Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snippets from Thursday

Its been an exhausting week, and I'm glad it's winding down!  Hamlet is doing pretty well.  Although very slow, he's up and around a bit more and is getting a lot of rest.  There is quite a bit of bruising and draining.  I'm hoping the draining will lessen in the next few days. 

With Carl home today, I ran some errands.  One was a trip to Wegmans.  I was there last evening, but somehow managed to forget a bag of groceries--Have you ever done that? I  decided that since I was there anyway, I'd go ahead and have a quick lunch.  As I sat in the mezzanine watching the people below, I noticed an 'older' lady who was working in a kiosk handing out samples and making small boxed lunches for customers. Nothing unusual about that, but in the moments when no one was around, she pick up a sample or two, quickly turn around and eat them.  It gave me a grin and I quickly snapped her picture with my cell phone when I walked past. 
The next stop was to a jewelers to have my watch repaired.  As I stood there waiting, a young gentleman who looked to be about 25 named Jared was picking out a diamond engagement ring for his 'significant other' named Lindsay.  I overheard his conversation with the sales person and couldn't help but glance in his direction.  As the sales-girl ooooo'd over the ring, and assured him that 'she would just love it!' I looked at him again and couldn't help but smile--At that he said to me that his mother couldn't come with him and asked me to give him my opinion of the ring he'd chosen. (I wondered if I reminded him of his mother).  I assured him that it was absolutely stunning!  The ring was a 2.5 carat center stone pave set with round diamonds on the band...At least that's what the jeweler said...I just know it was gorgeous!  He really felt that this was the ring he wanted, but also wanted to think about it.  It cost over $5000, so I told him I was glad he was going to--I think that's what his Mother would have wanted me to say.  I can't get over that it cost more than our first and second car combined!   

After a couple of other stops I came home and got the dogs walked.   (Sheba)
My day has come to a close with the mailman bringing me a new purse that I ordered from Macys...I was feeling some stress a few days ago and ordered it.  Carl can't understand why I need a new one when I just got a new one (on the left) a few months ago...Men... 
Its been a pretty good day! 
I hope yours has been too--I look forward to catching up on your blogs this evening!  

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