Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IT is Wednesday...

It looks like all the scavenging that the dogs do hit pay-dirt today when they found a leg this morning without a body attached to it...We looked for the rest of whatever it was...The only thing I can say to make me feel a little better and maybe you too, is that it wasn't human...Maybe it was a rabbit...We don't know...Carl buried it...Thank-goodness... A little later I went into the bedroom and saw this sticking out from underneath the bed. Who said cats don't have a sense of humor? The rest of the day, which included a trip to the swim-center with Bubba and a very nice chat with Roger the owner, were all uneventful. At the bottom of my driveway this afternoon I again marveled at all the butterflies all over on this plant. I am pretty sure it's called Joe-Pye Weed. Does anyone know for sure?
I hope everyone is having a good week and not finding any "missing parts" laying about!


  1. LOL ~ oh my stars ~ your post today is too funny Kim!! What a nice way to end my day. I think kitty paw sticking out would have done me in. Bawhahaha!!!

    Lovely butterflies!!!

    Have a lovely evening friend!
    xo Catherine

  2. I hope nobody rolled in it! You can see the interest there.

    Goofy cat! Yes, I believe cats do have a sense of humor, sometimes it can be devilment though. :-)

    Cannot believe how beautiful that weed looks with all those butterflies on it. Louise should be able to tell you about that weed for sure, she's so good with that stuff.

  3. Usually the eyes have it....but in this case, the dogs had a leg up on the competition. OK, you can all stop groaning now.

    I love your cat already....hee hee

    How is Bubba doing in the water? Hope he get into shape before winter.

  4. Woof! Woof! Scared me when I read your first sentence. Glad it was not human. I saw lots of butterflies on my walk this morning. No idea what it is. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. We LOVE all the butterfly pikhs!

    We see them but they haven't landed long enough fur Mom to snag their pikh!

    As fur the khytty leg, NOM NOM!


  6. Jeepers
    Were glad the leg was not human too.
    Your silly kitty- she must have heard you talking and wanted to play a trick on you.
    I don't know what kind of weed that is , but it is gorgeous,,and all those butterflys! Awsome photos.

  7. Ah, yes! The famous paw reaching out from under the furniture trick.

    Great timing, kitty!


  8. The cat was attached to the leg under the bed, right? :)

  9. Great to hear that the water treatments still going well.

  10. Naughty Dillon would have rolled in it ! Billy has that sort of sense of humour - he'd do something just like that !
    Stunning butterflies.

  11. We have something similar here called "Butterfly Bush." Wonder if they're related. Yours CERTAINLY qualifies. LOVELY!

  12. Nothing like finding mystery parts is there?!

  13. LOL! I thought it was going to be a real crime scene! Is Roger well??! I hope to see a photo of him doing his bit (with Bubba!)

  14. See, you know how to identify plants! That is Joe-Pye Weed, and it is a butterfly magnet. Lots of people plant it in their gardens, because it's tall, and makes a nice background plant. Those are beautiful pictures.

    Dogs seem to like to bring home "parts." At the barn where I boarded, many years ago, there was a big old barn dog named Bear. He loved to bring home parts. One time, I found half of a deer leg, buried in my horse's stall. I wasn't the only one who found yummy, smelly things buried in stalls, either.

  15. I think my Neeli wants to join your gang in "finding" stuff! Great picture of the kitty paw...

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  16. The butterflies are GORGEOUS. Our momma thinks that they are magical when they take the time to land on you and tickle your skin!

  17. Yep, Joe Pye Weed, mine is blooming too! I dig it up off the side of the road if I see a real pretty clump...shhhh, don't tell!

    Gotta love kitteh humor!
    Hugs, bellyrubs, and nosetaps to all,

  18. LOL!! fab butterfly pictures...I can never seem to capture them...I try butterflies, bees, bird, allsorts but nothing!! :) xxxx

  19. Oh My!!! Miley found a frog in the garden last week and by the grace of god we got it from her without any missing parts! lol

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog about Maggie, I can't tell how much that helps. I just ordered a beautiful orthopedic pet bed for her so hopefully that will keep her off the couch, she really isn't in the bedrooms and she doesn't jump on people. After going through this with her and all the research I have been doing it has really inspired me and hopefully one day I will be able to help someone or golden out with my experiences with Maggie.I will have to check out what Golden Rescues we have here in MA. Thanks, again!!!

    p.s. those butterflies are beautiful!!!


  20. Oh Kim,
    Your post today was certainly very entertaining!thanks for the laugh.
    i really appreciate the kind words you left on gin n bud's blog. they mean a lot to me. thank you.
    hope all is well at your golden abode.
    i promise to come back and catch up on all that i have missed.

  21. Those butterflies are amazing, thanks for sharing the photos. And your kitty with the sense of humor too :)

  22. Great butterfly pictures! hehe, that kitty wanted to play a trick on you!

  23. Ewwwwwww! Guess you'll never know what's gonna show up with so many goldens at your place heehee! And your cat certainly DOES have a sense of humor! Love those butterflies on the giant purple flowers - oh, so beautiful! Happy Friday!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and the crew!

  24. I really enjoyed catching up on your blog. I have so many I like to read sometimes it's hard to get to them all so it's been awile. It's so fun to read about the dogs and other animals you have in your life. Take Care Nan

  25. I really enjoyed catching up on your blog. I have so many I like to read sometimes it's hard to get to them all so it's been awile. It's so fun to read about the dogs and other animals you have in your life. Take Care Nan

  26. Oh dear, I really don't want body parts showing up, ick. I'm sure your pack is very happy to share any finds they make. We used to have a cat that would bring us the parts she didn't eat. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Lovely butterflies! I think I need a butterfly bush.


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