Friday, October 1, 2010

Happiness Makeover--Eating Frogs

A patient come into our office this week and was telling me about a book he was reading called "Eat That Frog." I think that the title was inspired by a quote by Mark Twain that goes "Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Okay, I cannot begin to imagine eating one of the frogs from my porch (pictured here) but I like the basic idea of the book which is that if you stop procrastinating and do the thing (or things) that you dread the most, quickly and efficiently the rest of the day is a cake walk.

Yesterday was the first day of my "Happiness Makeover." However, it had to begin with my eating more than one live frog. Since Carl is working nights this week that left me to get all the dogs walked, in the pouring rain. When I got everyone back inside, dried off, and fed I walked on the treadmill for about an hour.
The next live frogs I ate was deciding that I should tackle cleaning and vacuuming my van. I've really been putting that off, and Carl hasn't had time to do it for me. But I was going to be picking up a friend for lunch and if you could have seen my van, you would have agreed it REALLY needed to be done. You may recall that I love fast-food cheeseburgers. These are the prizes that I've collected when I've ordered a childs meal from McDonalds or wherever I happen to stop--I've got quite a collection going, don't you think?
With a clean van and an empty stomach I was off to lunch! I had steak and chicken fajitas that I very much enjoyed! After I took my friend home, I stopped off at the office where I work to get something I'd left there. Someone had dropped off a cake, and I had a piece (with ice cream) and chatted with a coworker for a few minutes. When I left the office I did some grocery shopping (at Wegmans of course). Afterwards I decided to pick up frosted-chocolate-peanut-butter-blondies at a local bakery for later. I really love their rich chocolate and peanut butter flavor. I couldn't resist, so I ate one on the way home. Later I fixed dinner for Carl and I. For some reason I wasn't that hungry... The rain continued to POUR down all day, but as Thursday ended there was a break in the clouds. This morning I'm taking Charlie and CarrieAnne to the vet for their yearly visits. Carrie, being extremely shy around people she doesn't know, doesn't like going to the vet, so it'll be her frog for the day. Charlie's will be, becoming totally traumatized by having annual blood-work and a rabies vaccine--He's such a terrier!
I'm meeting a friend later for lunch. I don't think there's going to be any "live frog eating" today but it's still early. What are your daily-frogs or the thing(s) you resist and put off doing? Laundry? Vacuuming? Going to work? Getting out of bed?


  1. This post really got me to thinking. I love that quote! Maybe I should go ahead and eat some frogs now by choice or they will jump into my mouth when I least expect it and CHOKE me!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day to me...especially the peanut butter blondies! Uh, my live frog item would have to be dusting. I guess because when I do it ("when" being the operative word here) I take every little thing off the tables, cabinets, etc., and dust them off too with a chamois cloth, so it's more than just lightly running the dust brush over table tops. I kind of make a project out of it and it typically takes about 2 hours. Anyway, have a great lunch today. How are you ever going to bring yourself to go back to work after this great vacation?

  3. Simply getting out of bed is a live frog for me and facing all those bleep pills and inhalers are like a basket of frogs every day. But I manage..... every day!

    Those blond brownies look good, sigh. (Sure would beat the dry pop tart that I just choked down! :-)

    Have a great, fun day of Happiness!

  4. Yes the RAIN followed by more rain and then topped off with a torrential downpour! Windows leaking, feeding outdoor cats (who won't come in) to be fed, patio umbrella cracked in two by the Hurricane force winds last night, lying like a dead thing on the grass. Oh and the back of my Explorer(which I had forgotten I left open)is now a swimming pool!
    I think I have eaten enough frogs and one of them I am sure was my prince so I am royally screwed!:)
    Seriously I am thinking the rest of the day should be a cakewalk, have a fun one Kim!
    Tina xo

  5. My live frog is making phone calls. For some odd reason, I just hate it and can put off making a call for weeks. It's one reason I'm so bad about doctor's appointments -- I have to call to get one. I can't wait until they catch up with most other businesses, and let you make your appointments right on the computer.

  6. I love this post....
    My "frog" is my daily walk up and down the driveway...Guess I need to go eat!

    Ooooh that blondie looks so good.
    Enjoy your happy time!

