Monday, September 6, 2010

The Pecking Order and The Chub Club

At our house there is an interesting pack dynamic. We are so lucky in that all the dogs get along with one another and fights are very rare. If they do occur it almost always involves Sheba who is the youngest at almost 5 years old and who is the one I consider our "problem child." Sheba is very affectionate, she listens really well and is easy going, but around the other dogs she can be the most moody and short-tempered of any of them. At times she will challenge those above her in the pecking order and they very quickly put her in back in her place. Despite this, I really think that the reason all the dogs get along has to do with their ages and that they all are Goldens, with the exception of Charlie of course.

Within the pack there is what I call the "core group." This group consists of Wendy who is the Matriarch, Rudi, the top dog, CarrieAnne and Josh, They have been together for more than 7 years and Charlie and Sheba joined about 4 years ago. They are a pretty tight-knit group. I think it's because they really grew up together. But they seem to have a respect for one another and they are almost always together in the same room. It's interesting at least to me, that none of the new comers have been given a "membership" into this club, and I don't really know why. However I think that as long as all the dogs know they have a place with us, there is a harmony and balance within the pack.

This brings me to "our boy" Sam, (pictured on the right with Rudi). He arrived here almost exactly a year ago. While he gets along with all the dogs and they get along with him, Sam really has wanted so much to play with Sheba and the others. They pretty much ignore him and he has stayed on the outside not really having another dog to play with. (Kinda sad I know)

That all changed with the arrival of he Chub Brothers, Bubba and Toby. Sam instantly connected with them and was accepted into the club of this dynamic duo. The three of them have formed what I have been calling "The Chub Club." Sam will even wash Bubba's face.
The 3 of them are almost always together and I have to admit Sam seems a bit more content. I think Sam even looks like he belongs with them, don't you? (The below picture is Sam on the left, Bubba in the middle, Toby on the right). But wait, I got this e-mail from the rescue the other day...

Hey Kim,

How is the swimming going for Bubba and how is Toby?Its been awhile that they have been with you and am wondering if they might be ready to have their sweet faces on the web and put on the available dog list? Or not yet? Let us know.
Back to reality and remembering that "The Chub Brothers" are here to find a new home. However I have to be honest, because I'm wondering when and how do I tell the rescue that these boys aren't going anywhere, and it's all Sam's fault?!


  1. I knew it! I just knew that, when the Chub Brothers showed up, they wouldn't be going anywhere. Wonderful dogs need a wonderful home like yours.

  2. Just looking at that last photo, gives all the reasons in the world why they are not going anywhere.

    Sheila & Bob

  3. Any chance you could give up Sam along with the chub brothers? No, I suppose not, about right now, he is part of you......... I really am happy to hear that he has been included in a club though, he was so lonely.
    Life is not easy, that's for sure.


  4. ah, you can't let them leave! your babies are so sweet. my golden rules the pack but is very tolerant and rarely corrects. happy labor day!

  5. I get this! It seems like they are meant to be together and are home together with you.

  6. what a sweet story and yes, i would just blame it on Sam!! interesting pack you have indeed, and so sweet that the chub brothers welcomed Sam and are now the Chub Club! Love it!

  7. You do seem to have had the decision made for you !
    Dillon is a sad boy - he cut a pad on his paw & though we've tried, it isn't healing so took him to the vet & he's booked in for stitches in the morning.
    He was so excited to be out that he snapped his collar, bled everywhere & wet himself!
    Ten days of no exercise - not going to be fun for him or us !

  8. Woof! Woof! Interesting ... you've done a great job with the Chub Brothers. Didn't you get them from Bumpass? I'm trying to understand if you wish to keep them ... Can you or because you work closely with the rescue group you can't. Yah just blame Sam. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. We are so happy that Sam found his fit with the Chubb Brothers, and that is sounds like they will become permanent family members :)

  10. Hi Kim,
    Wish we could come by your blog more regularly. Your posts always puts a smile on our faces.
    We think this time Sam will be only too glad to take the blame!!:)
    And if you ask the chub club, none of the members, we are sure would like to resign!
    wags n love,
    gin, bud n mummy too

  11. Hmmmmm Kim I think I might just pretend that you never received that e-mail (heheheh) E-mail? What e-mail? :) Sam looks so happy with the Chub brothers. Just show that picture to the rescue and I know that they will understand.

