Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the Darkness

Our day typically starts around 5 o'clock.  The routine is that I let the dogs out, and leave the back door open.  Because she's starved to death, I feed CC, the cat, a bite of food.  I sit down at the computer and check e-mails.  Usually by this time CarrieAnne is out in the yard barking at something only she can see.  This morning was no exception and she had company when Josh, Charlie and Sam joined her.  If our neighbors can hear this, they must hate us.  But at this point I go back into the kitchen and CC's bowl is on the floor because Rudi has eaten her food. Not unexpected, it's the routine.  CC is again sitting on the counter looking at me like she's had nothing to eat.  I always feed her a little more.  Then I go to the backdoor, and help Tanner up the steps...It's all mundane and routine.

This morning from the porch I can see Carrie sitting by the barn yipping into the air.  I really liked the way the barn looked in the light so I decided to take a picture.  

This is the picture that I liked without the flash.

Below is the first picture I took and didn't like because the flash picked up our satellite dish.  But I didn't realize it until I saw the picture on my computer, that the flash also picked up something else.  Can you see the glow of the eyes on the bottom right of the picture by the door of the barn?  Since CC was inside waiting for seconds I wonder just what it was.  I guess it was what the barking was about.  Any thoughts?   A nighttime ninja perhaps?  Probably just a cat, that would be welcome to stay if it wanted too.   

The light of the day has brought with it rain and cold and the quiet song of a bird I wish I could identify.  The day feels sad as I remember that today would have been my Mom's 73rd birthday.  If she were still living, I would have called her first thing, waking her up to wish her a happy birthday--However she would have said that she "was already awake" because she knew I'd call--How did she always know? 


  1. Hmmmm, looks like it may be a raccoon or maybe a cat??

  2. Hey there Kim...

    So this is a stationary "Game Drive"? LOL!
    Here in SA, if you go on a night-time game drive, you are equipped with a heavy duty spot light...and ALL the eyes reflect back at you.

    If they are 'green', it is usually an antelope. If they are 'red', it is usually 'cat'.
    Yours looks neutral.

    Again...if it was in SA, the 'size' would indicate a 'bush baby' - small, long-tailed 'squirrel-type' with HUGE eyes...the cutest things around!

    I take it, yours is a squirrel?
    Sending lotsaluv
    PS LOVED your pictures and intrigue...

  3. Okay, maybe my old eyes are missing something. The only thing I see is what looks to be a cat sitting in front of your barn..

    Oh, and by the way, you have a Barn!! So cool...

  4. I can't see anything Kim but my eyes are not as great as they once were and I need new glasses.
    If you find out what it was let us know, my curiosity is piqued now!
    Have a great day Kim!
    Tina xo

  5. How did she know ? Where love is concerned there are some things that are kept beyond the wit of man.

  6. I see those beady eyes - cat, raccoon, or groundhog - if it were a skunk, you'd probably know it.

    Moms - how do they know? I forgot to call my Mom last Saturday morning for the first time in 8 years - she called me at 10:00 am all worried that something was wrong.

  7. That 'cat' knows a good place when he sees one!
    Love routine here too. Especially in the morning.....don't have to think too much.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom. She probably knew you would mention it today. Mom's are supposed to know these things. My Mom did.

  8. Ah, we have no barn. And no cat. But we do have two terriers who, at 6:17 am or thereabouts, see something from our upstairs window that we can never see. It's something that requires serious barking. Barking in harmony -- one high-pitched (JH) and one low basso (Jake). Barking until one of us suggests it's enough. What follows then is a whiny, growly OK if we must momen of discontent -- kind of like the gurgles and hiccups I remember having when my mom told me to stop crying. OK, we'll stop -- but at your own risk they seem to be saying. The neighbors never seem to complain -- and we never need an alarm clock.

    Wirey woofs from the Barkalots,


  9. My guess is... cat? Did she hang around after the post?

    Happy birthday to your mom! I'm sure she's watching over you on this special day and always.


    PeeS - love your barn!!

  10. Probably a cat, with those clear reflections. Careful, you may have another critter to care for. Though, somehow, I think you'd take that right in stride.

    Moms have ESP, didn't you know?

  11. Mom's just know!

    Your gang was apparently warning the neighborhood that there was a stranger on the estate. job well done.

  12. Consensus - it's a kittie. Perhaps CC has a boyfriend that's afraid to show himself just yet?

    My routine is much like yours... only it involves 9 or 10 cats and two German Shepherds that can't stand to be left out of anything.

    I love mornings. :)

  13. Hugs to you on this special day...

    ps.....Here Kitty, kitty, kitty!
    I think you have a new cat!

  14. My Mom always sez that! Whether its true or not doesn't really matter. I just chuckle and say "Yea Mom, I know".

    Loved the routine description. All your fur kids are so unique. What a fun adventure every day.

    If I lived there, I would imagine those eyes were the spirits of long lost Civil War soldiers wondering what the heck Carrie Anne was barking at!!! Hmmm, that would explain a lot.

  15. Khyra votes khat or rakhkhoon ;-)

    Happy Mom Memory Day to you -

    I think she got the call this morning -

  16. OOOOOOOH, You have a proper American barn, we only get to see them in the movies!!!! I love it. xxx

  17. Looks like a cat - but did it move?
    Love your barn!, I could move right in, LOL!
    I hope things are better, dog-wise.

  18. Moms just know. They do. It's a freaky thing.

  19. Mom's just know, it's a radar thing, I think :o)

    As for your critter, it looks like a cat to me!

  20. Moms just know.
    Just like you know when something's not right with one of your dogs. I miss my Mom too...

    I LOVE the picture without the flash!

  21. Kim,
    Lets hope it is just a cat and not a skunk!!
    Then you would really be late for work.
    I feel the same way when my Dad's birthday comes around also, along with other holiday's.

  22. We like the photo that is not showing the satellite dish. We think it kinda look eerie and mysterious. BTW, have you figure it out what kind of animal that is lurking around the barn?


  23. This post made me sad as I thought about the emptiness I feel as well when I think about my mom who passed away at 69... years ago. Never did a day go by that we weren't on the phone talking about a little bit of nothing. That empty feeling never goes away, because I feel when your mom is gone, a piece of you is gone as well... Thanks for sharing your morning.. blessings to all, bobbi & gracie

  24. oh, one more thing... was that an Arnold's sandwich thin that you were feeding one of the dogs on the photos to the left? Looked familiar. I love the whole wheat ones...

  25. Sometimes routine, though mundane, can be comforting ~ don't you think? :)

    My dad has been gone for almost 12 years. I still think of him on his birthday too (Oct 7). No matter what, we are still their babies!

    Hope you are having a lovely week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  26. I see a Bob Cat Kim. Do you see those points on its ears? YUP!
    Happy Birthday to your mom in heaven. I always remember my moms birthday too...
    And I am sure your mom knows your thinking about her today too,,,,

  27. Hi Kim,
    We've dedicated a song to you today on DogDaze!
    ~K and The Pups

  28. Kim,
    I had my graphics employee use his equipment to identify the night time visitor. You need to start dipping up two bowls of kitty food :o)

  29. Hmmm....we would have guessed racoon or maybe a fox. But if Doc has a graphics employee [wow!], we have to accept a feral kittie. Too bad the dogs can't tell you; their noses would know for sure. We save our most excited barking for the foxes.

    Your mom's comments about her mom sure struck our mama. Her mama has been gone 20 years next month, and mama still misses her every day. But mama still feels like her mama is with her, in her heart.


  30. I see a cat there.


  31. and that is why I don't like wandering around in the dark, as you never know who/what you may bump into!!!



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