Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Means a Little Bit More

I can't believe that its been nearly a week since I posted.  Time as we all know passes much too quickily.  But this past week, I have been 'plagued' with a few things...

The first plague I've had is one with 'Blogger.'  For some reason, I'm having problems posting comments on your blogs.  I can create and read posts just fine, but leaving comments is frustrating to say the least.  As I type my thoughts into the comment box, the words are not visible and take several seconds to appear.  Going back to change or correct a spelling error really consumes a lot of time.  To remedy that, at least for now, I'm writing my comments in document form and then cut and pasting them into the comment box...I'm hoping the issue will resolve itself... But if anyone knows the solution to this problem, or what has caused it, I'd so appreciate your letting me know.  ***After I posted this, my blog crashed and I lost 10 posts and ALL of the comments.  I've been able to get the posts back up, but the comments are yet to be retrieved...What was that I said about frustration?!*** 

The second plague is the weather.  We've been hampered by wind, cold and snow this week.  Not much snow is needed to make 'real' Virginians miserable.  Even though we lived in Alaska for 10 years and Wisconsin before that, I am now like the rest of the people here in the 'Old Dominion' that has difficulty dealing with the smallest amounts of snow.  
The third plague that I've dealt with is just lack of time.  Carl is working nights this week, leaving me as a 'single parent' in the evenings.  The crew loves that someone is home all of the time and they can spend more time outdoors.
Hamlet (pictured with Toby) continues to do really well!  I can tell he feels good too.  The staples have been removed and he has healed up just fine!  
Finally, despite all of the rush and frustration something has happened.  I'll start by saying how very grateful I am to those of you who understood what I tried so hard to articulate in my last post.  I have read your comments several times from that post.  You all were right in what you said.  I just needed to hear it.

One of my favorite Christmas stories is Dr. Seuss's 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'  You'll recall in the story after the Grinch has stolen every last thing, the Whos wake up on Christmas morning to sing in the town square despite having nothing.  This causes the Grinch to question the basis of his nefarious plan. He then realizes that Christmas is not about the gifts or the decorations.  It is not about the amount of food on the dining room table. It is about friendship and love for all.

This is what has happened to me.  I realize that this Christmas season I have been given the extraordinary gift of friendship from people all over the world that I've never personally met, but feel like I know.  Your gifts have come via e-mail and the postal service and I find myself humbled and grateful for the Christmas spirit that you have brought into my 'Grinchy heart' and our home.   


  1. Wonderful pictures, particularly that precious one of Hamlet who is looking fab! We've got snow too, so I totally understand how you feel about it. The UK grinds to a halt with the first snow flake, and I won't be going anywhere for the next few days at least. I feel rather trapped.

    So glad to hear you've squashed your inner Grinch - I have one too trying to get out! I love your thoughts on this and totally agree.

    Beautiful photo of the birds - are they cardinals?

  2. 1000 Goldens has left a new comment on your post "Where Are You Christmas?":

    I understand what you are saying - and it's okay if you don't "feel it" this year. Since we don't have kids, we seem to put up decorations every other year.

  3. And the spiral of my blog continues the below comments somehow have gotten deleted from this post and a couple of others....

    texwisgirl has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    You are a treasure in our hearts, dear, and I'm glad to 'know' you!

    And I'm SO glad Hamlet is doing well! I see he's shirtless in that photo! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Sharon has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Hi Kim!

    Oh, Yuk! Nasty old, gray, slippery snow! I sure don't envy you any - the drive, to/from work!

    I hope you can get your comp fixed. Last summer, one of the boys had to wipe everything off and re-install everything, I couldn't "save" anything.

    You are so right about not needing all the bright lights etc for it to be Christmas! Christmas is in the heart and yours isn't small at all!

    Sweet Hamlet looks so great! Toby isn't so chubby any more, good job! How is Bubba doing on that subject? I can never remember what the Terrier's name is, how stupid is that? I want to say Charlie, but am probably WRONG. My memory stinks.

    What did you do with the cookies?

    Happy Sunday, Girl!

    Angus has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    The first photo should be a Christmas card. As for blogger ! You've managed to phrase your feelings in a most gentle manner.

