Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons from a Storm

A powerful storm with high winds, sideways rain, that caused a 20 hour power outage Sunday afternoon is behind us.

Here are a few things I learned during it...

When you totally depend on electricity for everything, including water, don't take the dogs for a walk after the storm because they may roll in something and need a bath.
Hang out on the porch and notice the life around you instead.
When you have 2 hungry and tired travelers and no way to cook for them, take them out to a quality place to eat to make them feel better.
A full moon and internet withdrawal don't go together. In a power outage remember that popsicles don't refreeze, so to keep them from going to waste, you should eat them all.
No electricity is the perfect excuse to just relax and enjoy the company of those around you that you care about.

I hope you're all having an enjoyable start to your week!


  1. Oh! Look at all those happy faces! I'll bet they would like a power outage every now and then, just for all the attention! Maybe you could "fake it" some time. Do the kids like a Popsicle? Jill would love, Jack, eh!

    Beautiful shot of the moon!!!

  2. Oh my goldens!!! Sounded like quite a storm! Not a fun time. Strange weather patterns these days. Love the smiling faces in the last photo :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. You know what...I'd love to spend some time with you and your dogs, some fries, and no power. That last picture just makes me smile!

  4. Power outages suck big time. Makes us feel so vulnerable. I'm scrolling down marveling at the great pictures and THEN I see the faces. OMD, how precious is that? All smiles too - "hey, we don't care about no 'lectricity".

    BTW, who's cleaning who in the picture? I'm guessing its the world famous chub-brothers.

  5. OMG, that last picture is just a bundle of love!!

    I agree - eat all the popsicles!

  6. Hi Kim
    What adorable photos of all the pups.
    We really do understand what you mean- about depending on stuff- like water,,,,,we have been out for 3 days because a wire broke from out pump house to the house,,,, we definately make sure no one rolls in stinky stuff.
    Isn't it great to have a reliable place to grab some food- when your in the mood to eat?
    And thank goodness for digital cameras when the time is right to capture that full moon, or the butterfly.
    Awsome shots .
    And of course nothing like just sitting back and observing things that we are too busy to notice.
    When the power comes back on, isn't it like welcoming an old friend?

  7. Great post! That last picture just made me soooo happy. What sweet and loving faces.

    Emma Rose

  8. Great life lessons to keep handy. I especially like the one about hanging around with the ones you care about.

  9. One of the few good things about living in the 'burbs -- you don't lose water when you lose electricity.

    Like everyone else, that last picture just grabs you. All those happy, smiling faces! How great is that.

    It's going to be a lovely day here, hope it is there, too.

  10. Other than the lack of Internet access, I actually enjoy a brief power outage. You've inspired me with a new life philosophy: "When everything around you seems dark... Eat Popsicles!"

  11. What an adventure - we could use a bit of that rain here - our grass is so dry it crackles.

  12. Wasn't that a whopper of a storm! I was driving through PA when it hit and let me just say, it was an interesting drive!

    I just love this post! True words of advice. Glad everyone is okay and you got your juice back.

  13. Wow ~ if I had been there I would have totally helped you eat the popsicles!!! :) 20 hours without power ~ oh my ~ I guess it's better to have that in the summer then the winter huh?

    Glad everyone seemed to make it through ok.

    xo Catherine

  14. Woof! Woof! It is so true that you notice n enjoy little things/moments when something you are used to have instantly becomes unavailable. LOVE the Golden photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. I wouldn't be afraid of the storm with those gorgeous goldens to cuddle up to!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  16. Hi there Kim
    It sounds like you made the best of the situation. Here in JHB when the power goes out, I take to my piano and serenade the neighbourhood.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all

  17. What a great post! The last picture is fabulous! Too much love! =)

  18. Yes, we understand all about no power, no water!
    Looks like you took it all in stride ...well, at least the pups look happy!
    Hugs and belly rubs all around,

  19. Yep, eat everything that's thawing! but doing without the internet is a tragedy. A thunderstorm is just rolling in here as I type!!...xxxx

  20. I love storms, thunder, lightening and all. But you have it all figured out...I'll try to remember your tips should we ever lose power!


  21. Love the last 2 photos - the one reminds me of when Neeli kisses Apples (after teasing her) and what a great shot of your smiling goldens!

    Thank goodness storms pass (not fast enough at times)!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  22. OMG those dogs!!! that bottom pic.


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