Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Drama

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! I think I love Thanksgiving because it comes without the stress, hustle, chaos and presents. But I really do love the turkey dinner; all of the sides, and the pumpkin pie is my very favorite! I could actually eat it throughout the year, and do sometimes buy it when I see it at the store. I mentioned this to my Mom several years ago and she told me that she craved pumpkin-pie when she was pregnant with me--So, my loving pumpkin pie must be something I was born with!! :-)

I do enjoy cooking. Thanksgiving dinner is a simple meal to prepare and it’s not hard to roast a turkey...But the mess and work for just two people?? I guess this is why I am always grateful when we get an invitation to someone's home for dinner, which is what we did. Today I'm fixing a turkey breast in the crock-pot for us and a few sides to go along with it. In honor of my Mom, I'll make "5-Cup Salad." My Mom, LOVED this but often she couldn't remember what the 5th cup was, and now I'm finding I can't remember all 5 cups either, and have to look up the recipe. I do have to admit that I never really liked the salad much when she was living, but I made it last year in her memory, and actually enjoyed it. I continue to miss her more than I've ever missed anyone--especially around the holidays because there are so many memories...

On the flip side we had a rabbit find its way into the fenced part of our yard. The poor thing had all the dogs descend on it and it was screaming. Of course I was screaming too and had Carl get the dogs away. When he picked it up, it was like a rag-doll and wouldn't move--We were both surprised that it wasn't bleeding. Thinking it was a goner, Carl was just going to put it up in the woods to let it die. But I felt responsible for it, and of course we both didn't want it to suffer, so we wrapped it in a towel and set up a crate so I could take it to the vet later. When I went out to check on it about an hour later, the rabbit was up, alert and moving around inside the crate. A little worse for wear as you can tell by the picture, but it seemed okay, so we said our good-byes and let it go.

Just after that on our morning walk CarrieAnne rolled in something delicious (to her anyway) in the woods and needed a bath...Add that to an earlier power outage, cold wind and sleeting rain, I think after we've had our post-Thanksgiving lunch, I'm going back to bed!


  1. pleased you had fun!

    I would have done the same for that little rabbit...well done! xx

  2. Aw! Poor bunny! Glad everything turned out okay for the little guy.

    Today must be the day for visiting critters as Gwen (my lab) almost walked into a pheasant in the yard. He flew away just fine. Neither of us saw it until the last minute...guess we're both slowing down in our age. Lol!

    Enjoy the weekend!!


  3. The dog looks beautiful, now fully cleaned.
    My friend will be getting a new addition to her already extended family. A Chocolate Lab (Dec 17) will be sharing this home with 3 cats, and one chinchilla and two love bird. She has had dogs all Her life so I know the dog will be loved and well taken care of.
    If she could have access to your site I know in a minute she would rescue all the dogs and cats she could.
    And when you visit her place you wouldn't even know she has any pets.
    No smell and the place is always so clean.
    Yes I've seen and played with the pets in case you think she may hide them when company arrives.
    I can hardly wait for her new baby to arrive.

  4. oh dear me, what a heck of a day.........what is it with dogs rolling in delightful "things!!"

    Check out my blog tomorrow, as I have a disturbing story on it regarding animals.

    Gill in Canada


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