    Glad to hear Hamlet is soldiering on. Guess the lure and wonder of Christmas treats and scents just keep some of them going and going .

    Tucker has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Kim, Mom says she totally understands how you've been feeling these days... She hasn't put up many decorations which is very unusual fir her. This us the first Christmas she and Dad are having without seeing their kids and grand kids. It just doesn't feel great. I do my best to fill the void and she says that helps... but still she's kind of sad. Even through the sadness, though, she knows the reason for celebrating hasn't changed. I sense you too feel a kind of peace in your sadness and that's okay. One bright spot is the road trip we are planning to Seaside, OR for a few days after Christmas. Mom's reading a book called Spuritual Rhythm (Mark Buchanan) which describes the seasons of our lives and emotions. Life is made up of all 4 seasons. Spring will come. Listen to me go on... Slurps Tucker

    Christmas comes on little furry paws, with licks and wags. Christmas comes with the warmth of a fire and the love of a dog.

    All else is just decoration.

    Mogley G. Retriever


    NanaNor's has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Hi sweet friend, So thankful for you and for the blogging world as well. When we moved here four years ago I was so incredibly lonely(for about 2 yrs)but I've made wonderful friends through blogging and found contentment and love in these friendships. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'd just love to hang out with you but instead I come here to visit. Hugs to you today!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Tina Eudora has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Kim you are the least "Grinchy" person I know! You are just a hard working, responsibility laden lady who needs a happy break, a warm meal and lots of hugs.....HUGS! from me to you!
    Have a beautiful Sunday and love to the pups...
    Tina xo

    Sue has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Strange, I'm having the same problem posting comments to your blog. Only yours.

    Hamlet looks good. He looks less tense. It's good to see him out of his shirt.

    I showed your picture of all the dogs together to my husband and he remarked that you have a "Morgan", too. He asked what your little white dog's name was, but I didn't know.

    We're still hoping that some holiday spirit drops on you in the next few days.

    Louise has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

    Those cardinals in your first picture are the most perfect Christmas ornaments of all. And, then, to see those doggy smiles, and to know that Hamlet is doing so well, is a perfect gift. Merry Christmas to you, Kim, in the truest meaning of the words.


    Mogley G. Retriever has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Means a Little Bit More":

  6. Really glad to hear Hamlet continues to do well!

    Not sure what to say about blogger, other than random things have been happening to different people.
    Maybe try clearing your cache?

    I know what you mean about cold. We spent 3 wonderful years in Alaska, and have lived in Nebraska and I grew up in Michigan.
    I've noticed that as I get older, my tolerance for temperature has changed. There was a time hubby and I would have given anything to go back to Alaska, but as we near retirement age, like so many others, we'll be headed South, to where he grew up. :)

    Have a great week! Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas, dear friend!


  8. Kim, all I can suggest is that you use Internet Explorer to post comments -- that's what I have to do, although I use Firefox the rest of the time. Blogger has an issue with Firefox and post comments embedded under the post.

    Can't tell you how happy it makes me to see Hamlet smiling again. He's such a trooper and lovely dog.

    Take care this week and don't worry about the holiday too much. It is what it is... ((hugs))

  9. Like you, I've been having problems commenting too!! And too, I'm overwhelmed by the kindnesses of people who started as virtual who have now become my friends.

    Have a great afternoon,

  10. Hi Kim. So glad to hear Hamlet is doing well.

    Hope blogger works for you.

    Beautiful pictures as usual.

    You expressed so well the true spirit of Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Sorry you're having probs with is so frustrating.Luckily I havn't experienced far..touch wood!
    Glad you are beginning to feel in the mood for Christmas Kim,and that Hamlet is doing so well...lovely news! :0)

  12. What wonderful photos!Sorry about the Blogger trouble, that is very frustrating!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  13. I love to see Hamlet doing so well. That's the true spirit of Christmas right there and you are doing it all year long. Helping these wonderful dogs to a better old age. I have the same problem from time to time with comments. And right now I can't again comment at all on Sandra - Elephant Lover's blog. She is trying help find a home for Sharon's cat. I wanted to let her know something and now I have to wait with that. It's great to hear from you again. And your last paragraph was very touching. Inger

  14. Hi Kim,

    Good to have you back. Sorry about your comment issues w/blogger. It's great to see sweet Hamlet doing so well. Toby looks so much like my son's late Golden, Kelly. So pretty. What breed of dog is the white shaggy dog? What is his/her name? Adorable! Reminds me of Gracie when her fur grows long.
    I think we all have Grinchy hearts at one time or another... Yours is really a Who heart if I ever saw one!! Hope you have a great week...

