Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Was Bound to Happen

With the miles that we drive weekly, it was bound to happen...I was worried when Carl wasn't home by midnight.  And when the phone rang, I knew right away what it was about, even before I saw on the caller ID that it was him.  In a split-second a deer jumped in front of his car, there was no time to swerve or stop.  Carl of course stopped and checked and thankfully the deer didn't suffer; only Carl and his much loved car have.  They both arrived home via a tow-service about 2 o'clock this morning, spirits broken.  

Rudi, trying to make the damage look a bit better...


  1. Well, I'm very sorry for the deer, very sorry for the car (Go Honda!), but am glad nothing worse happened to your hubby!

    I'd hire Rudi as a car spokesmodel any day of the week! What a beauty!

  2. Poor Carl, what a relief he isn't hurt and that he came home safe if not entirely sound.

    Deer jump out at us too - they are so fast and there really isn't anything you can do about it. Silly creature, you'd think it would have seen the car lights.

    Rudi really does make the car look gorgeous! What a handsome boy.


  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s so frustrating and disappointing. Glad Carl is ok though!!

  4. My gosh, Kim! So far, 2011 hasn't been the best of years for you. Was Carl hurt at all? I couldn't tell from your entry. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a "no" update.

    Rudi, by the way, would make anything look better.

  5. Oh, man! Like you needed another straw! Poor Carl, I hope he wasn't anything but shaken up! There I was, happily posting some family pictures to FB and I went and saw the picture of the car. :( so here I am. So sorry!

  6. Oh!... That is terrible! I am glad to hear, though, that your husband did not get hurt! Scary, Kim.

    I am always affraid of that, when I drive to work in the morning. It is usually dark and there are many of them around the area where we live. So, I asked Hubby to buy and install (on the Jeep) those whistles that supposedly alert them, do you know what I am talking about? I don't know if they really work but better have something to help.


  7. Kim,

    So sorry to hear this news, but we are grateful that your hubby was not injured.
    This is one of those things that ni matter how careful you may be it can't be avoided.
    We have Acura's so we know how much you husband loves his vehicle.

    Sheila & Bob

  8. How scary! Although your car took a loto f damage, I am so glad your husband is okay. Deer are scary at night. I am always wary.


  9. Oh Kim,
    So sorry to hear about the deer and Carl; UGH!! We live out in the country with deer in our yard, and I too think the same thing; it's bound to happen but hopefully not when I by myself. Typically I don't drive at night but still...
    glad he is okay and the car, well, it's fixable~
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. Oh Lord Kim thank goodness your Carl is alright, angels were watching over him!
    Bless his heart for checking on the deer, what a sweet person he must be, just as you are.
    Can the car be fixed or is it a total write-off?
    Tina xo

  11. Ouch ! glad Carl wasn`t hurt and that the only casualty was the car !-damage to that can be repaired!

  12. That happened to Rob a couple years ago. The deer tried to jump over the car and failed. We hope Carl wasn't injured.

  13. Just as you said, it was bound to happen. We see them sometimes as we drive home through the woods.

  14. Kim,
    Thank God Carl wasn't injured.The car is a bit of a scary sight non the less.
    Rudi just can't figure out what the fuss is over.
    I was just catching up on your last few blogs and read about the situation regarding your Sister, It is too bad that it has to come to this but I hope you don't let it stress you out.
    Sending you some big hugs, I really think you could use a few.

  15. OH! I know that feeling all too well. I tend to hit one every-other-year. And you're right ~ sometimes there is absolutely nothing that you can do to avoid the collision. Heck, I've had deer dive into the SIDE of my vehicle! I'm glad that Carl's OK.

    Someone on Wisconsin public radio made a comment one day about the rising deer population in Wisconsin. Since the natural predators have been dramatically reduced the herds are multiplying exponentially. According to one NPR host, the only possible solution to the rapidly rising deer over population is to put a hundred and fifty thousand more licensed drivers on the road.


    Sad, but true!

  16. That was a close call!! Good that Carl is OK. The car can be repaired, I guess.
    What can one do, things can happen so quickly.

  17. Oh dear - poor Carl, poor deer and poor car. I'm glad Carl is in one piece, even if his car isn't, and that the deer didn't suffer too much - they don't really stand a chance in a collision with a car, do they?

    Rudi is such a handsome boy!

  18. What a heart breaker :( We are glad he made it home safely, despite the damages. Here's to a better week!

  19. Having had our own accident last fall, I can feel for you.

    Did someone salvage the deer?

