only stumbled and fell once this morning, and I'm seeing a few tail wags too. With all that I'm optimistic and hopeful that with more time, and continued laser therapy (maybe acupuncture too) Baloo is going to okay. And I will say here that I'm very relieved about that and very thankful too!  
~On our way home~

Finally on a personal note, I want tell Vicki, a good friend and reader of this blog (again) how very sorry I am about the loss of her beloved Scottish Terrier, Jack this past week. Aside from Todd's clan, I don't know anyone in my "real life" that has a Scottie, except for Vicki. And our friendship that began in part because we both had Scotties is no doubt why I feel like I lost one of my own dogs.
~We lit our candle for Jack~
In his senior years, Jack had some health issues and had a kidney removed about 5 years ago. But none of that kept Vicki and Jack from enjoying their life together and that included doing agility.
Jack was almost 14 years old. A good and long life that was full and well lived. Jack's life was truly a testament to the excellent care, love and devotion of Vicki and her husband.
~Photos taken by Ellen Zangla Photography~
Jack, who was ”large hearted and loving, with the soul and mind of an honest gentleman,” is truly missed.
~Photos taken by Ellen Zangla Photography~


  1. Condolences to your friend Vicki.
    We watch a show about the Bronx zoo and they treated on of their ostriches with cold therapy. You could see the difference after one treatment.
    I hope everything works out for you and Baloo. ♥

  2. Baloo, new treatment, and so many hopes from down here that you will feel a heap better from today. Vicki, Jack is a darling and all caring thoughts , a loss of a dearly loved dog or cat is like no other.Let those wonderful memories colour your days with love.

  3. So happy Baloo has another chance. But saddened by the loss of a beloved scottie. Hope the pack has a wonderful, healthy summer.

  4. I'm always learning something about caring for pets here and I love it! I'm hoping to finally get a rescue dog once we get moved and settled at our future new town/home...wherever that is!

  5. I doubt that we could get Kyla to do that. She was smart enough to do it and smart enough to refuse. Gotta love them Scotties. Kyla went at 12½ so Jack had a good run (pun intended).

  6. Glad the new treatments seem to be helping Baloo. Our Mr Bailey had cold laser therapy
    Mabel & Hilda

  7. Glad to hear that the rest of the gang is doing good. And here's to Baloo. Our prayers are with you all.

  8. We are very sad to hear Baloo isn't feeling well. It's so tough when an older doggie starts to have these kinds of problems. We're sending lots of POTP for him and hope he feels better soon.

  9. POTP for Baloo! So hopinghe feels better.
    I am so sad for your friend who had to say goodbye to Jack.

  10. Hello, I am glad everyone is doing well and Baloo is somewhat recovering. I wish him well. So sorry for the loss of Jack! Sending prayers and well wishes. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  11. a heart tugging post for sure. happiness for the help for darling Baloo. and little Jack. what a courageous heart a Scottie keeps! sending love to your friend Vicki. xoxo

  12. My DIL has a 15 year old mixed breed (but definitely Chow) that got lymphoma three years ago and also has arthritis. DIL adores her Brandy and is fortunate enough to be able to afford expensive treatment. The cancer is in remission and she goes for laser treatments for the arthritis. Brandy is doing well, never misses a meal, and always can be found puttering around the yard or laying around the people she loves. Brandy is still enjoying good quality of life. I share your hope for Baloo.

  13. We're glad to hear Baloo is feeling better and hope he continues to improve. It sounds like Jack lived a great life.

  14. I'm so glad you found a vet that could recommend the best treatment. I think he looks better in the car on the way home. Can you stay with this vet or does the rescue assign you one? Jack lived a good life and a long one, I'm sure your friend will delight in Todd's adventures.


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