Saturday, October 10, 2020

Sugar and Bear Arrive at Golden Pines

To begin this post, thank-you for the good thoughts and vibes for our girl Sophie. Several of you commented about her previous owner. *Judy* does know that Sophie and Tiggy found a home together. 

~Tiggy has found that the dogs make a great body-warmer~

Our groomer (who gave me Sophie), heard from *Judy* this past spring and texted her photos that I'd sent. And she also mentioned that the son called her in July to ask how the two were doing. Given how he felt about them both, we think he was probably being pressured by *Judy* to get an update. 

Sophie's update this week is that she's feeling much better. Her coughing will always be an issue and a worry. But the antibiotic seems to have taken care of the respiratory infection that had made it worse. knock, knock, knock on wood and POTP that we are over and well past that hurdle!

Looking back on the past week, it goes without saying, its been another busy week at our house. I am still in "recovery mode" with my knee and leg that had a bit of a set back this week. But it hasn't slowed down the changes that are on the horizon, and I'll tell you about them as they happen. 

One of those changes I'll tell you about now, was the arrival on Thursday of (Brown) Sugar, and (Black) Bear via Lab Rescue. They are a "breeding pair" given up by their owner who no longer wanted them, and are reportedly the respectable age of 15. 

Despite having lots of puppies, it was initially thought that the two are not a "bonded pair" and could be split up. So, the plan was for us to foster Bear, and Sugar would go to another foster home. When no one could be found to foster Sugar, I agreed to take her only because I didn't want her to spend any more time in boarding than she needed to, so she's here temporarily. 

Both Sugar and Bear are really nice dogs, and so far, are getting along with our crew. However their unknown history with cats has me a bit concerned. Bear won't stop barking at them, and I worry about their safety when we aren't around -  The cats, not theirs. 😊. It was first thought that at Bear's age, it wouldn't be an issue. But let me assure you, this boy (maybe a border collie mix - what do you think?)  as you can see in the video below, still has some speed under those legs!

Sugar on the other hand is a gentle and easy going girl, that I think will leave the cats alone and would be a better fit for our household.

Until it's all sorted out, both need some TLC and time to get over their skin infections caused by fleas and just poor diet and neglect. 

So, whatever their story ends up being, I'm glad we have the chance to get to know them. 


  1. Oh my goodness, get well soon, Kim! Knee & leg pain is so not fun... but I'm not telling you anything, am I. *gentle hugs* I'm so glad you have Bear & Sugar but my oh my, breeders indeed. I won't let my mind "go there", thinking about how many litters they've both had... only to be cast aside after 15 years. *sigh* But what's the old saying: All's well that ends well. At least they're now safe. I pray for your kitties safety too. You don't need those kinds of worries with everything else that's on your plate. Love, Andrea xoxo

  2. I hope that your leg and knee will heal quickly and you will be out of pain.
    How can people be so cruel to use these beautiful creatures for constant breeding? Poor Sugar, she really has had a tough time, but looks such a happy girl, in spite of all she's been through. She is in the best place possible now, and will have all the love and care that she so desperately needs.
    Bear does look as though he has a mix with something else, and doesn't really look much like a Lab at all. No doubt he is just as welcome to stay with you - for the moment.
    Take care Kim, and stay safe.

  3. Hello,
    I hope your leg is recovering well. I like the names Sugar and Bear, they are cute. I am glad the dogs found a home with you. I hope the kitties will be ok. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  4. They're lucky puppers to find you ❤️

  5. Healing purrs and POTP for your leg. Sugar and Bear look super sweet. We sort of think Bear may be a Great Pyrenees Mix, and he may have decided the cats or his flock (he needs to protect) and he is trying to boss them around. Fenris barks at us cats when we do something we aren't suppose to. MOL Fenris barked right in Yang's face when Yang tried to steal his food and I (Yin) whapped Fenris on the butt but good and chased him until Yang tackled me. Mom laughed so hard. She said it's very amusing to see a 75lb dog chased by a cat.I think it was very rude of Yang (who is my littermate) to tackle me when I was only trying to protect him from Fenris. ~Miss Yin the black cat from ATCAD

  6. We have our paws crossed that your knee and leg feel better soon. Sugar and Bear look like a couple of cuties. We hope everything works out for them and your kitties.

  7. It's so good of you for taking in older doggies whose owners just "didn't want them anymore."

  8. So glad Sophie is in the mend (continued POTP) and nice to meet Bear and Sugar. May they find the perfect place for their golden years, and enjoy the love from you on the way!

  9. it sounds better I suppose to call themselves "breeders" when in reality they are nothing more than a Puppy Farm. they were in it strictly for the money. and when the cash cow was beyond their need... 'get rid of them.'
    as you say. the neglect is obvious. sorry. but that kind of thing is so disgusting. and look at Sugar. still able to smile.
    sorry to rant. it's one of my issues I guess. because people keep BUYING the puppies! so sad.
    and now... I hope your leg and knee get better SOON!
    I love the picture of Tiggy keeping warm with the dog!
    how sweet is that! xoxoxo

  10. It's incredible how someone can cast aside a living thing as useless.

  11. It makes me so upset to think that people can just get rid of their dogs. I see border collie in him. But he's old and cats have claws, it always helped mine.

  12. Sorry to learn about your knee leg issues,
    must have missed an earlier mention.
    I hope things improve!

    I must say, I do not understand breeding for
    15 years and then dropping the ball
    and getting “rid” of them. I just don’t get it!
    Happy Sugar and Bear are with you though,
    for awhile at least. You’ll give them LOVE!

    Pace yourself, take care of YOU too!

  13. We hope your leg and knee issues go away quickly and you are feeling much better soon.

    Welcome to Sugar and Bear. We know they will both do so much better now that they are there with you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Fifteen and they have a home now...the previous owner should go to jail for neglect...what is wrong with some people...:(

  15. Welcome to Sugar and Bear, and you are the best taking them both in.
    I hope your knee and leg continue to improve, with no more setbacks! ♥
    So glad Sophie is doing better too.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. Welcome to both of them. They sure are healthy for 15! It's sad that, after a life of making puppies for the owners, they need to be rescued. But, they've come to the right place. I know that you'll love them and make them feel at home.


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