Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend in Picture Review

The weekend held one nice day for us and we took advantage of it! Our property is surrounded by farmland and we love to take the dogs for a walk and get some fresh air! The walk held everything..A great view at the top of the hill...

A couple of renegade dogs that eventually remembered their names and decided to come back....
And a BIG WOLF SPIDER waiting for us in the garage when we got back!!! Where in the world did it come from and does it have friends??!! Remind me why I love living in the country again? Yikes...


  1. Good Morning Kim :)
    This post sure made me smile for a couple of reasons. First of all I love the view. I bet it is amazing in the fall with all the colored leaves. But what really made me laugh was how you described your renegade dogs that had temporarily forgotten their names. That happens to my beagle too (heheheh) She just can't help herself. Hope you have a great week!!!

    PS OH MY GOSH that SPIDER---I think I may have fainted!!!! YIKES

  2. You had me at every picture until I got to the spider! Ugh!!! Spring must be around the corner....the countryside looks beautiful and what a wonderful day with the dogs! I bet everyone enjoyed it...


  3. Beautiful pics!!!! That last picture gives me the willies!!!!

    lotsa licks,

  4. What a lovely big field you have to run in! I'll come over and run with you any time.

  5. I so miss being able to let Molly off leash, as I know for a fact she would never come back.....

    Gill in Canada

  6. Kim,

    Great pictures and I know what it feels like to have acreage around you. The dogs would certainly love the freedom to run off their leads.

    As for the spider we have some great pictures I took of a yellow and black type. They don't gross me out like they once did. I used to sit and almost cry until someone came and removed it. Now I've grown up and can even see the beauty in them. Plus I figure they must be eating some other insect that may otherwise take over if they weren't there. Live and let live, even for spiders.

  7. Hello Kim
    Lucky you to have all that space close by for the dogs to enjoy a run. I take it they are all different shapes, sizes and colouring or you'd be the one trying ot remember their names lol
    Take care

  8. Lovely country! How great to have some sun and a great place to walk with your dogs. Neat photo of the spider. I have a terrible time trying to take photos of insects.

  9. Hi my friends
    Do you have names?
    Now I need a BIG LIST okay?
    Tell me everyones name.
    I would love to come run on your beautiful hills- I would tumble and tumble- yup i would. I would love to run with all your beautiful dogs. Can we go down to the creek? Can we chase some balls?
    Your country is soooo georgous that mommy says she can smell how good the land smells.
    She said she can tell what it feels like to come sit by your fire and listen to stories.
    I am glad we are friends,
    kisses to the pups
    (ugly spidy)

  10. such a beautiful area for the dogs!
    spiders give me the creeps....

  11. How Dillon would love that - he'd be confused as they look a lot like Sam some of them. How wonderful to have that on your doorstep...

    Have you thought od knitting a hair scarf ? I've heard that people do and they don't smell of dog either.

  12. Hip, Hip, Hooray to all renegade dogs. It's the best way to have fun - runnin' and flippin' the peeps the paw.

  13. Hello,
    I have just found your lovely blog and have joined your followers.
    I just LOVE your 'goldens'! We have a 3 year old...our second.The first lived to 16!
    Do warn us before you put spider pics up...just had to have a tot of brandy!!


  14. Hi, just stopping over from another Golden friends blog. We will be back to visit!! We had lived in Norfolk (VA) for the last 4 years before just moving back to the west the way. :)

    Elizabeth & Luna

  15. Your property is in the country is the BEST!!
    Hugs and belly rubs to pups,

  16. What beautiful photos and what a wonderful place for your guys to run and play!

  17. Sounds like a lovely walk. Looks enjoyable. The spider is gorgeous. I love spiders. They eat the flies and skeeters, and other biting bugs I don't care for.
    Plus, they are lovely to look at.

  18. kim....that spider would make me seek counselling! FOR WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so afraid of spiders!!!

  19. Hi there Kim
    I would give anything to have a place like that for my dogs(and me) to run around in. Do you know how blessed you are?
    As for the's exquisite! They are extremely beautiful creatures and so misunderstood.
    Take care and lots of hugs and cuddles to the golden ones!

  20. Spi..spi...spider??? *barely muffled girly-scream* Yikes! ME NO LIKE!

    But the walk looked fantastic! Wish I could join you. Don't worry, sometimes I forget my name too!

    Loads of licks,

  21. Hi Kim!
    Nice to meet you too!
    You live in a wonderful place!
    Wish I could be there running and playing with you and your beautiful doggies! Lucky guys!
    Please keep in touch ok??
    Have a great weekend!


  22. That looks like a heavenly life for your dogs...but you can keep the giant spiders down there, ok?


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