Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Another Week

Monday thru Wednesday are busy days for me. These are the days I work and am gone from home all day.  Carl is working days as well right now and he gets home around midnight.  It leaves me to get everything done in the evenings.  But I start my days around 4:30.  First thing is to of course let the dogs out.  I always allow them to stay out as long as they want to--They enjoy barking at the darkness, their shadows, the moon, each other, and anything else that needs to be barked at!    
One day this week we had snow and ice.  Even with 'just' and inch of snow, we had a delayed start at work, which was a huge help.  It allowed me time to feed  the stray cat I told you about.  I really appreciated every one's thoughts on what to do--I decided I would just 'let it be,' with the thought that maybe it did belong to the farm that is across the road from us and was okay.  I thought that if it needed anything, I just hoped I'd be able to tell.  When I arrived home on Monday night, I caught sight of the cat coming out of the brush and going up the driveway. Carl said he had seen it also. I decided with the cold, rain and snow, I would feed it the next morning.  When I put out the food and got back to the house, I looked back and saw that the food had been promptly found and was being gobbled up by a hawk and a couple of crows.  
On Wednesday I put food out again.  When I came home last evening I stopped at the bottom of our driveway to get the plate I'd put the food on.  When I reached to pick it up, in the dark something I couldn't see that seemed about as big as a cat, brushed past me--I can only imagine what it was...I put more food out again today.  And as I write this I am watching the cat eat the food that has been left for it.  I don't know if it's the right or the wrong thing to do, but I feel like it's something I should do.  
~Stray Cat before it found the food I put out for it~
Now that I've told you a little about my week, perhaps you can understand why when I get home in the evenings, I feel like this...
And after everything has settled down, I just want to do this...
and more of this...
I hope you've had a good week! 
 I am looking forward to the weekend and catching up on your blogs!


  1. You always make me laugh when you post photos of your doggie. :)

    I'm glad you're feeding the cat (at first I thought you meant the hawk got the cat - not the cat food!) During the winter, if it's coming by and eating, it needs it. By spring he/she might be able to manage on his/her own again, but for now, I'm glad you're helping!

  2. I also work three days...hard days.
    Some days it's all I can do to eat a small meal and retire to bed, but I wouldn't change my schedule for anything.
    I've also been dealing with my knee, and now I find out I have a torn meniscus, not sure if I will undergo surgery, or just let it be.
    I would feed the cat, it's probably feral , either way, it's more than likely hungry.
    You have a kind heart my friend, I wish we lived closer, I think we are kindred spirits you and I.

  3. Oh yes, that looks just about perfect to me, too. Think there's enough room for all of us on those comfy beds?

  4. Oh, I wanted to tell you, we have a feral cat program at the clinic, spaying and neutering colonies.
    The first one of the year is next Friday, we have 170 surgeries scheduled !!
    It's comforting to know, people care, even if they are feral.

  5. I, in your place would do the same, plus I love cats, that's why right now I have something like 17 .... I'm glad to see it all the puppies:)
    See you soon, kisses and family pamela

  6. At first I thought the cat had been eaten by the hawk as well and I am so happy that was not the case! For the cat to run up your driveway in hopes that your feed him/her I would say that the cat has chosen you to be his/her owner! Wouldn't you love to add another furry child in your life? Heehee!
    I understand what you mean by being tired at the end of the day but I am glad you take some time to write to us every week!

  7. Kim,
    It's so hard to know what to do when you find a stray. I think you are definitely doing the right thing. I couldn't do nothing either. We had a stray last year, I had named her so when we saw her we weren't saying "I saw the stray again", instead we had a name. Two weeks later she was gone - hit by a car and laying on the side of the road. I felt awful. At least while she was alive she had attention (although she was very leary of us), food and water.
    Love the dogs - I feel like joining them after a day's work! The photo of Sam is adorable - looks like sunglasses were left on while out in the sun because of all the white. :)
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your inch of snow! We're expecting about 7 more inches tomorrow - we're already at about 18 inches in the yard.

  8. Even Khyra says you are doing the right thing ;-)

  9. Boy, Kim, you sure get up early...

    I just love the picture of Hamlet laying in front of the fireplace.

  10. It makes me sleepy just thinking about how much you're doing. No wonder all you want to do is crash.

    Your stray kitty, by the way is very similar to mine. Both are black and white tuxedos. I saw mine tonight, scarfing up the food I had left it by the garage.

  11. Kim,
    ARen't busy weeks NO fun? I don't like being so busy that quiet time is at a premium. I love my down-time to read, write and other things I love to do...I can't remember the time I was able to meander around and take pictures of misc. Oh well, life has its moments.
    I also wanted to take the time to tell you thank you! thank you for your kind words and thoughts left on my blog. It has been a week filled with emotional heartaches with Meg but the support of friens like you has helped tremendously.
    Thank you!

  12. I've had quite the busy week as well and also feel like flaking out at the end of the day...which is probably why my Christmas tree is still up! lol As for the cat, if he's eating the food, it's probably because he needs it...or because he appreciates not having to go to the effort of hunting for his dinner!