  15. It looks like you are definitely having comment probs. - so sorry for that on top of all the other stuff! Love the bright cardinals in the bare tree - just like xmas lights - see - we have so much decor in nature! Soooo happy about Hamlet's continued successful recovery - that warms my heart! Hope you can read this - we love "The Grinch" story too!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Ava and Miche

  16. Merry Christmas, Kim. Busy is the name of the game here and I have not even had a chance to read a lot of blog posts. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling just not kicking in, even as you are wanting it, welcoming it, eager to entertain it in its annual visit. Nevertheless, Merry Christmas!

  17. I love the first picture - it is so beautiful!

    I've had some problems with blogger too this weekend. Right now it seems to be working okay, but it was exactly as you described. I thought it was our computer!


  18. cause me great joy, knowing that hamlet is still recovering, kisses to all and Merry Christmas.

  19. Hi Kim,,
    We feel that same special feeling about you.
    What a gift you have been to all of us. Were hoping that you get some time to just reflect and relax and enjoy the season - were hoping that time comes very soon.
    Did you know Dec 21 is the Solstice and total eclipse?
    We have to agree that blogger has been acting very strange..
    How frustrating... We have not lost anything yet. When I look at your blog.. I see everything,,, from here... so it must be just gone from yours.. How very frustrating... we hope blogger stops being a cranky pants soon

  20. I'm glad to see you,re back online, despite your frustrations with Blogger!

    I'm also glad to hear that Hamlet is doing so well and that you've found your Christmas spirit! I also loved your reference to The Grinch, his story is also one of my favorites :o)

  21. Dear Ms Grinch,

    Hamlet doesn't care if you are humbug.

    Neither do we.

    We love you all.

    Happy Holidays

    KT and Lady

  22. Such good news about Hamlet. He looks terrific.

    Yes, those bloggers from around the world can make a big difference. Who would have guessed this would become part of our world.

    Hope you are starting to enjoy the season.

  23. Is that cardinal picture REAL??? It is absolutely stunning!

    I'm glad that your cyber friends have helped to soothe your mood. I suspect you'd be surprised by how much you have come to mean to all of us...


  24. The Vicar read that story to the Sunday School kids and the general congregation yesterday at church...

    Merry Christmas Kim,

    Gill in Canada

  25. Just came across your blog, as it was mentioned in another's blog. Anyway, I look forward to checking in on a regular basis and reading about y'all and your pups. Many thanks to you for the "work" you do. We have a black lab-X and although he's getting on in years, he's been an everlasting and sustaining joy to us. A dog that's never growled in anger or met anyone - critter or human that wasn't a friend. Take care and I hope y'all stay safe!

  26. The pleasure has been all mine, Kim. Have a great and Merry Christmas.

  27. I was having the same trouble on some blogs this weekend too Kim! And this morning, I couldn't get onto yours to comment. But no matter ~ here I am now! :)

    This week of Christmas can be so stressful if we let it. As long as you have those you love around you, that's all you really need right? That's what it's all about.

    I'm glad sweet Hamlet is doing well. That's a Christmas gift in itself! :)

    Have a beautiful week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  28. Hi Kim
    We were glad to read about Hamlet doing better:) Love the picture of the cardinals.

    We in Philadelphia love to read about snow in other areas after last season's 70+ inches:)

    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and good health to you, Carl and your wonderful sweet doggies.

    Love & woofs
    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  29. I have an "inner grinch" too. I loved hearing how yours has been quieted!

    Blogger has been giving me problems too. It keeps "rejecting" my photos after I spend hours watching them upload, inch by inch. I assumed it was my problem. Maybe it's blogger.

    Merry Christmas. I'm so glad that I found your blog this year. I smiled to see Hamlet looking so good!


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