Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost and Found

Another busy and hectic week is coming to an end. I've been off work today and have Friday off as well. I'd really hoped that the snow-storm on Tuesday night would bring something 'substantial' as the weathermen had predicted because I was ready for it--I bought new snow boots.  But Mother Nature only brought us about an inch--Maybe next time!  Even though we didn't get the snow, we did get cold biting winds and frigid temperatures that are below freezing.  I've noticed several times Hamlet standing with the wind blowing right in his face.  I wonder what he is thinking.  (You'll notice that he's once again wearing a shirt--This is because he started licking an area just above his elbow after he would come back inside. I don't know if the cold is affecting his mostly bare skin, but I don't want the area where he had surgery to become irritated and sore.)     

The week has also had me thinking just how useful our dogs are. While much of what they do is obvious to those of us who share our lives with them, a few things they do are sometimes overlooked and taken for granted.  Aside from serving as guardians of our home, our dogs have  expanded their duties to include barking at trees or anything else nearby that may be a threat.  They are also the greeting committee.  This afternoon when a UPS truck pulled into our driveway, 3 of the dogs jumped right into the truck to greet the driver, who thankfully wasn't afraid of them.  Our crew are also my companions when we go hunting--Even though I don't know what we're hunting for when we go on our walks, they usually let me know when they've found it by rolling in it, or eating it.

~Carl and Tanner returning home~
 But the most valuable role they have played, at least today, was helping me to find a couple of things that were lost.  This morning when we had the dogs out for their morning walk, Carl thought I was keeping track of Tanner.  Since I had my camera to take pictures, I thought he was. Needless to say when the walk was over, we realized neither of us was. Typically Tanner will follow the route that we always take on our walks and is easy enough to find. But this morning he must've gotten distracted by something because we couldn't find him. A bit of a frantic search was helped by Rudi who has demonstrated more than once that she seems to understand what 'find Tanner' means because I followed her and she found him for us.

As if that wasn't enough, a little later this morning as I was putting on some earrings, I dropped one--it was not just any earring I dropped, but one of my diamond earrings that belonged to my Mother. A careful search on hands and knees for several minutes turned up nothing. Just as I was about to give up, Charlie started sniffing at something buried within the down-filled dog bed, and I realized it was my earring.  I felt another huge sense of relief!

Now that things have settled down this afternoon, and evening is approaching, I'm wondering if with all of the dogs we have, if there is one or two among them who can help me find more time? 


  1. What special and talented dogs you have! Our Frankie has a few talents as well, especially in the barking department. Sometimes we don't know what the heck he's barking at, and now we know: trees!

  2. Kim,
    I think your crew can find anything you want them too.
    You have purchased a great pair of boots because they will keep your feet nice and dry with that added touch of rubber. Great for slush conditions which we are having right now.
    Glad the UPS driver wasn't afraid of dogs.
    Hope you have a great long and relaxing weekend.

  3. Aren't those sweet pups just amazing? Each one of them seems t have a distinct personality and yet they can work as a team when they want to!
    And if they tell you how to find more time please pass that hint along!
    Have a great day off and I will send you some of the snow that fell all over us here in upstate New York...
    Tina xo

  4. Oh, what nice warm and dry boots! I need some of those! Maybe you will get your snow, and then again, maybe you won't - because you are prepared!

    Poor Hamlet. Have you tried something with a little longer sleeve on? Jack wears a kid's size 2 toddler sweatshirt (backwards) and I trimmed the arms for his short little legs.

    Losing Tanner, oh, dear, he can't get lost now that it is so cold. I am glad Rudi found him before he got too chilled. Good Girl!

    Earring? Jill would have chewed on it, how nice that Charlie found yours!

    You have a lot of help around there, too bad they don't do laundry! :-)

  5. Amazing Kim! Dogs can do so much more than we realize.....we just have to watch closely.
    Sophie can find her 'favourite' piece of seaweed that makes her vomit, every day! It is like potato chips to her, I never know when to stop! lol

  6. How remarkable our companions are!! I always know if I drop something that Ruairi will find it - I just have to hope I catch him finding it before he swallows it - LOL!!

    Great looking boots!

  7. Today, Samson found a place mat that I forgot to put up high -- need I say more? I love to see Hamlet like that. Good for him, out in the snow once again.--Inger

  8. Is there nothing dogs can't do?

    I love looking at Hamlet!

  9. It is just the opposite at our house. I'm always finding things that Rowdy hides or leaves laying about. Like dog bones, old socks, etc.

  10. I'm glad that your losses became finds. :) Such a sweet pack of pups. I can't imagine trying to keep track of all of them on walks. I love that they jumped in the UPS truck! So cute!

  11. I just love that picture of Tanner. His whole soul is shining through his face. Don't know much about dogs except that I like them, but if they can help you find more time, I'm all for that.

  12. my golden nugget would have eaten the earring...yes, doggies are quite the perfect pet! especially goldens.

  13. What good dogs you have! It's nice to hear others dogs bark at trees and other inanimate objects... I don't feel so alone!

    Nuala would have eaten the earring and then we would have had to look for it later..

    What a cute post!

