Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peace After the Storm

It's the end of a crazy weekend! The first day of spring brought with it sunshine and continued warm weather! It could not have started out on a better "note!" I woke to hear the return of my favorite bird, the Eastern Phoebe! We heard the Phoebe's relentless squeaky toy call of "phoebe-phoebe-phoebe" every day until late last summer. I know there are birds with prettier songs that fill the air, and I enjoy them as well but there was something about hearing the simple repertoire of the Phoebe that we became quite attached too. I really missed it when it left.

I did have to make a trek to the vet's office with Hamlet who has a small abscess on a lipoma. He's on a couple of medications and I'm quite sure he'll mend just fine. I also picked up Cowboy's ashes. The return of the remains is always very sad for us, but it's a comfort to have them. I usually keep them out on the shelf for several days, then when it's time, I put them away with the others.

I got home about mid day and I was just a little put out that Carl hadn't even started any of the planned yard work that we had agreed to getting done. After a little bit of a discussion about which jobs to do, Carl went out started some clean up in the yard. He was out there for a couple of hours when I heard him calling to me--I went out and he was covered in blood. He had fallen and hit his head on the trash-bin that he was using to clean up the yard. I got a towel that was soaked very quickly, it didn't take long for the 2nd one. I called "911" and after a barrage of questions, an ambulance was sent. I went out to be with Carl who was sitting on the front porch. Knowing the dogs would go crazy inside when help arrived, even though he was feeling a bit dizzy we moved off the porch to the rocks on the edge of the driveway to wait. Help arrived just as I noticed that where he was sitting, running all over the rocks were these little yellow spiders--They were everywhere!!! They were even on Carl--The "rescue team" that was attending to Carl noticed them and ended up with a few on them as well. But they got him all set and transported him to a nearby hospital. I'll spare you the rest of the details of the 4 hours we spent in the emergency room and just say that he ended up with 10 staples to close about a 2-3 inch gash on his head. A little worse for wear when he was finally being released around 10 o'clock, when he got up to leave 2 spiders were left behind.

Sunday was a much quieter day! Carl is feeling okay and after a nap I sat on the porch with the dogs looking at my magazines, watching the birds, hearing the Phoebe every now and then and relaxing. Peace has returned to Golden Pines! Thank-goodness!!


  1. Oh my goodness Kim you sure have had a rough couple of days. I am so glad that Carl is feeling better. It is so frightening to call 911 for someone you love. Several years ago I did the same for my husband. Thankfully everything worked out fine for us. I am so glad it did for you and Carl as well. I hope this week is a boring one for you (hehehe)
    Take Care my friend,

  2. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough peaceful days.
    When it rains - the next thing we know is that it is pouring.
    But when the peaceful days come,they shine like diamonds.
    We also welcome the returning sounds of the birds that left for the winter. We have some finches and little birds that sound like they say beeebeee beeebeee. They are music to our ear.
    So good to hear Carl is recooperating ok after that awful accident. What a terribly scary site that must have been.
    I know it does feel better for you to have Cowboys ashes home now. Yes it is a very hard thing to do- to go pick them up. But at the same time comforting.
    We thing of you. Enjoy your peace.

  3. So, this falls into the 'nevFUR a dull moment' khategory?

    Happy Spring Monday!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  4. Wow! That is way too much excitement! So glad Carl is on the mend and the spiders didn't add to the accident. Hope you have some peaceful days ahead to relax and enjoy the Spring weather and new growth. Pretty flowers! Forsythia?

  5. Poor Carl, poor you. Hopefully your Monday starts a better week for you both.
    Seeing Cowboy's box made me so sad that you lost your friend. May continued memories of his company provide you comfort.

  6. my gosh! glad Carl is ok! and that he left a couple spiders in the ER!! tee hee
    glad Cowboy is back home...i have all mine cremated too....
    hope your week is more peaceful than your weekend!!

  7. Wow, that sounds like an eventful weekend! Glad to hear Carl is on the mend. I very much liked the idea of sitting on the porch with the dogs. We dream of having a porch... one day!

  8. Wow - what an eventful weekend. I hope Carl is up to par soon - that sounds pretty scary.

    Seeing Cowboy's beautiful memorial made me smile through the tears. I must order Java's gravestone this week.

