Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too Stupid to Live??

Would you like to know what a person looks like that is "too stupid to live?" Well, just look at the side bar for a picture of me, and you'll see one. Once again, I've let myself get talked into something that I really shouldn't have...What have I gotten myself talked into you might be asking? Committing a crime? Doing something that my Mother wouldn't have approved of? Buying a brand new sports car? No, it's nothing that simple...I've let myself get talked into taking a new foster dog from the rescue. I know, I know, I am supposed to be done fostering, and volunteering with the Golden Retriever Rescue in my area. And, I know, I know, we already have one foster dog--But he will hopefully be going to a new home next week--So just how did I let myself get talked into not just one new foster dog, but TWO???!!! Yes, that's 2 foster dogs--I have no idea how it happened. But "Bubba and Toby" are a bonded pair of ten-year olds coming from a nearby rescue in West Virginia who can no longer care for them. They're coming this evening. I've not told Carl, who just happens to be working tonight--Do you think he'll notice 2 new dogs? Do you think he's going to kill me when I tell him?? Stay tuned...Or if I never post again, you'll know what happened...


  1. You have a HUGE heart, end of story !
    Well not really, but I so admire you for giving of your time, your dedication, and true love of animals, it's a pleasure to be included in your bloggy world.
    I have recently returned to working with animals after a three year diversion, and I am in my glory. It's like wearing an old pair of shoes, I can't wait to get to work in the morning, and the best of it is....we work with all kinds of rescues, and I meet the greatest bunch of folks on earth.
    Can't wait to meet them ( your new boys), good luck with hubby !

  2. I think you may just survive provided they look cute!

  3. It's never stupid to care about animals. To love something that can't care for itself is a wonderful thing.

    Why did you decide to stop in the first place? What made you reconsider?

    You're a terrific person for letting these dogs continue to live in love until another forever home is found.

  4. Carl will love you all the more for the kind heart you have for these wonderful dogs who need some help.

  5. Hi Kim
    When there's that much loving and open hearts in a household, 2 more rescue doggies will be forever indebted to your kindness and your husband will simply just shake his head and smile:)

    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  6. LOL! I say the more the merrier! I'm sure he won't notice :) You have a good, kind heart. The world needs more people like you.

  7. We've figured out it is a 'condition' to adopt dogs. We can't help ourselves.

    Good for you...I hope.

  8. I'm sure he won't even notice ;-)

    KhonGRats and THANKS!


  9. Read that post chuckling all the way through, can't wait to see pictures of the new boys! I'm sure Carl will never notice, ha, ha!

  10. Yay

    Eeek haven't told Carl :8-O

    But honey, they're know, just like you and me....right?
    And, and, just look at those faces.

    Kim, my hat is off to your generosity and bravery. We wish you the best. Anything we can do?? Extra bowls, toys - we got em.

  11. Aw, Kim, it's just that big heart of yours, nothing to do with stupidity. Now, not telling Carl, that may not have been too bright.... but I kinda don't blame you.


  12. Kim;
    This does not make you stupid, it makes you wonderful and caring for Gods creations that need a roof over their heads.
    And makes us proud to know you.

    Sheila & Bob,
    Mom & Dad to
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  13. Those dogs will thank you for fostering them, and that is all you will need to know that you have done the right thing. Can't wait to see pictures of the two new guys.

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  15. OMG Kim! awesome, and yes Carl is going to be pissed...but as soon as he is in their company for 2 will be love...(at least that's the plan!?)
    you are wonderful to take these two golden oldies...i'm jealous...i really love the old goldens and always dreamed of having a golden retirement facility...maybe some day...i can't wait to see pictures!!! please post some tonight....that way i'll know that Carl didn't kill you!

  16. You are such a kind hearted person! I couldn't turn down rescueing these gorgeous poor old dogs either. I am sure you hubby will get a big grin when they come up and wag their tails and look at him with those big beautiful eyes!

    I am a new follower of your wonderful blog and without people "who are too stupid to live" the world would be an awful place! Kudos to you!

    Invite you to come and follow our blog!

  17. Oh Kim - we think you are the most generous soul and definitely NOT stupid! We admire you and support you in spirit from out west here - I know of no one (but there might be) from NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue who is giving happy lives to so many goldens and ... a Wheaten! I hope we'll see more posts from you heheh. I hope Carl is gentle. As you pointed out, we hope he doesn't notice? Sending you lots of crossed fingers and paws. You are amazing! (Not Stupid!)
    Sammie and Mom

  18. Bless your heart Kim! You are a wonderful person and you can't hide that under a barrel (or a promise) *chuckle*
    Hey I just took in my 12th abandoned and sick cat and I'm a "dog person"! But like you I was born to love and nurture wherever it is needed, I'm just happy to find out I am not the only fruitcake in the village :)
    Tina xo

  19. LOL!!! You are a true treasure. He won't notice 2 more! xxx

  20. ARE YOU CRAZY!! have a heart and we love people like you...THANKS FOR YOU!

  21. You have such a big heart!
    To be honest, my husband keeps our dog "population" under control. He'll see me checking the rescue and as he's passing by he'll just say the word "no". I'm such a sucker for the old dogs....

    I thought about you this past weekend as I was heading into Leesburg and saw the road sign for Lovettsville. Such a pretty area!

  22. People with big hearts like yours should live a long, long time.--Inger

  23. It just shows what a truly good person you are. Aaron and I have often talked about fostering, but we both know deep in our hearts that we would be "foster failures" - any dog that comes into our home is staying with us. Good luck with these two, and bless you for your great heart!

    Sam's Mom

  24. By now you have Bubba and Toby. What are they? Goldens also or maybe a couple of chihuahuas? :O))

  25. Let us know how long it took Carl to notice!
    - Charlie

  26. You had no choice. They NEED you!


    Congratulations on the two new friends. I hope they bring you much joy!

  27. You have so much love in your heart, that you cannot say no.
    Remember I told you that I thought you had Angel Wings? Well yes, I believe that still and maybe, just maybe your husband does too.

  28. if Carl is anything like my husband(both blessed to be living with animal-rescuing women), he will just shake his head and go out to buy two new collars, two new beds, and another big bag of food. They know we can't help it.
    We rescuing gals are uncurable like that.

  29. We say GO FOR IT :) You are so kind, and we think you others will be so welcoming!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  30. My husband is an enabler too, especially with the seniors : ). Thank you for taking these boys. The couple that runs the rescue they came from is experiencing serious health problems.I'm sure it eases thir minds to know the goldens are being so well cared for and loved.

  31. Hey Ms. Kim,
    Boy, we'll say you're stupid. Only a couple of bonafide idiots or a couple of raving maniacs would be stupid enough to rescue homeless dogs from a shelter. What the heck were you thinking? Boy, we know another couple of idiots just like you and Mr. Carl. Did youse guys go to school with our mom and dad?
    - TBH&K


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