Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tale of a Yard Sale

This weekend my trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania wasn't to do all the touristy things, but to participate in a favorite American (??) event, a yard sale! Carl has been bugging me for quite some time to do something about all the things I have packed up in boxes in our garage--So, when our friend Sid said she was going to have one, I thought the time had come to part with the treasures I haven't laid eyes on since we put our last house on the market nearly 3 years ago.

I've only done one yard-sale in my life. It was prior to our leaving Alaska. I sold enough to pay for our plane tickets to Seattle and pay our expenses for coming to Virginia. I didn't have this kind of expectation going into this one because I know from others experiences that it's really hit or miss, and I didn't have that much to sell. But things that you think will sell right away don't, and things that you think you will have forever are gone right away. My friend Sid did pretty well. But me...Well, here's a rundown on how the day went and my profits:

To start the day, from our barn, I opened a box of two never used camp-chairs and found where mice had made a home...I was once again reassured that our barn is indeed a "mouse-free zone." Of course I threw everything

I did not a single nibble on an entire basket of vintage cookie cutters that I had priced at 50 cents each--I would have even taken a quarter for one. dollars

A buyer of a "Precious Moments Collectable" who also finagled a lower price on a couple of table cloths was caught by my friend and I trying to take a few things that she didn't pay for. Profit...$4.00 and skinned up shins and black-eye from when I tackled and wrestled the 80 pound elderly lady to the ground--Just kidding, I didn't tackle her! ;-)

Miscellaneous knick-knacks, cat related items, and an unused wedding present bought by non-descript buyers...Profit $15.00

Questions from several people if we were selling jewelry...Response: No--But wait a minute, where's that bracelet and the kleptomaniac senior citizen from earlier in the day?

Inquiry by various people who asked how much I was selling Hamlet for. Response: He's priceless...Profit...beyond measure.


  1. the visual of you tackling the elderly women is priceless!
    Hamlet, what a beauty!
    (i tried to sell my hubby at our garage sale a few years takers...tee hee)
    have a good week kim!

  2. But, did you have fun? Sorry that your stuff didn't sell well. It's so hit or miss, what sells at these yard sales.

    I've been yammering about selling some of the stuff around here in a yard sale. Just haven't gotten up the energy to do it yet.

  3. Love yard sales!! Gosh... I wish I could have been there to dig through those cookie cutters ~ cute!

    So glad you did sell Hamlet!! :) Priceless indeed!

    xo Catherine

  4. 'Morning Kim!
    Yard sale............... is more profitable and easier on you muscles and nerves if you just put it out by the road and let them steal it! Last yard sale I had, I worked my buns off, had to sit out there and I made 2 bucks. Everybody tries to finagle the price down or get you to just throw it out. Men want tools and women want jewelry, cheap NEW toys (if they have kids) and sometimes baby clothes. That or "give away" antiques!!! Sorry you pretty much wasted your weekend. $15, how much does that come out to per hour? (gathering, setting up and sitting) :(

  5. Sounds like a great day Kim and Hamlet is indeed priceless!
    I took part in my neighbor's garage sale this weekend and did about $55 and I was excited beyond measure as I have never done a garage sale before, stopped at a few but never sold at one, but I think I am addicted now!
    Tina xo

  6. I would have been all over that Scottie cookie-cutter!!!

  7. Hey there Kim
    I really wish I could have a 'yard sale' here, BUT everything would be gone in a minute and we would receive nothing in's just the way things are here. They sound like such fun and we are sitting on a mountain of unnecessary accessories.
    As for dearest Hamlet...It's wonderful to know that he is vital again.
    Sending lotsaluv

  8. Hi Kim! Hamlet look so sweet and cute in those pictures!
    Have a great week you all!

  9. More trouble than it's worth! I love all the biscuit cutters....I would have bought them all!! xxx

  10. Oh dear... the couple we've had in the last ten years or so have netted meeting some new neighbors in our neck of the hood! So sorry - love the mouse inhabited chair pics! Can't believe the cookie cutters didn't fly off! Ah well... I would have asked about Hamlet too!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and the gang here

  11. First, Hamlet looks GREAT. He does look happy and healthy. We are so glad he is back to his old self.

    Yard sales are interesting. We participate is one every June at my sister-in-law's house (Lisa of the painted guitar fame). It's a family thing with many different people dragging tons of crap to sell to people that want to buy crap! You are so right; the good stuff moves slowly if at all. I always end up running the thing as the sisters work the floor. I'm the only one that can add in my head!! We keep the good stuff close by and the crap out on the edges. If somebody steals the crap; well, its less we have to haul to Goodwill!! Once a year is enough.

