Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Lazy Saturday

Its been a pretty quiet week at Golden Pines.

Carl who has been working his month of nights was changed to days this week. This means that I'm playing the role of "single parent" and having to do everything in the morning and in the evening with the dogs which doesn't leave me time to do much else--I'm not complaining, it just keeps me busy. (Sheba above)

It's great that the weekend is here. Carl was nice and made the bed this morning. Didn't he do a good job?
We decided that we would go and look at pavers at one of the nurseries today. I really want something besides dirt and grass around our back-porch. We just have to decide on the size and kind of stone, concrete or flagstone--Who knew there were so many choices? Then we went to Wegmans grocery store. For those of you who have never heard of Wegmans, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. But I think that it's a name that strikes fear in the hearts of supermarket owners from New York to Virginia. They offer specialty shops and in-store cafes for whatever you may be craving. There's also a seafood bar, deli, cheese shops with around 300 different varieties, and even a French-style pastry shop, and a flower and gift shop too--They even offer gourmet cooking classes. With the exception of valet parking, you name it, and they will probably have it. Can you tell I love Wegmans? (By the way, Wegmans policy is that you can't take pictures inside the store, so I copied this one from their website. But we have this same view from our stores mezzanine where you can sit and enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee or whatever...Did I mention that I love Wegmans?)
After my culinary outing we came home. The dogs are good. I asked for and got permission from the rescue to continue the swim-therapy for Bubba. YAY!! He was supposed to have gone swimming on Thursday. But Bubba and Toby both needed their nails trimmed (or sawed off) because they were so long and I couldn't do it myself. I had it all worked out. I'd take them in, let the groomers at the vets office that the rescue uses do the job and off I'd go. It would have all worked out if the person who did the nail trim would not have nicked the quick of Bubba's nail or his toe or something that had him sporting a bandage on his foot the last couple of days. They were vague about what they did, but the vet wasn't about his not going swimming. I took it off today and saw that the nail has been cut pretty short.

We did a little bit of yard work--Carl pulled off "bag worms" from one of our trees. We weren't paying attention and quite a few of them attached themselves to one of our pine trees. I'm hoping the tree will recover and the caterpillar that you can see emerging from it's "bag" and its friends won't. While Carl was collecting caterpillars I played frisbee with the dogs and we just hung out. Its been a nice afternoon. All the dogs are worn out from playing and I think I'm going to join them in a late afternoon nap. (Top photo Rudi--Middle is Sheba--Bottom is Josh)
I hope you're having a relaxing weekend too!! (Tanner)


  1. Wegmans sounds wonderful, no, nothing like that around here. Wish there was, I would like to go - at least once!

    Did you pick out your pavers? Or going to look some more?

    Glad that Bubba's swim sessions can continue.

    (Hmmm maybe put pavers around a nice doggy pool of your own? Inside a sunroom/porch 4 season affair?)

    Love the pictures of the kids, Tanner doesn't seem tilted at all.

    BTW, the pants fit fine.

  2. You do have some crazy bug like creatures there! That bed is exactly how Paul would make it! Men.....who'd av 'em?! xxx

  3. oh Tanner, what a regal old guy!! such a beautiful face...
    those caterpillar bug sack things are grody...ewww
    bummer about the nail...geez, they probably had a hard time getting it to stop bleeding..
    we're suppose to get some weather relief the next few days...can't wait for the humidity to leave...the poor dogs are bored to death...none of us deal with the heat well!

  4. I laughed out loud at the bed!

    So sorry about Bubba's nail!

    Glad you're having a relaxing weekend at Golden Pines.
    Hugs and belly rubs to all the pups,

  5. Up here, we look at Wegman's as a National Treasure. The first store was just a small grocery at the end of Main Street, in Rochester, during the Depression. It was run by two brothers.

    A small sidenote is that my Father ran a fruit and vegetable stand at the same time and would often see the brothers at the Public Market. He was fond of saying that "THOSE WEGMAN BOYS" bought inferior produce and sold it for big bucks to people who couldn't get produce otherwise. True or not, I don't know. Dad could just have been jealous.

