Friday, December 4, 2009

A Short Cold Week

It's the end of a short work week, but a busy one that I got lost in. The weather has been rainy and cold, and the weathermen are predicting snow for Saturday. I love snow and continue to hope that we can get snowed in for a day or two out here in the country! Despite loving snow, I have to admit that I could do without the cold weather. I bought a new thermometer for our fence post because I finally had to stop believing that the old one was right, and it was really 70 degrees! This weekend I'll try to get the bird feeders set up to start feeding the hungry birds, and whatever else shows up. Last year we had a nice variety of birds from Chickadees to an owl. On the ground we had lots of squirrels, and in the springtime we even had a weasel--But we are a few months from spring!

Our 13 year old Golden, Tanner underwent treatment for glaucoma on Thursday. He had what's called an "Intravitreal Gentamicin Injection." This is where the antibiotic Gentamicin is injected into the eye, and kills the cells that produce aqueous humor--By getting rid of the fluid that's produced by the aqueous humor, it is supposed to reduce the eye pressure and (hopefully) get rid of the pain that he's been having for the last several months. The tech said he did "okay" on the anesthetic, which was my main concern because he has laryngeal paralysis. Today Tanner remains a bit on the wobbly side, and he's very quiet and sleeping a lot. I hope he'll perk up...In 10 days he goes back to the ophthalmologist to check his eye pressure. Until then, he stays on the same medications, plus one--That's six eye medications that he gets at twice daily, two others, three times. I really hope this worked.

Hamlet is doing pretty well. I know I've said this several times, but he really is a sweet, easy going and gentle Golden. He is starting to follow me around the house and interacts more with the other dogs. This week was the first time he seemed happy to see me when I got home from work--He was so cute smiling at me, wagging his tail and offering me his paw. I got an e-mail from the rescue asking me about putting him up on the website for adoption. I told them I didn't think that he was ready and needed some time. They seemed to understand that--However I have to admit that I said it mostly because my heart is telling me he should stay...


  1. I smell a "foster failure" on the horizon. Foster failures are when the foster family does not let the foster dog go. We have several "failures" in our home.

    Our human says he has had most of the eye treatments you mentioned, his worked well and he is back to full speed and two eyes. So here's hoping the best.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. Hope Tanner is feeling better in the next couple of days.
    So glad Hamlet is fitting in.
    I have I feeling He will be staying put.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog....I can't believe you have three golden dogs ! I have two and that's enough for me !

    Samis 14 and has had glaucoma for several years in one eye. I suspect he has very little vision in the other as he keeps bumping into things poor thing.

    Dillon is a big bouncy blond bombshell very energetic & very strong

  4. We sure hope everything goes well with Tanner's eye. Those three faces looking up at you in that photo is so sweet!


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