  13. Your story of the cat reminds me of the beagle my sister once had. It went up and down the street in their neighborhood and everybody fed it! That dog go so fat, she could hardly waddle!

    Have a good weekend!


  14. How funny, we both have sleeping dogs on our blogs today. I love seeing Hamlet looking so relaxed.--Inger

  15. That halk is beautiful but he should be out catching mice instead of eating stray kitty's food!

    I'm just getting over the flu ~ so I have been laying low from blogland too. I'm hoping to catch up over the next few days.

    Take care Kim!
    xo Catherine

  16. Looks like you have yourself another cat! Definitely sounds like it's hungry. I'm glad you're feeding it, it's just too wintry to be without food. Everybody looks so comfy!

    You work and take care of the dogs and I don't, yet I feel like that a lot, myself!

    Have a good night!

  17. 4:30 is so early! But I am definetly a morning person. I love mornings because then you have more day! The dogs are all so adorable. You're doing the same thing I would do if there was a stray cat near me.

    Not much of a blog to catch up on here this weekend! I gotta come up with a post and just can't think of what!


  18. Don't we all want to do more of your Goldens in the three photos are doing.
    That is one thing that Goldens do best.

  19. You get up so early! I can understand why you want to crash in the evenings. Love that first shot of the barn...beautiful.

  20. Hi Kim :)
    Before I sat down to read your post I let Sassy and Mabel outside to run in the snow---they just love it. I got to the part in your post about the dogs barking and right on que Mabel did her best to provide sound effects for me. She is barking up a storm out there....good thing the neighbors haven't moved back home yet. I am glad you are taking care of the little kitty. I must say I am sure I would do the same. I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend. I think we might all have an extra day tomorrow as the schools are already starting to delay. Keep warm and safe.

  21. next best thing to a dog sleeping at your feet is the sound of their snore.
    Ben and the Fellas.
    PS - your right the good people of rescue out do the bad people of the world. But some cases just set you off more than others & we don't even talk about the bad ones :( Keep doing what your doing. :)

  22. My day starts about the same time yours does, but I'm lucky to be able to stay at home and catch a nap if necessary. I do look forward to the evening after everyone has been fed and the dishes are in the dishwasher and I know Rob will take care of the 7PM outing. That's when I can put my feet up and read or knit or do nothing at all.

  23. I don't think there's a right or wrong in this situation. I think you do what you think is best! I'm quite sure that the kitty (and perhaps a hawk or coon or two) appreciates your kindness!

    You beautiful dogs have got napping down to a SCIENCE! Just looking at them makes me tired.

    Happy Dreams!

  24. And when you walk out of your office at the end of the day- doesn't the air smell better?
    And crashing onto a bed is the perfect thing to do.
    You did right in feeding the kitty.. I am sure she is somewhere purring with a full tummy

  25. Dear Kim...
    Did you know that "doggie angels" like you also need to rest...dear friend?! You are always putting yourself out on the line for thes ailing doggies and kitties and I can only presume that you do this for people too. That's what 'angels' do. Perhaps it is time to simply take a leaf out of the doggies' moment at a time...
    However, I too am excited about the kitty...They seem to seek you out! Then again, if I was them, I'd also seek out the nearest "angel"...You!
    Sending lotsaluv to you

  26. I think you've done the right thing for the cat - they generally don't eat unless they're hungry. Does give you yet another job to do though.....;0)

    Your day starts at 4.30am??!! Ugh! No wonder by the end of the day you feel like those gorgeous babies look.

    Have a great day,


  27. Kindness never goes amiss. Glad you're feeding the kitty. And the birds.

    Jed & Abby

  28. Slumbering dogs. One of lifes treasures.

  29. I don't know if feeding the feral is a good thing or not Kim...I just think now that you've started you can't stop.
    Your dogs must be a great source of joy to come home to.

  30. Wonderfull fotos , greeting from Belgium

  31. paws of love from 2 golden in belgium: cerise and zitablue

  32. Greeting from belgium have a nice day with golden

  33. Boy, I sure do know what you mean about wanting to loll at the end of the workday! I start my day at 5:30 which I thought was early. You take the prize on early riser!

    We've had a couple of feral cats hang here from time to time and when I would leave food for them, the crows would eat it! Turns out the birds ate more (almost all)of the food than the cat did!

    Have a restful weekend!

  34. Sounds like you are feeding more than a cat to me. Ha. You are like me in that you can't bear to see an animal suffer from hunger.

  35. It's the weekend so have plenty of rest and enjoy!


  36. I completely understand the urge to snooze like a tired dog. I keep nodding off over my computer. I think that I need to join your Goldens!

  37. I'm amazed. About 40 years ago I too had a dog (Mutt) called Hamlet... I'd always thought he was the only one. We're just about to adopt a rescue Lab' pup, so I'm looking for tips.

  38. Just found your blog from Beauty in the Ordinary. I love that you rescue Goldens! Our next door neighbor had one and I loved that dog! We have a Yorkie-Poo and love him so much...had a Yorkie too that we just lost after 14 years. Thinking about another but don't want to start a puppy again so I think rescue is the way to go. I so admire what you do!
    As for the feral cat, you can see what a kind heart you have!


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