Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Truth in Urban Legends?

You may think nature makes snow happen. However, school age students know better.  Urban legend has it that by doing certain things, snow will fall, and school will be cancelled. 

The dogs and I have really gotten tired of being told over and over again by our local weathermen that snow is going to fall and having our hopes dashed. So with another snow fall predicted we decided to take matters into our own hands (and paws) and get that snow to come.  Since we all know that there is often some amount of truth found in legends, we have decided to put the student rituals to the test.

It started with the ceremonial snow-dance. 
Sheba excels at this, so we had her do it.
One of the most popular ways that is said to get the snow to come is that you should wear your pajamas inside out.  Since Hamlet is the only dog that wears clothing, we put his shirt on inside out...
Yet another way is to throw ice-cubes down the toilet...
Well, I improvised on that one, and I just put them on the ground...
 The dogs promptly ate them...I hope it will still count...
 It is also traditional to put a spoon under your pillow...I put one under a dog bed but Tanner found it...
And finally Charlie dug a hole...Okay that wasn't one, but he had a good time and we all figured that it couldn't hurt...We'll see if it works!
But if you know of something else we should try, let us know, okay--We're game!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. If it is any help, one of our relatives is the head of the national weather forcasting. Within the family we created a saying to describe him.

    He couldn't predict Christmas on December 25, given three trys.

    I continues to prove to be true.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. Hi Kim
    You want some snow - come to Philadelphia - according to our weather people, we're supposed to be having a wintry mix this morning with rain. Well, there are about 3 inches of snow on the ground, the roads are not plowed and the commute miserable.

    Neeli will enjoy it at home with my mom though.

    So, if we do the reverse of the urban legends, will the snow leave us???

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  3. Looks like you've pretty much got all the bases covered . The hole should make snow a dead cert.

  4. Kim, What a great post and variation of all the urban legends I have heard as well. I laugh becuase if the weather people are predicting snow I tell my kids to wear their pj's inside out and they look at me like i'm crazy..."what's that silly teacher from Ohio talking about? we don't do such things in NC..."
    Well, I do!

  5. It rained until the temps fell and then we got 1/2" of what the weatherman told us would be 2-3" of snow. The roads look a little shiny and I haven't heard any traffic. I would guess we are done with our storm!

    You really want to wear those boots, don't you?

  6. Hey there Kim...
    I will hold thumbs, cross paws, stand on one leg, swim backwards, eat upside down...for you to get your snow! :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  7. Hey there Kim...
    I will hold thumbs, cross paws, stand on one leg, swim backwards, eat upside down...for you to get your snow! :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  8. Or I could just send you some of our snow Kim...
    love your pups!

  9. Oh how FUN!!!
    Such a delightful post. The dogs look so joyful and full of life. Although, I think it is obvious why you have had so little snow. It seems they sabotaged two of the four rituals!

    About the only impact that I've been able to have on predicting or bringing about snow is to plan a road trip on any given weekend. Preferably someplace a 2 to 3 hour drive from home. It almost never fails! BIG snow storms will come...


  10. You need to go get your car washed, so that, when it snows within the next 24 hours, you can get salt spray all over it again. Or, don't they put salt on the roads there?

  11. Very cutre post, I hope all of that works and that you get some snow!

  12. I think you pretty much have it covered Kim. The only other thing would be maybe if Charlie would put a few Scooby snacks in that hole he dug, cover them up, and bark 3X. The snow will surely come..

  13. My dogs love to eat ice, so if I threw ice cubes on the ground it would be like a picnic. About the only other thing we can think of is leaving all the balls outside overnight so they're covered in the morning.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  14. How adorable and creative are you and your 'kids'! :) I hope for your sake you get some white stuff. Or you'll need a whole lot more ice cubes to scatter 'round.

  15. Well we have those huge fluffy flakes falling right now and believe me if I thought for a minute I could huff and puff and send them your way...they would be there!..:)
    Have a fun day and let us know if those tricks work!
    Tina xo

  16. let us know if it works for you. We are game for trying it, too. We had about 2 inches of snow last year in February, the first snow since 1978. It almost snowed a couple of weeks ago during the big storm and again almost snowed around Christmas. No luck. We love snow. Well, unless we have to shovel it for weeks.
    I haven't blogged or checked on blogs in about a month, crazy schedule. I will have to catch up with what you all have been up to at Golden Pines.
    Glad to see Hamlet is doing well!!! I had been thinking about him!

  17. I certainly hope for the "kids" sake you get some precip this time! It was raining early here, then that changed to sleet & snow tonight...I HOPE!! I want to go out and play in it with my two!!!...:)JP

  18. I think you'll get your wish this time! I love to see these family participations on a common interest! You have such talented pooches!

    Now, just remember in August we'll need them again for a rain dance!

  19. Oh that's easy - all you gotta do is plan an expensive trip out that relies on public transport (here in the UK anyway). You can guarantee it will then snow, making the trip impossible.

    Works every time for us!

    Great photos of those gorgeous dogs, especially eating the ice cubes!

  20. Let me which one works and I'll try it here!

    Woofs and love from,
    Riley (who has never seen snow)

  21. Are you serious? I would love to send you some of our snow!

  22. Sounds like some fun snow callings to me :) Love the eating ice photo with SIX goldens!! That is sure to bring snow!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  23. LOL!!! I'm going to try all that too! xxx

  24. Hee hee. How about you mop your floor (or vacuum if you have carpet.) That always seems to bring the snow or rain our way (plus muddy paw prints.)

    Enjoyed your "how to make it snow" with the goggies. Very cute. :)

  25. Very sweet and very funny. Your crew is dedicated in their weather-control activities. If they happen to know any tricks to making sure snow DOESN'T happen, please pass them on to me...

  26. haha!! that was so funny :) Especially Charlie's hole-digging. He looks happy to at least find some way to help! What a sweet looking boy! I hope the snow falls for you and your kids.

  27. I had never heard of *any* of those urban legends! I guess that tells you how out of it I am! But, I loved the dog photos, especially the zillion Goldens all eating ice cubes off the ground!

    One other technique that might work is planning an event that requires that there be *no* snow. That usually brings on a big storm around here :)

  28. OK guys, dad says thank very #@*! much, but you evidently out did yourselves. It took him 4 hours to get home from work this afternoon, twice normal time, =because of your antics. He couldn't count all the cars in ditches along the way. He says that you'd better have fun because he didn't.
    - TBH&K

  29. What beautiful photos Kim. I just love the one of Hamlet in front of your fireplace. And of course all the goldens outside together!
    I think Charlies personality would keep me laughing.. so adorable.
    Does Tanner remember a time when something good was on that spoon?
    I think digging holes and eating ice cubes would help for sure..
    We only know that if you wash your car , it is supposed to rain.
    Wonderful photos.. they all made us smile

  30. The ice cube dance better have worked. If not it is always a fun game. Another idea is plan an outdoor camping trip and don't bring snow gear....
    Ben and the fellas

  31. Give me your address and I will send you some of my snow friend! :)
    xo Catherine

  32. Love it! And thanks for all the good tips :-D.


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