Friday, January 14, 2011

Hamlet - The Movie

Our day is off to a good start!  The sun is out and I've had a nice chat on the phone with a co-worker (we don't get the chance to talk much at work) and Carl, who is also off work today, and I enjoyed my homemade biscuits for breakfast. 

I thought today I would share a 10 second video that I took of Hamlet this morning.  I've tried several times to capture on video Hamlet 'running' and today I did; even though it was a little tricky to balance the camera and hold 2 leashes at the same time.  It has been six weeks since his two surgeries and each day I marvel and am so grateful that he is doing well--A tribute to his spirit and resilience!  Hamlet is still taking the Chinese herbs, and today I pick up yet another refill of the antibiotic that he's been taking for the past 9 weeks. Only time will tell if everything is working to prevent the recurrence of the infection and the tumor.    

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~Hamlet hoping for a bite of a biscuit~


  1. He looks in fantastic shape! Brilliant 10 seconds-worth.


  2. That has made my day! Hamlet is a really is down to your wonderful care and attention that he has made such good progress.It must be so rewarding for you.
    Have a very happy weekend Kim. :0)

  3. Go Hamlet, Go! He's looking good!

  4. Kim, he looks so much better than he did before the surgery. Then his face looked old and tired and worried. Now he looks at ease. No matter the final outcome, I think you made a good decision for him.

  5. Hamlet IS looking really good! Thanks for the video! Wish I could give him a hug, and Tanner, and Bubba, and Toby, and Charlie, and Carrieanne, and Josh, and Sheba and who did I forget???? I'm sorry :(


    You know that is gonna bug me!

  6. Oh Kim I will have a great weekend now seeing Hamlet running like that! He looks great and wasn't really favoring his shoulder as far as I could tell. You must be thrilled!
    What a wonderful thing to see this video this morning Kim, thanks for the uplifting post and video...
    Tina xo

  7. A sweet boy with so much heart! Thanks for taking us along.

  8. Oh Hamlet! We loved seeing you run in the snow!
    Have a fantastic day :) Mom may be inspired to make some muffins for breakfast this morning!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  9. Oh bless him, that was so sweet to watch Kim. Thanks to your 'tlc' he really is coming on leaps and bounds isn't he. I see the snow is still with you, poor thing. We are snow free at the moment - and hoping it stays that way too! Enjoy your long weekend. Sue x x x

  10. Thanks for getting my Friday off to a happy start. Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh Hamlet... What a sweetie ((((HUGS)))))) I love the video. Boy Kim, you're good. I can't chew gum and walk at the same time so I'm sure I would have never caught this moment on video. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Good old Hamlet ( He looks so like Sam did )

  13. OH, Hamlet will be forever in my heart! I love that he is doing better and able to be out and about :)
    Thank you KIM!

  14. Cute video - It makes my heart sing to see Hamlet so full of life and knowing he is getting back to his old self. Hooray for Hamlet.
    Have a fine weekend.
    Go Seahawks!

  15. Hamlet is a beautiful dog~ he looks so good in his T-shirt..
    LOL ~ just made my day...
    If Hamlet is having a problem with dry skin use this shampoo on him.. It's made by Hartz and it's called Infusion Herbal Conditioner and Shampoo.. It's the best~!
    I use it in my soap dispensers and when I'm taking a bath.. I'm not kidding you...~! I have terrible dry skin and in the winter time I get these cracks next to my fingernails on my fingers that hurt so bad.. NO more.. This product really works for me and I'm sure it would help Hamlet.
    Don't wash your own hair with this as it makes it really greasy.. Have a tiggeriffic day..ta ta for now...from Iowa

  16. Yeehaw, Hamlet! I know it's been a long haul but looks well worth it. Thanks for sharing his update.

  17. Oh no, the video won't play for me. :( I'll have to try on another browser. I'm SO glad he's feeling up to running!!

    My husband works for the Fed Gov't too and has to work - all three days actually! But since I work for a school I'm lucky enough to be home with the dogs on Monday. It sounds like you're enjoying your Friday though so that should make up for Monday a little bit. :)

    Jill (Zona's mom)

  18. Woof Hamlet! You are looking fantastic! Glad you are doing well and receovering from the surgery. So, did you manage to get a bite of a biscuit?