  12. Ah, the old folks home must be nicely kitted out.

  13. So good to see Hamlet so healthy and happy!

  14. aww Hamlet could have charged a Dollar a cuddle ! I can't believe about the thieving !
    Never done a garage sale ( what we call them ) but when we moved to Spain we picked up a lot at Car Boot Fairs and when we left sold it back again !

  15. I hate having yard sales, only have had two in my life, and a creep showed up to both of them.
    In fact I had people in my driveway at 5am poking around with flashlights when the ad clearly said we open at 7am. If it weren't for my dogs I would not have known.

  16. Sorry you didn't have more luck with your yard sale.I loved reading your story made me chuckle!

    Bellaboo :0)

  17. Woof! Woof! Good to see you Hamlet. I LOVE yard sale. There's lots around our neighborhood this time of the year. We mostly just look ... nothing interesting n good buys. But its FUN to see the goodies. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. If you like garage sales, you may also like listing your stuff for sale online on It's totally free – no commissions, no fees. Just like regular yard sale, but it runs forever.

  19. the concept of a yard sale is interesting.... we call it a garage sale here but having said that, they are as rare as hens teeth!

  20. lol
    just left a comment about your yard saleon the WRONG blog!!!

  21. We are glad to see woo had an entertaining trip!

    As we paw this, the fireflies are doing their stuffs in the yard!


  22. What a sale! Or, uh...event! Hamlet looked like he had a library to mann.
    "Gather round, I have some stories to tell" :) Enjoyed your recount of the sale! Yard sales are always hit or miss in our area.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  23. Loved your breakdown of your yard/garage sale.... Shook my head in sadness at how dishonest some people can be. Glad you were able to make light of it. The comment from "Angus" made me roar with laughter! :O)))

  24. Hi Golden Pines
    Blogger is being a cranky pants and we are having a heard time leaving a comment.
    But here we are- and we definatly know the meaning of priceless.

  25. The sale was a lot of hard sweat work but soooo much fun with you Kim. THANK YOU for all your physical & moral support and the humor through "our" yard sale. It was a blessing having you & Hamlet here, Ranger loved the company. I still get a charge out of the "country mouse" coming to the "city mouse" (one of my fav books as a kid). You helped me not to lose "all my religion" helping to put up the canopy/tent and keeping an eye on our treasures. The $93 "made" from weeks of clearing out is going to the oil fund for winter heat. Hard to think winter on humid 90 degree days - but in 2 wks is July 4th, mid-point to summer. Isn't Labor Day the next day? LOL So much more to clear out, but a great start for this cluttered crafter boardline memory / gifts to give hoarder- thanks Kim! It feels so good to see cleared areas where boxes packed for sale once waited for the day. The township library will appreciate the books for their fund raising sale in Sept. I still can't believe not one cookie cutter sold. It was tough not to buy the aluminum gingerbread man, the scottie dog, exact ones my mother had! I figured out why you did not take me up on my offer to store your left overs until my fall sale to sell for you, thought I might keep ? or "con" you into coming again? LOL! You know the welcome mat always out for you and the dogs (Carl too!) I went to an auction last night, my first in 8 yrs, saw old friends, enjoyed the experience and left with nothing - yea! Many blessings to you dear friend for all your help and humor!

  26. My humans had a garage sale today and my sis Libby and I got to greet potential customers for a bit. Honestly I think they were much more interested in us than all that stuff on the tables. My daddy sold a bunch of his baseball stuff before the sale even started and a few people bought stuff. He kept saying he didn't know what people were looking for and shaking his head. Oh... by the way, you are NOT crazy for fostering more dogs! My sis and I both got rescued. She looks a bit like your Goldens, so probably has a bunch of that sweet and gentle blood running through her veins.


  27. Well, Hamlet looked like the only thing of interest that we'd have asked about. The more the merrier.
    - TBH&K


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