    It was the son of one of them, Robert, often called the pioneer of one stop shopping, who was responsible for turning the store into the icon it is today. Robert's son, Danny, is now CEO, and Danny's two daughters are responsible for the day to day management of the company.

    It is also my favorite grocery store, because you consistently get the best product, at very competitive prices.

    And, that is more history about Wegman's than you ever wanted to know

    Have a lovely, relaxing, rest of the weekend.

  6. never heard of that bug.........I just love all the photos of the doggies, they seem to be so happy...

    Gill in Canada

  7. Don't you just hate it when your dogs are injured by folks who are supposed to know what they are doing? Hope it heals quickly.

    I would love to do my grocery shopping there!

  8. Owie! Trix and Min are getting their nails done tonight, so this hits close to home!

    Love the store, love your dogs!

  9. Gosh. I wish I had me a Wegmans but mostly I wish I was there wif you to hang out while Carl picks off the catty-pillars.

    Hope your weekend is as much fun as the first!

    wif love from the Luke

  10. Busybusybusy!!! Glad the nail cuttings didn't prevent Bubba from his swim therapy!!! I love Wegman's from what you described and the picture you posted! Oh to have one here! (or not!!!) The dogs look so happy with their toys and playtime - you do such a great job keeping them happy and fit! And that bug is something else! Most of all... you get to retire to a well-made bed heheheee!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and crew

  11. Mom knows all about the dangers of Wegmans -

    AND she's managed to be strong!

    Lukhky fur 'us' the khlosest one is about 25minutes away in Mechanicsburg -

    She was especially brave when she did a Brittany transport one weekend and met the next drivers AT a Wegmans in Allentown

    Thanks fur sharing YOUR Saturday!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  12. I love the picture of Tanner. What a sweetheart.

    The worm is icky though!

    Emma Rose

  13. Hi Kim, for a west coast guy I am intimately familiar with Wegmans. They were my customer for several years (IT techy stuff). Made a few trips to Rochester, NY (their HQ) and also the home to one of their awesome flagship stores. Hands down, no contest, these are the country's best grocery stores.

    Sorry to hear about Bubba missing his swim day. Hope he heals up soon.

    I would normally give Carl credit for trying, but that's pretty pathetic! My drill Sargent is rolling over in his grave. So much for bouncing a quarter off of it.

    Enjoy your Sunday...KT and Lady

  14. Those caterpillars look awful. Why is it that someone in France would sin to go to Wegmans? Must be something to do with that old adage the grass is always ...

  15. What an odd looking bug! Great pictures!

  16. Awww poor Bubba, hope that he heals soon! Loved the pics!!!

    Miley and Maggie

  17. Kim,
    Those doggies look so happy. It sounds like you had a great Saturday. I would love to go to Wegman's RIGHT NOW!! I have never heard of this chain but I just love looking in grocery stores when we travel. I remember shopping in Maryland and buying crackers in a tin, Morton's season salt, Old Bay, and a ton of other goodies which you can't purchase in Canada.
    We still have the tin which holds four packages of crackers.
    I also know what you mean about picking out pavers. There is so much to choose from.I ended up choosing a red and sand color combination which really looks great with the house's red siding.
    Hope you have a great weekend and that the dog's paw heals nicely.
    I'm busy stripping the decks and water sealing them. Fun eh.

  18. Hi Kim
    We do not have one of those stores, but we do have a HAGGENS and that looks like the inside of your store. It's all about food, pretty food.
    I think Carl "made the bed comfortable"!
    Maybe the water at the swimming pool make Bubbas owie on the toe feel better. Its kind of scary when a foot comes back all bandages up!
    I hope you made the decision on the pavers,,,, so much to look at, and pick from.
    I think you are your dogs best friend, when they see you with the frisbee, It makes for Happy Days.

  19. LOL ~ now that bed making looks a little familiar ~ it must be a guy thing! :)

    Ummm.... not liking the bag worms... eeeekkkk!

    But it looks like the pups were all having a good time!

    Sending best wishes again to Tanner!
    xo Catherine


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