Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snippet

Our Sunday started out with a beautiful bright full moon setting on the mountains. Because the parking lot wasn't able to be plowed, church was cancelled. I felt like I had a "found day" because I didn't have to teach my Sunday school class and instead got to just stay home and catch up on things around the house. The snow from yesterday is melting and the sun has been out all day. The dogs enjoyed being outside. Maguire continues to think that the snow is a meal to be enjoyed!

Speaking of meals...The birds have been all around for the last couple of days too. I really enjoy watching them. We have quite a community of birds that include cardinals, blue Jays, chickadees, nut-hatches, and wrens--Even the woodpeckers, crows and a squirrel have come. However an uninvited flock of Starlings has shown up and they really are a nuisance! I don't think they are a particularly pretty bird. Added to that they act like a street gang because they scare away the smaller birds and gobble up all the food I put out, leaving nothing for the other birds. Carl says they're hungry and have to eat too--Of course I realize that, but it doesn't make me sympathetic to them at all. Maybe my dislike for their being here is like the Wolf Spider from last week, I am not seeing their beauty and misunderstand them too.


  1. We're glad you got a day of rest! Maguire has an endless low cal buffet :)

  2. I like those kind of Sundays!Have the same problem with starlings in our garden and there is a family of crows that come down and pinch all the food away from the smaller birds too.It's very frosty here this morning so I've just filled up the bird feeders.
    Bella,our retriever likes to 'eat' the snow too,and she had fun with the icicles!

  3. Sunshine? I am so envious! Nothing but gray skies and white land here. I love the birds, too. Had a bunch of robins and cedar waxwings eating berries off my trees yesterday.


  4. Woof! LOVELY ... Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. We don't think much, if any, of our snow melted yesterday. We got clobbered. The development hasn't yet been plowed and it's almost 10 AM Monday morning. We got about 20 inches. Poor dad was out clearing the driveway all day yesterday but until the development gets plowed it's all for naught. It's about 3 miles out to the first plowed "main" road. Mom and dad were supposed to go to an engagement party Saturday night up in DC but that didn't happen. At least we never lost power.
    - TBH&K

  6. Okay, I am not a big fan of starlings, either. Yeah, they gotta eat, too! But you don't see a flock of wrens moving in, chasing off the finches and blue jays! We've got a few pileated wood-peckers that hang around. They are fairly large birds, but they share, too.

  7. Found days (and even hours and minutes sometimes) are a wonder! Glad you got one! It totally looked like a day filled with beauty.

  8. super photos, especially of the Northern Cardinal, I love seeing them.

    Gill in Canada

  9. Maquire must think it is plain ice cream! Great photos!


  10. Wow that cardinal is a beauty.
    Your pictures are so beautiful.
    We don't feed the birds because of all the birds of prey around(hawks,bald eagles etc)
    I do really miss that because they are so much fun to watch and really do brighten up a sad day.

  11. The photo of the cardinal is lovely. So pretty!

  12. ooh do tell Maguire that Sam did that lasy year - got " Brain Freeze " ( not that I'm sure he has a brain ) It took an hour to thaw him out !

    Love the moon photo

  13. You have shared some beautiful photos with us. Thank you so much.
    The cardinal bird is so bright. We do not have any of those birds. When it was very cold- we put out some food for the birds, but usually we do not, because the cats wait (and watch).
    We gave our bird food to the neighbor farm- so the birds can eat there.
    The gang birds show up and hog all the food like they do at your house,


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