Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tanner's Eye-Opening Visit

Its been about six weeks since our 13 year old Golden named Tanner had an "Intravitreal Gentamicin Injection" to treat his glaucoma. He has easily cleared the hurdles that have come afterwards and each of his post-op visits to the ophthalmologist has gone well--Today's visit was no exception. He was taken off another medication; we are now down from 6 meds to only 2!! As you can see by the picture taken today there is a change in the appearance of his eye--I am told that these changes are why some owners opt to have the eye removed. But for Tanner, because of his age and other health concerns, I felt strongly that it wasn't the best option for him. I still think he's still a handsome boy!!

Tanner was also a bit of a celebrity today at "The Life-Centre" where there were "visiting vets" who for some reason were anxious to see Tanner's eye--I don't know if it's because this procedure is (maybe?) not done that often, or because it isn't always successful when it is. But I felt like I was in class as the Ophthalmologist detailed his history to everyone. Each of them got to do a little eye exam and his picture was taken as well. Everyone commented on what a handsome and nice dog he is--Afterwards he signed autographs in the lobby and was the envy of the other patients --Of course I was so proud!


  1. Hi Kim, thanks for popping by to my blog hun. Your dog is a brave sole isn't he. Plenty of TLC needed! Nice to meet you. Sue x

  2. Just seeing his picture makes me want to reach out and hug him!! What a cute story. ~~ Debby

  3. Bless his heart! What's the latest with Macquire?

  4. Tanner is such a brave beautiful boy.
    He is absolutley gorgous. No wonder everyone also wanted his autographs.
    He looks hugable- I am sure he is.
    We looked at all the pictures of your "past crew" past and present- and all their faces touched our hearts.
    What lucky pups to have your love.

  5. Hey there, Kim
    That is a wonderful story and we are so pleased that Tanner is doing so well. He really is a handsome boy - so much more since he is in our hearts.
    Take care and lotsalicks
    PS Im still envious of your environment!

  6. Woof! Woof! He is surely a handsome boy and lucky to have you. Will continue to send my Golden Healing Thoughts ... Woofs, Sugar

  7. Hi Kim :)
    Oh my goodness isn't it amazing the medical advancements that have been made to help our canine friends. I am so glad Tanner's procedure went so well. He has such a sweet face!!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. He is such a handsome boy! Cisco's eyes always looked a bit funny due to her various problems - it was just how she was! He looks like he deserves a day to be a star. I would have liked his pawtograph too!


  9. what a brave boy and what a loving mother he has. Such gentle animals golden retrievers.

    Gill in Canada

  10. Tanner - you are lookin' good. Keep the eye, no need for extra surgery and healing time.
    Thank your mom for coming by my blog.

  11. Hello Kim
    He is very lucky to have that treatment available for him - I haven't read back through your posts so am asking 'how is his sight now'?
    Thanks for dropping by and for your really lovely comment - I just open my mouth and what you read is what comes out. Some days I talk 'words' then there are the others when I have to find something else to say it for me lol
    Take care

  12. Awwww, bless him! I bet he loved having all that celebrity attention!

  13. hope he enjoys all the attention from the vets.

    My old man is slowing down so fast now .... ideally when the time comes we'd like to bury him at sea as that was where he was happiest ! 15 in March the old trooper

  14. Just found your blog and I love it! Became a follower at once!

    (aka Ninny)

  15. I enjoyed my visit to your doggie bloggie! I'm adding you to my favorites.
    Tanner is a beautiful boy!!!
    My Zack is in the early stages of glaucoma.

    No I'm not in the Iditarod...I'll be volunteering this year as dog handler and with dropped dogs.
    Where did you live in AK?
    Hugs and belly rubs to all the pups and kitty,

  16. I think your boy is indeed handsome and quite famous too! Modern medicine can be amazing.

    Just read the comment you left on my's so hard, isn't it???

  17. Tanner,
    I think you're very handsome, and very brave. We goldens can certainly put up with a lot, can't we?

  18. He's quite handsome - and it's great to see progress!

  19. I think Tanner is indeed a very handsome boy..and would see no need to have his eyes removed even if he was younger
    I can still see all of his love and gentleness in those beautiful eyes.
    Sophie's Mom


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