  12. Hey Kim, Have I told you that I am so "golden with envy"-just kidding but girl you are so lucky to have so many lovable pups The most hubby would ever let me have is two and now I'm down to one-really wanting to get at least one more but our Reggie is so old and grumpy it wouldn't work. I love all of the Chub Brothers and vote that you should keep Bubba and Toby just for Sam.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for all you do for the many needy pups out there.
    Hugs, Noreen and Reggie-dog

  13. Sam needs his new buddies and Bubba and Toby need their new friend. The group dynamics make for a happy home and heart. The three do look like brothers.

  14. Sweet Kim ~ you are just one of the kindest people in blogland. But indeed, how can you break up these new found friends? It would be like separating the 3 Musketeers! The bigger the heart ~ the more room there is for just one more...or two more... :)

    xo Catherine

  15. Hello Kim.... you're a SHEro for sure. Goldens are such wonderfully tempered dogs. I just adore them, always have. Too bad they shed so darn much, right? I don't have a Golden now, but I do have a Wheaten, she's a peach and hardly sheds. A woman after my own heart. I'll be back for sure. Great blog here.


  16. Not yet, probably never. The "Bros" picked up a new member and they need each other to be happy for the rest of their lives. Sounds like a great situation for those 3 boys. Thanks for the "inside edition" of the dynamics of your pack.

    This is the same Sam of "Sam and Doris" right? I can understand your reluctance to break up this micro-pack.

    A very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Why am I not surprised?
    No way you can break up this winning combination.
    Of course, I think they are all winners to live w/ you!
    Hugs and bellyrubs to all,

  18. The Last Picture is Priceless. Thanks for sharing another wonderful story. I love reading your blog.

  19. Long live Sam and the Chub Brothers at Golden Pines.
    Golden Pines where hearts are healed

  20. It was very interesting to read about the doggy dynamics in your house! Would the rescue group really mind that you're keeping two of the dogs? The rescue my mom works with is always happy when she offers to take a dog 'off their hands'.

  21. Because any GReat rescue knows when the canines choose THEIR furever home THAT is why RESCUE ROCKS!

  22. I would blame it on Sam, says it's all his fault and that he is not giving up his new best friends! :)

    btw- this might help with my blog updates: make sure that you are using the following link for updates:

    Elizabeth & Luna

  23. They all have such sweet faces. Hug to all!!!


  24. What a great lttle pack for Sam!

  25. I LOVE IT!!!


    You really have no other choice...

  26. Maybe you could ignore the email? Looks like Sam is very happy with the Chub Brothers - and who would want to deny him membership in such a distinguished club??

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  27. Kim,
    Every time I see more pictures of your blended family, I think how happy everyone looks.
    I can't imagine anyone of the dogs being split up, especially the Chub Club.
    I think they are here to stay as they should be.

  28. Dear Kim,
    Golden Pines seams to be heaven on earth for your sweet dogs and you are their guardian angel. All of them seem to be so happy :)))
    What you do is simply great !
    Hugs from Alsace/France

  29. Hi Kim and Pups,
    What a wonderful blog and I almost missed it!! Blogger is acting badly today and it takes a hour to leave a comment!!! I have to keep rebooting!!! I am here and you know it, that is what counts!!!
    Love the pictures!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  30. What a lovely post Kim. Yes, I agree, how can you split the 'club' up gotta keep them together for Sam's sake! And to be honest, the moment they walked through your front door - it became their forever home didn't it. Sue x x x

  31. The chub bros look really good! And, yes, the bros and Sam are certainly a matching set! Lol!


  32. well duh, of course you are keeping them. Those rescue folks should know better than to ask you such a question.

  33. I was tense all the way through this post! I was so hoping that you weren't going to split them up! I should have known you wouldn't. Some folks think that social structure/friends are not important to animals, but I know that isn't true. They can and do pine for lost friends. I'm so happy that Sam finally found his little pack and very happy that the Chubb brothers opened their furry little hearts to him.

  34. I just read this with interest since I have had packs of dogs too, but not as many as you have. Would the rescue mind who rescues the Chubb Bros.? I mean Sam looks just like them and I am so happy he found his pack within the pack.--Inger

  35. so I guess the Chub Brothers are here to stay then are they? LOL