    Have a great day.


  9. Oh my, oh my! A gash on the head AND spiders!!! The gash on the head was bad enough, but those spiders added insult to injury. I'm afraid I would have been dead from self-inflicted injury (the "spider Dance") had I gotten those spiders on me. My blood pressure is rising at the thought! So sorry that he had that unfortunate fall and gash and so very, very glad things turned out well for him. What a weekend!
    Cyber hugs, Liz

  10. Hope you have a peaceful week and we wish Carl a speedy recovery.

  11. We hope Carl is alright and on the mend. I'm sure a peaceful day for you all is just what the doctor ordered. Your pix of the birds and flowers are wonderful. RIP Cowboy, we will see you at the bridge.

    KT and Lady

  12. Glad to hear that Carl is okay. You have had such a upturned couple of weeks lately.. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
    Sorry I haven't commented much about everything concerning Cowboy. I'm sure I'm not alone when reading of someone's loss and how it stirs memories with ones' self and those pets of ours who we've had to help cross over.
    I too have my boys ashes and he keeps me company in the kitchen - the heart of our home and what was the heart of him because it meant he could mooch food!
    Have a great week!

  13. such a rough few weeks for you! I hope things pick up soon!


  14. If it's not one thing, it's another. I know the feeling. Hope you have a very peaceful week ahead.


  15. it doesnt rain but it purs doesnt it?

    chin up!!!!!

  16. Wow what a scare! The accident and the freaky spiders.
    Glad Carl is ok.
    Cowboy's urn made me cry because I know what it means to look at it every day.(you are missed but will never be forgotten Cowboy)
    Great horn owls are the biggest and the best. The only predator they have is man.
    I just love these birds,which are becoming far and few over the years due to pesticides.
    When they designed the Stealth airplane it was engineered with these birds in mind.

  17. OH MY! That was a bad day for Carl! I know the head bleeds a lot but wow. And the spiders!!! YIKES!
    Sorry to hear about Cowboy.
    I love the Phoebe! He's been singing here lately too.
    Everyone needs to take a break tomorrow!

  18. Oh my gosh, that is terrible! We are so glad Carl is okay and that you were there to help him. Cowboy's box is beautiful :(

  19. Hello Kim
    You really had me going there for a minute with the mention of yellow spiders, began to think they were a nasty one to have around and the paramedics wouldn't go near Carl till they were all disposed of lol.
    Good to hear he is on the mend and you too. All those lovely signs of Spring and the sllightly warmer weather will do wonders for everyone.
    That is a lovely long stand of Forsythia you have pictured - si that the house or a barn it grows along the side of?
    Take care

  20. oh goodness me, I hope he continues to mend, it must have been quite a gash to get all those staples put in. I hope you told everyone it wasn't you that did it....LOL

    What spiders are you talking about?

    Gill in Canada

  21. Oh Kim, You have had more than your share of excitement lately...
    I hope the rest of this week will be peaceful for you!

  22. Oh no!!!!! Carl, we're so sorry! Hope you are mending quickly. Can't believe they had to put staples in. more yardwork, ok?
    Seeing Cowboy's sweet box, and collar, brought our vision of Golden Honey's box...downstairs with a few photos, and favorite toy! And, her collar, in a special box by the front door. They will forever live close to our hearts.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and mom

  23. Hi Kim, Oh dear poor Carl and poor you too. You are really having a rough time of it lately hun. Big hugs to you both. Sue x x x

  24. My dear friend - I am so sorry to hear about Cowboy - I will have to read some previous posts to see what happened :( I know how much you guys loved him.....I also know how hard it is to lose our precious furry friends......
    And Carl! Gosh - what a tough time! Glad he is home and recovering :) Anything to get out of the yard work, huh? ;)

    Big hugs!!!


  25. Isn't it amazing, that every time we get miffed at our mate, they either get hurt,or sick, or does something sweet for us and makes us feel so bad for being impatient with them!!!!
    So glad, that he is doing better. I can just imagine the experience in the emergency room. It never goes smoothly.

    Glad to see Cowboy"s ashes back home.I agree it is comforting to have that remembrance of him. It feels like he he still with you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sophie's Mom


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