Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Feeling of Fall

I think that a blue sky in October looks different than a blue sky in July, don't you? I also think that even though the first day of fall was on September 22nd, this year to me it didn't really seem like it until a couple of days ago, when October finally arrived bringing the fall weather. I think others are feeling it too--I'm seeing corn stalks and scarecrows and plenty of apple cider, pumpkins, crafts and fall decor in all the stores. I was thinking last night on my drive home from work about the smells of fall, and how much I enjoy them.

I love the smell of rain and wet leaves.
Another is the smell of burning wood. I think you can tell when it’s the first fireplace or stove fire because to me it has a wet smoky odor.  The smell is even in the air this morning.  Pretty soon it’ll be time for the smells of winter. But I'm not thinking of that — Today the dogs and I (Carl is working) are just going to enjoy the day.  I've been plagued with internet or computer problems here at home, I don't know which, but I keep losing my internet connection.  I hope I'll be able to catch up with my blog visits today--Paws crossed! 

Do you have any favorite smells of fall?


  1. Hi Kim!
    No, can't say as I have any favorite smells of Fall or any other time, except maybe that of fresh bread.
    I wish Fall would last longer, like 3 months... I love the crispness of the mornings, that little chill that wakes me up when I put the dogs out. The clearness of the air and being able to see the stars at night.

  2. What great pics and observations!

    Have a great Autumn Saturday!

  3. All the outside smells, as you mentioned are great... and in addition I love inside smells as well... pumpkin spice candles and lotions and spicy pine cones. Have a beautiful weekend :)

  4. I love the aroma that assaults your nostrils when you take that first bite of a home grown apple, the smell of my dog's fur after they have been romping in the grass and leaves, the smell of wood fires and I really like the smell of decaying leaves.

    I have to agree with you too about the sky - I love the way the sun sets low in a Fall sky and the glisten of gold as it starts to go down.

    Enjoy your day!!


  5. The smell of the apple orchards right now here in upstate New York is lovely Kim. I also like the smell of the leaves decaying in the forest, mincemeat pies, oranges with cloves in them....etc. There are so many things that we only have during this time of year and they are all lovely and bring back many good memories.....
    Happy weekend Kim!
    Tina xo

  6. I like the scent of the squirrels that's all over our backyard. They are racing to beat the clock and get all those nuts hidden away before it gets colder. They tease me by sitting up in the oak tree and taunting me, just out of reach. Silly squirrels!!! Tucker

  7. I love the smell of wet earth and leaves, mushrooms, moss...all that from Sweden. Here I looked at my last blog photos and was amazed at the deep blue color of the desert sky. I love it all.--Inger

  8. Hi Kim, Loved these photos(as always) and I have to say that I burn more candles-especially Yankee-during the fall so I cherish the smells of apples and cinnamon.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. My husband made the first pot of soup yesterday since last winter, so I know it must be fall.

  10. Yes, I love the smell of an autumn dawn, damp and misty.

    And the smell of Guy Fawkes night (5th November) - the mixture of bonfires and fireworks, mmmmmmm.

    Oh, and wet leaves, just wet leaves on their own or smouldering on a bonfire. Love it!


  11. I was thinking along the same lines today. As I was scooping the yard I remarked how I love the sound of my dogs running thru the fallen leaves. I like seeing them stick their noses in the air as they run out the door, sniffing what's on the breeze and showing their fondness for the cooler temperatures.

    A couple of the girls decided to roll down the hill and they have a new liveliness to the step now that the summer heat is over.

  12. About an hour ago I said to Hubby, "The sky is so much bluer in the Fall..."
    I, too, love the smell of wood burning. We haven't had a fire yet this season, but the wood is stacked in the garage...
    All I have smelled for the past week is stain (for the deck and porch). PU!!!
    Happy Weekend to you special lady,

  13. Hi Kim,
    that was a lovely post.
    Hmmm...lemme think...fall smells?
    The change in the weather, that fresher morning air, crisp hot snacks and more tea/coffee instead of fruit juices...

    Hav a beautiful weekend,

  14. Kim,
    I think that damp earthy smell mixed with the smell of wood smoke signals the real start of Fall for us.
    The dogs and kitty look happy.

  15. Great leaf shot Kim.
    Well, my favourite fall smell is the 'feel' of the cool air in my nose.It picks up all the dusky, leafy wet soil smells. The air is full this time of year with lots of scents from everything. Love it.

  16. Sophie's dad,Ron,loves the fall...coolness, sometimes crisp sometimes balmy. Whatever is covering the countryside is just fine. Unfortunately, smoke and some moulds initiate asthma symptoms...a drag. A perfect asthma tea is always ready to be downed. This aside the colours and the smells are so pure and uncomplicated.

  17. Anything baked or prepared with Pumpkin - my favorite Fall thing.

    Most of our NW summer has been cool and wet, so it has seemed like fall for 5 months!! However, October's weather has been dry and mostly sunny, even though temps get a little cooler because the sun just isn't as high in the sky.

    Enjoy you day with the dogs. How are my buddies the Chub Brothers doing?

  18. Thanks for popping by Kim, my favourite smell of Fall is the wood stove, also the smell of "frost" first thing in the morning, if you know what I mean?

    Gill in Canada

  19. Yes, I love the smell of wet leaves, wood burning, apple cider, and kettle corn from a real kettle out over a campfire. Fall is coming, but it's not really arrived yet in Oklahoma. By November, yes, in time for Thanksgiving.


  20. It is amazing that here in New Hampshire we had snow yesterday. I can't wait to see what Mother Nature will bring us this Winter. I have a Feeling we are going to have alot of snow this year. I would have to say that I love the smell of wet leaves. The dogs love the fall especially because of all the chipmunks and squirrels that seem to be around. No more swimming for the dogs, water is way to cold for them. Hope All the pups are doing well.
    Have a Wonderful Sunday.

  21. Lots of wood burning going on here, even though it's still in the 80's. Guess that means fall here in the South :)

    The Road Dogs

  22. Definitely wood smoke in the crisp outdoor air and something with apples and cinnamon baking in the oven. I just love the fall!

  23. Sweet Kim
    Oh the sky is as blue as blue can be, and yes this fall the sky is bluer than any other fall.
    The deepness of the blue makes me feel that it is a "special sign", that all is well.
    I imagine myself walking along side of you with all the dogs,, oh it would be so fun to run through your meadows, and listen for Cananda Geese flying over head.
    We love the fall smells so much,, all the smells you mentioned and the other readers too... fire places burning wood, makes us think of coziness,,, but something reminds me marshmellows over a bon fire in the autumn.
    The earth is smelling green and brown and golden to us,,,, today we smell all of that. And when the rain returns,, we will welcome that smell too.
    I smelled fall when going by a river the other day,,, I guess it is from the leaves on trees that have fallen.
    Thank you for sharing your autumn day with us, as you walked on the golden hills with all the dogs.

  24. I used to love the smell of the sugar beet factory which was 10 miles away, but the lovely smell travelled & with the coldness brought

  25. My favourite time of the year. Looking out of my bedroom window & breathing in the fresh crisp air, looking over the field as the sun rises over the recently plowed fields with crows cawing in the distance. Magical.

  26. Fall is our favorite. I like all the smells that Ninny referenced too :) Hug your fur babies for me and have a nice Sunday...

  27. Those are some great pictures of the Goldens!



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