  7. That's one big looking poarch froggie!!! Mom has seemed to over schedule herself this week...that's probably her froggie. Driving distances to do demos, then eves working in SF...timing my exercises or playtimes, before she heads out to the next work project...tackling a few chores... Her favorite time of day is the few relaxing moments we have to play or visit with my pals! But, just too busy and too tired, that's what she keeps grumbling. Looking forward to next week...less busy!
    Hugs to you and all the furries there!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. Pretty nice cheesy toy collection! They may need a crate of their own.

    There is usually a frog in my kitchen from the night before.


  9. My house is forever full of dog hair. I sweep, vacuum and the next day, another dog's worth of hair appears. So, some days I don't sweep, but then it gets horrifying. So now that's a daily frog.

  10. Oh good for you, you are having a ball!!!! Eating things you shouldn't!!! Party on girl!!
    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me!!
    Blogger is so temperamentall!!!
    Thanks for your vist.
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  11. I love reading about the normalities of your day!

  12. OK, I love the premise, but as a frog lover and collector, I have to change it to eat a live slug. When I was working in an office I always lived by the eat a slug rule and did the worst task first so it was out of the way and the rest of the day looked better. I need to start applying the eat a slug theory to housework, which I absolutely hate.

    Thanks for a great post.

  13. Oh definately the ironing..I hate it!I put it off until a huge pile builds up. What is it about the weather and food? Rainy days always make me want to eat,eat,eat...naughty things too.

  14. Oh don't those blondies look oh so yummy! mmmm.....

    Hope you had a nice lunch with your friend! Happy weekend Kim!

    xo Catherine

  15. Kim,
    If that frog (Toad) is on your front porch you are one lucky woman.
    I think it may be a Toad and they eat their weight in bugs daily plus!! I wish I could attract them here more. I really think they are dying out because of the chemicals being used or maybe they are more smart at hiding.
    Hope you enjoy your time off and have lots of fun. Cheeseburgers included.
    I love them too and order fries with no salt because then they have to make them fresh. You can always add salt yourself.
    Try it.

  16. I figured you had a lot of rain after watching the news. We had the same kind of poured and by sunset it was gorgeous. Love that picture of you and all the pups in the kitchen. You must need a LOT of dog food. Hope you will be able to enjoy your vacation...and that happiness-makeover!

  17. My live frog would be cleaning out closets. I hate it. I'd rather have a root canal.

  18. Jan is feeling guilty after reading about you cleaning your van. She needs to clean her car -- big time!

  19. My live Frog lately is doing my light-weight training!!! It is such a chore! But I do it because it is good for me!

    OMG, that chocolate peanut butter thingie looks fabulous, Kim. Now that's a reward for the Frog!

  20. My frog would be ORANGE and very FURRY with LOTS of SNART

    But it would only get furry and snarty again ;-)

  21. Super duper quote! I'd need a month of eating frogs to even mention all the things I need to do around here. By the time I take the doggehs out to have fun (and captcha photos of the deeds so I can have something to post, heheh), it's time to cook dinner, or blog... or feed the pups... or...or...or... help! Thanks, Kim for starting our weekend on a funny note! BTW, please send us some rain!

    xo Miche

  22. I love that quote. That actually really hit the nail on the head for me right now because I've been having alot of "frogs" in my life and its about time I just eat 'em. I keep putting things off, and I am so tired of all these stomach aches and stress headaches from procrastinating. Thank you. I will go eat my frog! (not literally) hehe.

  23. I roared with laughter at the bit where you said that for some reason you weren't that hungry! What a brilliant post. My frog is tidying..... oh how difficult I find tidying.....

  24. Boy, oh, boy - this one has me thinking. Somedays I haven't any frogs to eat. Other days, I'd need sofa time to tell you all about them! haha

    Looks like you've had a grand time during your happiness makeover. Good for you!

  25. we do actually have one of those frogs/toads living in our garage at the moment.

    Never heard of that expression before though.


  26. I like the daily frog story! I am a woman who likes to get my frogs out of the way first thing and my husband likes to relax and hope the frogs will go away! That's why more oftne than not he spends saturday mornings surfing the web, whilst I vaccuum, change the bed and do all the dull stuff!