  19. So great to see this! Old guys, whether they be two or four legged, usually are the ones you gotta watch out for!!

    Go Hamlet!!

  20. Hamlet looks happy there! Really good to see!!
    - A

  21. Oh I wish I could have seen Hamlet!!
    It just went to You Tube and I could see it after about 10 minutes.
    He is really looking good!!!
    Thanks for your visit and well wishes.
    I am feeling a lot better a side form a big black and blue big toe!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  22. Fabulous movie of Hamlet having fun in the snow! It melts my heart to see him enjoying himself so much! Intrigued by the Chinese herbs - will have to ask our vet about that for Ozzie! The biscuits sound yummy too!
    Have a great weekend -
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz

  23. Awww Hamlet, love the video!! Way to go, keep up the great work!! :)

  24. He is such a sweet boy!!! Give him big hugs from Texas! :)

  25. I'm so happy that you shared this video with us! It's lovely to really see Hamlet up and about! I hope he continues to stay healthy!

  26. Look at Hamlet go! What a great sight. And what a great tail! Our Frankie is tail-less, which means I am always surprised by the sweep of a big dog's tail - and how much emotion it can convey!

  27. Go, Hamlet, go baby! Those eyes are the sweetest ones I've ever seen.

    Well... did he get the bite he was asking for?

    Have a great day!

  28. Happy Friday dear Kim, So glad to see Hamlet showing signs of endurance and healing! You so make my day by visiting-thank you so much and of course I love coming buy here-just wish we lived close to each other. Hugs to you today,

  29. He is doing so well!!! What a corageous boy! THese were the best 10 seconds of my day:))

  30. Hamlet, you look so good and so happy to be out and about. This is a testament your spirit and courage and to you Mom's kindness, which is beyond wonderful.--Inger

  31. So amazing to see Hamlet feeling so good!! Great to see him in action. He is just so sweet!!

    Have a good week,


  32. Hey Golden Piners,
    It's just us guys and gals from Golden Achers down in Bumpass. Hamlet looks good, a lot like Homer J. Sophie takes Chinese herbs and gets acupuncture for her skin conditions..The herbs have strange names and look like rabbit poop so they must taste good. We hope the Hamlet continues to improve. Dad says that seniors are precious treasures; starting with him.
    - TBH&K

  33. Seeing that beautiful face of Hamlet and you talking about how good he is doing made my whole day.
    We cannot see the video because we only have dial up,,, but we know by all the comments,, it was awsome.
    Hugs to all

  34. It's hard to believe that just a short time ago you were debating whether or not to "put him through" the surgery! I'd say that you made the right decision...


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  35. ah, that is so good! must have missed the chinese herb post. sounds intriguing! love the video and pic. his expression looks like my nugget's.

  36. Wonderful to see Hamlet so full of life! Maybe once the fur grows back, the spot won't bother him anymore.

    Glad you found Tucker! That would have been a time of high anxiety. It's wonderful how some dogs will "fetch" another dog. When Abby is out in the dog yard and won't come it when mama calls, mama will tell Jed to "Bring Abby." He'll run out and bark at her and get her to chase him back inside. Very convenient.

    Jed & Abby

  37. looks like a happy golden!!
    so good to see him in action...such a handsome golden oldie!!
    good to see you on my "other" blog!
    hope your weekend is wonderful and restful!

  38. I'm so happy that Hamlet is doing well and is a happy boy. All paws are crossed that he keeps doing so very well. Happy days!

  39. Can't see the video either, Kim. I'll try in IE. But I'm so glad that Hammie is doing so well.


  40. We have no problem seeing the video - what a joy to see the old guy running and obviously very happy. He reminds me so much of my own Cisco. Give him a hug for us will you? We've been rooting for him through his whole ordeal!


  41. It's nice to see Hamlet wagging his tail and walking so well.I'm so glad his surgery helped, and hopefully the herbs and medicines will keep things at bay and allow him lots more happy times with your family.

  42. Kim, you must be so proud of your 'boy'!! It is so good to see him move around so freely! He has really sprung back.

  43. How sweet! Hamlet looks like one very happy Golden! May the meds help him enjoy life some more with you and your gang.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)


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