  14. Looks like a really good day. :-)

  15. Love it! "Find more time." You have some very talented dogs. Love your new boots.

  16. Those boots are awesome, I would love a pair !
    I lost an earing last month, still have not found it, and went as far as emptying the vacuum cleaner, one of my best silver ones too :(
    Hamlet, each time you show his picture, my heart skips a beat or two.
    What a delightful post my friend.

  17. Love hearing those tidbits about your life with the dogs. Its so true, as dog owners, we take for granted the special place they have in our lives. Hamlet looks like he is speaking to the gods with that look. Tanner; just love seeing those white faces. If I didn't know better, I'd say Carl was carrying on a conversation with his partner in crime. Wonder what they were plotting?

  18. My dogs have always helped me find my humor, a sense of peace and purpose. They've also found lost items, lost dogs and lost cats. What would we do without them?


  19. What is up with the barking?? My Oliver just loves it. We've decided he must think that's his talent. I must say, Hamlet does look mighty cute in the tee!!

  20. Theres nothing worse than only getting an inch when you're expecting several! xxx

  21. Dear Kim
    Your post made our heart feel warm and we smiled.
    Oh I think those furrys will help you find more time,,, because they will find you more memorable time, especailly if the time is spent with them.
    Just having them around,,,, makes life so much better- right?
    Sweet Charlie finding the ear ring,, how precious he is! And so smart.... wouldn't you say? And he did not eat it!
    Oh and Rudi has such a good sniffer and so smart to go find Tanner,,
    I wonder what that silly Tanner was doing.

    Those boots look just like the boots at our house that are waiting for a deep snow.
    thank you for the smiles

  22. Ah! What a day with those sweet touches and nudges to find the (whew!) not lost :) Great boots too! For shoveling sake, kind of hoping for the lighter snow dumps in your area!
    Mom is always looking for more time too...and amazed at what she can tick off with even an extra 10 minutes!!!!
    Hope you have some time just to relax as well :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  23. Kim, I couldn’t agree more. Aren’t they wonderful? Both thieves and finders :) I think Hamlet is contemplating life as he looks into that wind. He looks so serious. Don’t you hate it when they lick and irritate a spot on their body? My Pappy does that and I have to put an e-collar on him. He chewed his tail raw one day in about 8 hours during Christmas weekend while we are at my sister’s. Ugh.
    Glad you found your dog and earring :)
    Hugs, Amy

  24. Woof! Woof! What a day but made it better with your Special Goldens. We got lots of snow n more to come. Great boots. Hope you next day off (Friday) will be a better day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  25. Way to go Rudi!! And Charlie... I always knew you were special. What terrific kids you have, Kim!

  26. My dogs love the UPS and Fedex drivers. They assume that any packages coming to the house are for them and they're often correct.

    Norma Jean is very helpful at finding the other dogs for me. At night when it's cold and dark I can tell her "go get Lola or Bailey or whoever" and she'll race off and bring back the one I wanted.

    My dogs don't help me find more time, they use up what time I have.

  27. NICE BOOTS! I have an old, rather beat up pair, very similar to those and they're my favorite boots! The only problem here is that the snow is so darn deep it goes over the boots and my ankles and feet end up cold & wet!

    Perhaps we could 'split the difference' on the snow...

  28. Lovely post Kim...I'm not sure one could help you find more time but they will certainly help you make great use with quality memories of the time you have....
    bless Hamlet...

  29. It seemed to take extra long for Friday to get here this week didn't it? Perhaps it was because it was my first full week of work after all the holidays. Getting back to the grind... :(

    It looks like you had a busy week Kim ~ glad to see the pups! So cute!

    Happy Weekend Friend!
    xo Catherine

  30. What would we do without our helpers?

    How great for you to have some time off. I hope you used it for some Kim time, which it sounds like you did.

    And I too love the boots. I have so many pair, I take them for granted. Glad you have a warm pair if and when you get a good 'ol fashioned snow storm. :)

  31. Hi Kim
    Be careful what you wish for with snow! We had close to 8 inches on Wednesday morning - hard for Neeli to find a place to "do business"...

    Yes, our dogs bring us much joy - who else can bring such pleasure when the mailman comes and Neeli is barking at the door to inform me that "someone" is there!

    Beautiful picture of Tanner and hopefully it's just the cold weather bothering Hamlet.

    Sendiing warm wishes & woofs
    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  32. That was a wonderful glimpse into your days! Having dogs just keeps life so interesting,lol!

  33. Don't cha just love us...doggies! ;-)

  34. I love this post! My cats are great at finding stuff for me, anything is a toy to be batted at and chased around for them, so if I drop something and can't find it, I just wait a few minutes and one of my two cats has found it for me! As for more time: you can try and teach them how to do some cleaning around the house for you!

  35. It is true that they know more about us, and what we need, than we give them credit for.

    While we need all the noise and physical effort for communication, they just look at us and feel/sense. Don't they?

    Now, those boots are great!

  36. Oh, yeah, we're good for all sorts of things that we don't get proper credit for!

    Good to see Hamlet running around! It looks COLD there!

    Just getting around to getting caught up with our blogging furiends - sloooowly . . .

    The Road Dogs


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