Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Spring Brings

This year Spring could not have come fast enough and I continue to find its arrival to be totally energizing!! Do you feel the energy it has brought? Are you looking at all the signs of life and the changes that are around you like I am?

With spring just getting to Virginia, I have created a list of 10 things that it has brought with it...
10. The Frisbees are back!!
For some reason we don't play Frisbee in the winter even though the dogs really enjoy it, and I enjoy watching them have fun too!
9. Ice-cubes & Cold Drinks!
The dogs love having ice cubes after they've been out playing in the warm weather--For me, there's nothing like a cold Diet Coke on any kind of day!
8. Green, Green Grass of Home!
About half of the dogs love to eat grass and I think it's simply because they just enjoy it. When we lived in a subdivision the dogs always got sick when they ate it--Now they don't and I wonder if it's because we don't use any pesticides.

Whoops, wrong picture--That's one of the cows across the road!
7. Sniffles, sneezing and coughing!
With spring comes allergies galore; hay-fever season has officially begun, and I'm not immune to it--But I am not complaining...aahhh-choo...

6. Hair, hair and more hair!
Lets not forget what brings on some of these allergies--the shedding season!! I usually toss the dog hair into the yard and let the birds grab it to use in their nests--Since the dogs keep me warm, then it should keep the baby birds cozy too! 5. More time outside and more daylight!
I really like getting home from work when it's still light and I can walk with the dogs in the evening! This picture was taken at around 7 PM this evening from my front porch. I'm also thrilled that I caught the first glimpse of our resident ground-hog running across the yard as I went out to take this picture.
4. No more mostly brown everywhere!
I love the color that spring brings!!!
3. The Warmth of the Sun!
Who doesn't get their inner batteries recharged when it's sunny outside?
2. Sitting on the Front Porch!
Our favorite past time! For us, it's the perfect setting for some afternoon reading and just hanging out.
And the #1 thing that has come at the start of Spring??

1. Easter Goodies!!!
Who couldn't love a season that involves chocolate bunnies?

Whatever Spring has brought to you, I hope you're enjoying it!!


  1. Hi Kim
    What beautifulness that you shared with us today.
    You make me feel engerized. It makes me feel like going outside and catching bubbles.
    I like ice cubes too- just like your furry ones- and I am shedding but NOT like your babies are.
    That will make some birdies very happy.
    I hope the spring rays and rain keep on engerizing you- because I love all the pictures you share.
    I want to come and run through the hills and meadows at your home.
    I want to feel all that you share.
    Thank you for energizing me and sharing the pictures of my friends

  2. Thanks fur sharing all of those!

    NOW, Mom wonders if woo will share your chokholate bunny!


  3. lovely pics ( apart from the dog hair ! ) Dillon loves ice cubes too.
    The cats are lying in the sun on the maunure on my veggie patch !
    I can't wait o my cerry blosom to bloom and - I would love to see a Groundhog !

  4. Ahh, how nice to have Spring. All we have is rain and sun here ! Easter Day is coming ! And so is easter bunnies :P

  5. Gosh, I can agree with a lot of that, except we are seeing the opposite with the plants. Everything dies off in summer, so we are saying goodbye to the grass. Our two dogs don't get the sniffles, but we have had a few problems with ticks, but I think a dose of Frontline has sorted that!

    I think you have inspired me to do a post about spring...

  6. I'm trying to enjoy spring, but in Oklahoma the weather yo-yos back and forth. In just four days time, we've had 7 inches of snow and then temps in the mid-seventies, now it's cold and rainy again. The braddford pears aren't quite ready to pop and no grass is green yet. Sigh...after a long cold winter, I am soooo impatient for spring to really get here!

    Enjoyed your pics!

  7. Our Mom & Dad say they could sit looking out by your front door forever.
    It looks so peaceful, thanks for sharing a little bit of your Golden Paradise.

    Hamish & Sophie

  8. Great photos. Thank you for reminding us about ice cubes - we seem to have gone straight from winter to summer with only a few days of springtime in between.

  9. Soft Frisbees and ice cubes are just the best. That bunny is missing something: oh yea, a bite out of its ear.....yum