    Glad to hear he made it home safely. Hope the insurance will cover it.
    *Hugs* ♥

  20. Everyone has said it really!! It is just a bad deal all the way around!!!
    So very sorry.
    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog!! I really missed our comments back and forth.
    I am so glad your hubby wasn't hurt!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  21. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew what had happened!! I am terrified of hitting a deer. I'm glad Carl is safe.

  22. Your husband was so lucky to have not been injured! Cars can be fixed! P.S. I'm worried about Tanner...:(JP

  23. Oh dang - that's bad on all fronts, for the deer and for your car. I'm so happy that Carl walked away unhurt. Thank goodness.

  24. Woof Kim,

    Sorry about the car but I'm so glad Carl is okay and not hurt from the accident.

    It seems to me that you had a pretty rough week! You had to deal with a broken heat-pump, siblings issues, Tanner relapse and now this. I wish I could do something to make you feel better. I can only hope that this week will turn out better for you!

    In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day from me to you! Woof!


  25. Oh Kim
    We know that feeling you had when Carl did not come home. And the mind starts to go crazy as you worry about what it could be.
    We are so sorry it happpened, but thank goodness Carl is ok.
    I know he must have been so shook up and feeling bad for the car and the deer.
    We send calming bubbles to you and Carl and so big hugs

  26. Good heavens, what a scare! I hope Carl is on the mend. As for the car, it really doesn't look so bad, especially not compared to what my brother's poor Jetta looked like two years ago when he got rammed into at 120 km per hour while he was stationary on the highway helping someone else who had just spun out. His car? Pretty much totaled, but the dealership decided it would be cheaper for them to weld the back half of another semi-totaled car onto his semi-totaled car. It was never the same after that and he was happy to get rid of it last year in favor of a new car. I hope you will be able to get Carl's car fixed easily and without the bill getting too crazy.

  27. So sorry to see that -

    It must have been one of those active weeks for them -

    In talking with my Iowa friend Shelly last night as returned from visiting her mom in Western Iowa, she was constantly beeping the horn and telling them to stay on the side of the interstate until she passed -

    Glad CARl is okay even if the car isn't -

  28. Cars can be fixed -- I know it's a major inconvenience, but good that your hubby was able to walk away from it.

  29. Glad Carl is OK. Rudi is a superstar, such compassion for the poor Honda.....BOL

  30. I'm so glad Carl is okay; cars can be replaced or repaired. Just Rudy giving it "the look" would have made me feel all better.

  31. Goodness Kim, I know Carl is upset about his car, and it looks bad, but I had a friend who hit a deer several years ago...she was in intensive care a week!
    So happy he was not hurt.

    Love Rudi's look of concern.
    Lots of hugs for Valentine's Day,

  32. So glad Carl didn't get hurt. It's so hard when a deer jumps in front of your car when going down the road. They do so much damage.
    This fall a deer jumped in front of hubbys truck. that deer broke the front windshild and almost came in the truck. So glad it didn't..
    Have a great day~! I love your dogs.. they are so sweet...

  33. Oh no... That could not have been fun for Carl at all!!!!

  34. What an unsettling thing to have happen. Has the adrenalin stopped pumping and the heart rate started to slow down yet ?

  35. Thank God Carl is all right - deer are tough to avoid...

    Hopefully the upcoming days (warm ones perhaps) will bring good news to you & yours.

    Nadine & Neeli

  36. Woof! Woof! Just glad to hear that Carl is alright ... exactly Rudi was thankful for. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  37. What a shock for poor Carl..I dread this happening to me,as there are a lot of deer in our neck of the woods.He must have felt awful but in those circumstances there is nothing you can do. are a sweetie! :0)

  38. OH NO! I'm glad Carl is okay!

    I think anyone who lives in deer territory has dealt with this. Not that knowing this makes it any easier!

    Hope you are doing well and enjoy this brief bit of warm weather coming our way!

  39. So glad that Carl is ok, cars are replaceable, Carl's are not.

  40. he was lucky he wasn't hurt as those deer can really do a lot of damage.

    Gill in Canada

  41. I'm just catching up.... I'm SO glad that Carl was okay, all things considered. How scary!!!

    I hope Tanner is feeling better. Breathing issues are also very scary. What a few days you have had!

  42. Hi Kim, I regret the bad times we are going, that joy that her husband is well.
    I sincerely hope that this losing streak, will soon pass.
    Take care, see you soon.


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